My most recent call to action !!! Falling short and a Thank you!

Last week, I told My followers that I needed $5,000.00 to complete a huge task that I am doing right now, to invest in the power of Me, and that this is a moment in time where I need YOU to stand up and make this happen for Me.

And I was pleasantly surprised that a few of you contacted Me and made contributions to this very important cause. I did not receive the $5000.00 in one lump sum but I had enough of you make smaller contributions that I am very close to that goal I had set.

I am short only $1,840.00 !!! So I am still holding you all up to your submissiveness and ability to serve at your best and asking for you to consider finalizing this goal I had set.

If you are able, I am posting again the link to send money and with that My texting and phone number if you wish for more information or have any specific questions. I am happy to speak with those who don’t waste My time.

To those who have played a part in making a dream of mine come true, I want to send out a personal THANK YOU. Because of you I HAVE HOPE that submissive men who are true to themselves and your personal goal to serve at your highest frequency do exist! 🙂 xoxoxo$MistressLynne777

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A Letter from a Follower that I truly enjoyed. :) :)

Good (whatever time of day you read this) Goddess!

Once again, I would like to thank you for being a focus for my thoughts.   I’d like to share with you what I’ve been mulling over because ‘mulling’ makes me happy and I hope by sharing, I can entertain you.  The difficulty lies in how to put down all the things I’ve been thinking about… so here goes… hopefully, it’s not too discombobulated.

Today I received an assistant.   She’s a young woman, which I have no problem with… in fact, I enjoy working with women (as an aside, as is probably pretty obvious by now, I actually prefer a female boss); however, from my initial exposure to her I’m not overly fond of her.  I have no qualms in saying she’s physically attractive and very self-assured… which would normally make me like her, but I don’t.  I’ll still treat her professionally, but she’s pretty much incompetent (why was she hired?  I dunno.. but that’ll be a great conversation with my boss) and when it comes to professionalism… well, competence is competence.  This got me thinking… I’m currently very much in a male submissive mindset, which means I’m very receptive to superior female assertiveness.  This made me think about how I view her differently than I do You?  In very general terms, I realize there’s a very wide range of people, both good and bad in all aspects of life and one shouldn’t judge/expect all people to share similar traits even if they’re in a similar in-group (in this case, assertive women).  In her case, I don’t think she’s realized that trying to assert dominance without competence is a failing strategy.  Regretfully, her strategy can be successful because … well, ….guys are stupid.  Trying to take advantage of others because of superficial reasons drives me crazy (not the good crazy).   Comparing her to You got me thinking that one of the reasons I’m fascinated by You is the fact that You take ownership of being a Goddess with confidence and competence.  I’m not sure what You do in Your vanilla life, but I know You are actively pursuing it, and by observing the public effort You put into being a Goddess, I’ll wager You are quite savvy in whatever You do.  From a submissive male point of view, I cannot respect a woman who expects things based on superficiality.  Blech!  On a professional level: nope.  On a submissive level: nope.  On a positive learning level, this event’s timing was perfect, as I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about Your general personality and what I find attractive about it…. and it offered a great contrast to my disdain for her (btw, I’ll still treat her with general courtesy.. but I won’t go above that).  I think it all comes down to respect.   I cannot respect someone who shows no investment, competency, or pride in their own identity.  From my exposure to You, both from reading what You write and talking with You, I believe You are competent and comfortable in being the Goddess that You are.  Damn, that’s a hard comparison to live up to!  So.. uhh… Congratulations! (all though I don’t think you need me to tell you).. the fact that You are a mother, a professional, a Goddess, and an independent woman that has learned from Your experiences, is something that is totally awesome and worthy of respect.  So today’s meditation of a ‘cooperative sub'(I don’t really know how to classify myself, so Imma coin that category: the sub and Dom should have a mutually compatible cooperative relationship)… respect is something that’s very important.

Which leads me on to my next topic….

Holy Cow!  I read your post last night about “Fuck U” (btw…I decided on WanderingMu as my name for use on your blog).  First off, if I ever use text speak to You in a text (R U from….), please feel free to punch me in the balls if we ever meet…just start wailing away.  Blunt force trauma to my oh-so sensitive testicles is not my thing.. however, if I ever treat You with such a low level of respect that I can’t type out actual words, I deserve harsh correction (this will never happen).  On one level, if I were You, I’d probably take that conversation with some level of humor based on how moronic the guy was… but oy!  Sometimes, I’m embarrassed for my sex.  Having numerous female friends, I’ve heard lots of stories of online interactions with jerks (I’m not going to call them men).  I’m not one to focus on personal humiliation, but, damn, sometimes my fellow males make me feel humiliated for all of us.  One of the reasons I asked You about your experiences with Your blog is because I can only imagine the number of dumb shits who contact You.. that has to be an amazing experience.  I was glad You answered on a more positive note about all the good things (+points for being positive) that You have gained from it.  Rock On! with your Goddess Powers for Your jerk handling and putting up with the stupids.

Any how…

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This nasty man sent Me pictures of his ass, little cock, and much more but I won’t be posting the pics because he wants that! But here is what he wrote Me. Enjoy!

Hey U big Ass Hoe, Hoe Ass Bitch, Bitch Ass Cunt U Sorry Ass Scam Ass Bitch, I’m not dumb I was raised better & To U Scam Artist FUCK YOU! U ain’t got the balls to take a big ass shit like these girls cause I look at your pictures and damn this girl ain’t got the guts to do this to anyone yeah I got lots of money he’ll I’m alone worth millions you want to make some real money come get me I’ll give u my exact address and where to go to get me I’ll give $50.000 fifty thousand dollars to prove I can come get me all u have to do is show up and I’ll go with U straight up…
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A text conversation with Me and how I get a man to say “fuck u” to Me, lol – ENJOY!

him: Is this Mistress Lynne…?

Me: Yes

him: oh yay! R u from Cali, I’m Don from the central valley. U sure look beautiful, may I get a pic?

Me: I don’t know you, why would I send you a picture? What have you done for Me lately? Do you often text women to waste their time and ask them for pictures?

him: I’ll serve u, I’m a cutie, and I’m a fetish freak!!

Me: I don’t give a crap about you. I only give a crap about what you can do for Me.

Me: I have a half a million followers, what makes you stand out from anyone else?

him: – I’m in love with the booty. I’m a Christian. I’m definitely a fetish freak and I’m short, I’m white, I’m confident surprisingly kinda buff. I got blue eyes. I’m willing to pay u, very much, if u r real… and if u r in Cali. Plus the main thing, I’ll actually make u pleased, very pleased guaranteed.

him: Mistress…?

him: That’s me, lemme know what you think

Me: Well, I am real but I am not in California

him: Where r u? would u get me?

Me: I’m not even close to California. I’m 3000 miles away but thank you for wasting My time.

him: Is this no hope? Please tell Me now

Me: If your requirement is that I am in California then yes there is no hope

him: May I get a pic Mistress?

Me: No and stop wasting My time, thank you very much

him: of your ass on the toilet….. oh my lord, have mercy

him: I can pay. I will fly out there where ever, u tell me

Me: I don’t block men that give me money but you have not done that yet I’m blocking you now.

him: I was just trying to talk to u, c how worthy u r of a tribute. Geez I work hard for my money, 2 bills is a couple days worth, u gotta seduce me into willingly giving that to u

Me: I’m sorry I don’t have to do anything! and if you can’t afford me, why are you still talking to Me? There’s a whole lot of cheap whores out there that will be happy to talk to you.

him: I don’t want a cheap whore, I want a sexy Goddess like u. No u don’t, but it’s how YOU make more money, get more pull, u know that too

him: but whatever… than fuck u


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I don’t need you worm!! Now what? by Mistress Lynne

For those of you that come to this website often, I want to express to you the gratitude I feel for your constant engagement. I have not been able to write in months! There are a lot of reasons for this. I have thought about why I can’t write on this subject for some time and I realize that it really isn’t My fault but YOURS. I can’t stand how selfish men can be, how unthoughtful, unkind, and stupid you can be. It makes Me truly sick to My stomach. And for these reasons, I stopped dealing with you and I did what any Goddess is truly meant to do and that is focus on Me.

So if you were wondering where I went, that is where I went. I let you jerk off to your fantasies and I played into them only when the benefit was for Me but even then, I know how selfish and one sided you are as the “submissive” man you claim to be. You are not “submissive”. Wanting to jerk off to some half witted fantasy is not “submissive” and to be quite honest, I am so sick of men and the slighted games. I know too much now. I know that you have a sickness and I want no part of it. I know men lie, cheat, steal women’s time, suck their positive energy, and try and control in every situation. I am not having it ! Some people call Me “broken”, some have claimed I can’t “trust”, others have claimed that not all men are this way.

Well, let Me put it to you this way. If a woman who sees the truth about men, has experienced this truth, has not seen differently, ever, in any relationship including my own and those of My friends, does that give you the right to judge Me? So what if I don’t care to be in a relationship with a man anymore? So what if I have lost faith that “submissive” men exist in their own right? Who the fuck are YOU to judge ME?

And just to make sure I am very clear about this, I am not a lesbian! I have never been with a woman nor do I intend to be. I am 100% heterosexual. Always have been, always will be. So do not get My words wrong. I know how silly and small men can be so I wanted to make that clear. I am not a lesbian, nor am I am man hater. I actually enjoy being with a man when that man is right for Me.

What I realize is men truly need a Dominant female to put them in their place. That the fact that I treat men poorly has actually made Me more popular, not less popular. The less I want you, the more you want Me. And I truly have come to a place in My life where I no longer need or even want a man to affect Me in any way. Why? Because finally, I am, without a doubt, happy. And now I can ignore all the situations that piss Me off. Because I am made whole by knowing the truth about men and their sickness.

Now, this writing My offend some of you. Get over it! When you understand how worthless you truly are to a strong female who can care for herself, doesn’t need you to gauge her own happiness, well-being, and financial status this is when you might start to be nice and TRY to win her over by being kind, generous, loving, sweet, and then, maybe, you finally watch the way you act when in the attendance of a strong female. You have become a worthless worm and it is up to you to bring value into her life, up to you to fight for a chance to see her again, and up to you to works towards dedicating yourself to having a meaningful presence in her existence. This is very simple to understand.

The funny piece to all of this, is I believe, without a doubt in My head, that all men know this. And it is this knowing that brings you to this fantasy of yours. For men, all their emotional dealings play out in a sexual way. This is part of their chemical make-up. And this is the reality us women have to deal with. Men know how worthless they actually are and don’t feel, most of the time, way deep down inside, that they deserve the respect and admiration they generally get in their daily normal life while at work and in relations with other women who are trained to feed into a man’s ego and be complimentary and pleasing toward him. And, I believe, in all honesty, that is why this “fantasy” of being worthless to a powerful woman who treats him like dirt, forces him below her eye sight, makes him do unspeakable things, spits on him, squashes his balls with her high heeled shoes, and demands of him acts that put him in his place, sometimes painful degrading acts is exactly why this fantasy is so popular.

You may come here to play into that fantasy, offering Me NOTHING, just coming here to jerk off, fantasize, and then move on with your pathetic existence. I get thousands of hits on this blog daily. So I know that a very small percentage of you actually care about what I care about. But, that small percentage of you, does gets My attention. The others are sent along their way without even a response. What do I care about YOU? You offer Me nothing and expect Me to give a shit about your rock hard little dick and your need to be treated like dirt? Please, get over it.

Being submissive is not a fantasy to play out, it is a way of being. End of story. Just like My Dominance is a way of being. You can’t jerk Me off and then make Me a submissive female. Nope. And if you think being submissive goes away after you jerked off, then you are not submissive. What you are is a piece of trash that can’t control your emotions and wastes people’s time with your own problems. I am done with it. Go get a therapist. Leave Me out of your problems.

This is why I stopped writing for a few months. I’m done. Done playing a part in your warped sickness that does nothing to help Me obtain My life goals.

And for those who have recently given Me hope by contributing to My current life goals, I got to say this “YOU GIVE ME HOPE”. You give Me hope that their is men out their who consider themselves to be a true believer in the power of a woman to rule her world and to positively affect the world around her and have chosen to support that process. And for that, thank you. It is because of YOU that I can write again. 🙂 xoxoxo

Mistress Lynne 4/23/17

(972) 885-9663


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Fan Mail, insight into the workings of the submissive mind

[So….    how does this tie into what I want from my interaction with Goddess?   From my casual exposure to her writings, I have full confidence that She has a full grasp of what it is to be Dominant and a Leader…..]

It is my supposition that You have the demeanor and experience to convey an aura of control to others beyond your immediate area (Hey!  That’s me!).   I’m not a true pain slut or a humiliation junkie.  Those acts in themselves don’t provide any real visceral pleasure or enjoyment to me in-and-of themselves.  What does get me “emotionally off” is overcoming or enduring those hardships as a sign of submission or devotion.  Hrm…  all though, I guess I have the kernal of a pain slut bubbling up in me….  I’ve done quite a bit of play with discipline pins in my current steel cage  (in that mode, I like to think of it as a voice activated remote control torture device).   I think I’ve come to associate a small level of CBT directly with the joys of submission.    Oh, Pavlov, he was so silly.  In general, I set two hard limits to what I won’t do:  No poop and no (intentional)blood.  I try to keep an open mind to experience and am willing to try pretty much anything once as long as I don’t see any long term or serious injury potential. As an example, my prior Keyholder wanted to create a rape scene.  It’s certainly something I didn’t wake up and think “Golly, I sure hope my ass gets raped tonight.”  However, it was something she wanted to do so I was all for it.  Well…. I learned that night that I probably wasn’t quite prepared for forced anal assault.  I blacked out at the initial not-so-gentle ram.  I think by the way we were situated or the short length of time I was out… Keyholder didn’t notice so I came back to wakefulness with nightmarish pain as she went to work.  I could tell she was certainly into it so it was definitely a test of limits.  The experience was horrible; the fact that Keyholder got off on it, was incredibly awesome. – and the pain for the next couple of days was a neat reminder of her power, that was kinda hot too ��.  … however, not something I really want to do again.. but totally worth doing it that one time.  Ideally I would hope my experience with you tickles/expands boundaries and the mode of that experience isn’t necessarily my focus… it’s the demonstration of control and submission they create that excites me.

How valid is submission in what, in effect, is a walk-up/cold start experience?  This is actually something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit.   Contacting someone I don’t know personally concerning fetish is something I’ve never done.  I’ll be honest, I think a lot/most kink is best conducted by people who have a basic familiarity with each other’s motives, emotions, trust levels, etc..  The ability to observe Your thoughts on Your blog/book/podcast helps as far as my ability to get a thumbnail sketch of who You are, which helps.  However, it doesn’t really measure up to personal exposure.  Regretfully, that’s not currently an option.  On the obverse side of things, You know very little about me other than a few emails -as a Dominant I imagine that would present its own problems (hence why I’m writing my thoughts now, to hopefully give you a better picture of me).  So… how valid is submissive play between a Dom and a sub when they have very little interactive history?  Well, first off, it makes it more of a game.  Which is perfectly fine.  However, at least on my part, I’ve rationalized that it doesn’t really matter that much… if it’s either a game or the result of long term play, the act itself is real.  Because the acts are real, it’s up to me to decide my own perspective on how I want to view them.

Which leads into my third quandary: a concern about making it about me, when in the proper mindset, my concerns should be secondary.   By initiating this process, I have made this a selfish act on my part.  It is my hope that  I can provide a satisfactory or positive response in You.  Oddly enough, just thinking about that is incredibly stimulating  (re: cock cage and discipline pin – which are now on to help generate my mindset) and the fact that it’s somewhat painful knowing that I should be thinking about how I can help make you enjoy your experience with me is quite exhilarating.  I definitely don’t hold FinDom as a fetish, and I  know You list this as an aspect of what You do.  On a plus, I do respect art and good work and have no problem contributing to that cause (really, it’s back to perspectives, I guess), so I don’t think that’ll be an issue.  If there’s anything else that I can do to make Your experience more enjoyable, please let me know.

Now that I’ve written this out and had some time to think about it on my drive.  I was wondering if You wouldn’t mind delaying my Chastity Challenge.  Instead, I’ll gladly offer the same gift for a thirty day ‘exposure/interaction time’ so I can get a chance to get to know You and You me.  After that, if things are acceptable, I’d like to experience the Chastity Challenge when I don’t have a requirement for an emergency key for work, etc..  I think I would like to experience it without having the assurance of having an emergency ‘out’ near-by (not that I would use it.. but knowing that there really is no way out is rather awesome).   As I initially contacted you with the Challenge in mind, I will understand if that’s the course You’d like to take.  I would also hope You take my alternative into consideration.  I will be fine with whatever you decide.

Thank you very much for Your time, I hope this was useful.  If you have any questions, I’m here to answer.

Fromthe guy who sometimes babbles too much when he writes

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This man earned a telephone conversation with Me yesterday!

Dear Goddess,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me tonight!  It was something I wasn’t expecting and I certainly enjoyed getting a ‘hiya’ so I could get a better feel for who you are and hopefully vice-versa.   If you have a preferred time in the future you’d like to schedule another talk, please let me know and I’ll make sure to be free.

Thanks, once again!

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Letter from a Dedicated Follower and Chastity Game Player

Dear Goddess Lynne,

I hope this evening finds you well. I’ve recently come across Your website and became very intrigued by its contents.  Due to some issues with real life and job transfers, I have recently emerged (sadly) from a two-year chastity reinforced Female Led Relationship.  Prior to this time, I was under the illusion that I was a switch; however, I have come to realize I am happiest when I have the stability and guidance granted to me by an intelligent and strong woman.

In my vanilla life, I have a career that involves a constant swirl of chaos; which I gladly embrace (on-the-fly problem solving and overcoming duress is fun!)….  But…  I think I’m starting to emotionally stumble as I no longer have the necessary component of Power Exchange to keep me balanced, energized, and focused.  After visiting Your blog and reading Your writings, I greatly appreciate the candid insight offered into Your Life and Philosophies.

A particular quote struck a chord:  (If I may be so bold as to quote/paraphrase You)  You enjoy helping men gain confidence in their submission.  I believe I tend to think in rather odd abstract ways; and to be honest, I don’t see submission in a negative light, in fact, I rarely use the term, I find it simply better to think of it as living as a good person.   So… helping men find confidence in their submission, to my interpretation is just another way of saying ‘helping men gain confidence in being a better person.’  (As an aside, Your rather wicked philosophies regarding dominance are also rather cringeworthily awesome!)

With this in mind, I would be extremely interested in participating in Your 30 Day Chastity Game.  I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn from you and hopefully become a better person 😊  It will also give You an opportunity to determine if I am someone who demonstrates learning potential.   I apologize, but I have read Your rules and while they are extremely clear, I have some questions and concerns I would like to bring up:

In the past, with my SO Keyholder, She allowed me to keep a secured key (technically a unique torx-like wrench, as we used a security screw) for emergencies when I traveled and this avoided any problems.  I’m not sure if this is something that fits within Your concept of Your Challenge; however, if I could propose that if is something that can be negotiated, I would offer to create a sealed/accountable key storage and receive a penalty if I demonstrate that I’m not clever enough to avoid court.

Also, in regards to a chastity device, I currently have a Jail Bird from Mature Metal and it fits rather nicely.  I’m quite loyal to Mature Metal as Mistress M is extremely awesome (I spend a lot of time in East Texas <AHHHHHHHHHHH> and have become rather active pen pals with MM: we’re both foodies and like discussing restaurant and travel adventures – All Hail Buc’ees!).  I’m not sure if the models You listed on your website will be as well fitted or well fabricated.  Ideally, I would prefer to use my preexisting device.  Rule #3 asks that a new device be presented to You straight from the provider; if this is an inflexible rule (and I am not allowed to use the one in possession), I would still like to have Mature Metal provide the device (it just might take the 6-8 week manufacturing time).  Ultimately, I realize it is entirely Your decision and if my complications aren’t a disqualifier, I will gladly abide by any decision You make.

As a thank You for taking the time to read this, I’ve sent you the set of Turkish hand towels You selected on Amazon (fluffy towels are cool).  If you have any questions, feel free to ask (that goes without saying)

Your petitioner,

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