I need $5000.00 today! Here is the link to send it.

The man who does this will get My attention immediately, so get your debit card out and send it NOW! I will get a text that you sent it, no worries. Then call Me at this number (972) 885-9663 so we can speak further.

I am not looking for games, I am not looking for time wasters, I am not looking to hear how you hope “I’m real”. My goodness, you know I am real. I have been on this blog for years and many have met Me in real person. And I am giving YOU the opportunity to communicate with Me one on one.

Here is the link.


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Letter From a Long Time Follower

Hi Mistress Lynne.
Just writing to thank you for all that you do. I had
sent a small amazon gift card through email, it isn’t life changing but
I promise to add a significant amount of zeros with any future lottery
winnings ūüôā Thanks to you I have figured out where I belong and it is
supporting alpha women such as yourself. Society teaches us to challenge
a dominant woman when she asserts herself but the exact opposite is the
right way. There is no shame in being the lesser gender so to speak. It
it not to say that one is more important than the other, just different
and must function in cohesion with one another.  The dominant woman is
better than me/the male and that is a good thing. She is smarter and
understand my mind better than I could ever understand myself which
allows her to utilize me in a way that is best for her and myself even
if I um unaware. Thank you for the wisdom.  Even though it seems rare to
find someone like you in real life, I hope to find it someday.
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I need YOU ! This is your time to shine. Capital needed ASAP

I am starting a new company and I am seeking an investor for what will be an extremely profitable company ! If you are interested in funding the very small amount of capital needed to get this done, I want to speak with you BY PHONE. Please call/text Me at (972) 885-9663 or email MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

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Sending Me money and masturbating! It’s a thing. :) xoxoxo

Mistress Lynne

Thank you for tha mail and approval to masturbate my little cock while thinking of sending you gifts.

I’ll work on writing the post later.

I must have masturbated over a dozen times before and after sending the second gift card code.

This is so scary…. you’ve a route into my wallet that turns me on so much.

Oh the little things so hard now.


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Addiction to Mistress Lynne, letter from a follower

My Addiction to Mistress Lynne.

They say the first step to over coming addiction is to acknowledge it. ¬†Not sure I ever want to “over come” anyways but I do acknowledge my addiction and submission to You Mistress Lynne.

Whenever I see a new post You give my heart jumps at the chance to read and gain insight in the mind of the beautiful goddess. ¬†I’m usually at work so I promptly excuse myself to see what gem You are posting about. ¬† And I wonder at the possibility of contacting You through the live chat. ¬†Those are becoming the highlight of my day more and more….

My search for a female Dominant, Mistress, Goddess ect began about 6 years ago.¬† For many years before that i struggled to accept who and what i am.¬† Society has taught us that this life style is wrong and taboo.¬† As I tried to be a faithful husband and father, i began to see what my true nature is.¬† A natural born submissive.¬† I couldn’t run from it, ¬†i couldn’t deny it if i was to have any sense of who i am.¬† As my marriage fell apart, i was given afforded the opportunity to fully explore what this whole life style of being a male submissive it.¬† And did my eyes ever get openned!

Living in western Montana, unfortunely it is not a hot bed of bdsm activities.  I quickly found out how wrong my preconceived ideas were!  I just assumed there were Female Dominants everywhere and plenty around.  How wrong i was!  Living in a decent sized college town in Montana i would figue the odds were in my favor.  Little did i know that there were many many more males around here than females and even less Dominants.  Maybe that is not the case everywhere but here that is ratio.

As i begin to delve into finding and exploring my submissive nature, i did find a few Females who were willing to meet and see about our potential chemistry.  My first encounter was with a lady who expressed her Dominance to me in countless emails and texts.  She finally agreed to meet me.  I quickly found out she portrayed dominance but was really a submissive.  We began to see each other sexually but i did not get my need to fully submit satisfied.

The other encounters have been met with the same tenor unfortunetly.¬† As i began to wonder if there are truly dominant Lady’s out there, I find the desire grow to insatiable levels.¬† I will see or read of truly dominant, sadistic people out there and I wonder and fantasize what meeting one would be like.

My search continues…

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Letter from a Reader who has been working on getting his cock bigger!

Dear Mistress Lynne

I apologize for wasting Your time like this.

A while back You had a gallery on Your site where You would display pics that subs sent in of their pathetic ‘man’hood.

I sent in one such pic and was hoping You still had them stored somewhere.

I have been working diligently on stretching exercises for my cock and after 45 days I feel I am making headway, and want to make sure I am not just deluding myself. My cock is still small, but I feel like I have gained 1/4inch. Having been dumb enough not to measure before starting. I now would like to see if it’s true. I would so like to be able to have sex with a woman some day.

Thank You for Your time and again I apologize for this waste of it.

Thank You for all You do for pathetic men like me.

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A letter to Me about the Chastity Game

Hello Mistress Lynne,

I was playing tonight with a new steel chastity cage I just¬†bought. Locked it on¬†and sat down to do some fun self-induced teasing on the internet and found Your “30 Day Long Distance Chastity Game”. Wow. What a huge turn-on that is!!! You have a wonderfully wicked mind and a true passion for this sort of a thing ūüôā

I must apologize, for I mean no disrespect and have no intention of wasting Your time. Your game is unfortunately beyond my financial scope at this time. But, I really did want to say that I am SO impressed with Your creativity. I was intrigued and aroused at the idea, suffering in my TIGHT cage as I read the details, and sincerely compelled to reply.

Thank You for being an exceptional example of what a dream-Domme can be. I enjoyed seeing what You have, what You offer, and knowing it’s out there for men like me.


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