A Fire-Fighter Fantasy

It was very hot sunny day. A day like no others and you have been at the station all day long. The department was especially busy, it being about 102 degrees out. All sorts of problems have been going on all day long. The engines have been running all day and you were finally just making it back in from being in the city all day long. It had been a long, hot day. Finally, the engine was turned off and you hopped out, immediately stripping out of your gear and spreading it all over the floor, drinking a cold Dasani water, and getting down to nothing but you undershorts. It was hot, very hot. Then your phone rings, it is me. “Hey,” I say. “What’s up”? You can’t speak. I can tell, it has been a long day. “Hey, listen to me. My air conditioning is broken. I have a huge party, it is called pampered chef party, I am committed, but I need your place to host it. You will have to shop, go home, take a shower, shave your face and your balls, and put on a red apron and get dinner started”. I hang up the phone. You have been through this before. I don’t take no for an answer so why bother answering me. It is too hot anyway. I am your master. You may be a tough firefighter just getting off the engine, but with me, you are but a slave. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, you must now go shopping, get ready, prepare dinner in a red apron, and get this done for me. At 7pm sharp, I show up to your house. Only 45 minutes have gone by but I knock on the door. You answer in a red apron, clean, freshly shaved, and no clothes just as I requested. I eyeball you, “Good Boy”. I am going to enter your space but when I do, please know you are in my complete control, don’t screw this up. A few minutes go by and there is a knock on the door, it is our first guest. A pretty little housewife named Lindsey and then another named Paula, she is blond, really cute. And then Vicki, older, but wore tight clothing. And Samantha, she was the barely legal daughter of Vicki. As the guest arrived, they realized you wore only a red apron. They let it slide knowing you are a firefighter and it is so hot out. The girls sat down and we bagan our viewing of the pampered chef items, a collection of high end kitchen accessories. “First ladies, let me show you this cucumber slicer”. I summons you over to my backside and handed you a cucumber. As I bent over the table, I explained to the girls you were going to help out with some product research. “Rob, please pull up my skirt”. You do just that. With the cucumber in hand, the ladies are in total shock. This can’t be! Is this for real? They couldn’t believe it so they went with it. “Go Rob”. They cried out. You smiled. “Good Boy, now remove my red underwear”. You do just that. “And insert that cucumber into my vagina please”. The girls were in total shock. There eyes glued to the cucumber in your hand. With absolutely no hesitation, you did just that. I let out a little cry, “yes, that’s the way”. With that, the woman who had come for a pampered chef party realized firefighters are hot. They always knew it. If only they could get that too. It is so hot and the air conditioning in this place is wonderful. A few minutes go by and you are still slowly fucking my vagina with the cucumber. And finally I say “Ok, you can remove the cucumber”. I stand up, ask you to kneel, and place the cucumber on the table. I take a pampered chef knife and cut that huge cucumber in half. “See girls, this knife is great, brings double the pleasure. Who would like to try this?” All of the arms go up. I choose two of the woman for you. The mom and the young barely legal daughter. “Come on up here”. They do and they stand in front of you where you are kneeling still in your red apron. “Please lift up your skirts”. They do. “Rob, please eat their pussy. Both of them together”. And without hesitation, your clamp your arms around the two of their waists and pull them together and begin to lick and touch the both of them at once as their pussy’s are held tightly together to make that possible for you. Everyone goes crazy. You are a champ. And the girls sit down. Next is the blond. She has big titties. I say “Please Rob stand up and take out her big boobs and lick them with your tounge. Then give her a hickey on her right nipple and don’t stop until she is black and blue.” You obey. You are a good boy. Always listening. It was the best pampered chef party ever, we sold 6 knives. When it was over, I took you to bed and sucked on your cock until you were about to cum and then I stopped. You are not allowed to cum on such an amazing night like this. We will reserve that for tomorrow. Maybe.

Respectively Submitted,

Mistress Lynne

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A Session with an Ex-Mistress

Hello Mistress Lynne,

I told my ex mistress by the phone that i belong to u…
She came at my place ’cause i say that u agree and that u told me she can do what she want with me…
I was naked waiting for her… she told me to follow her in the salon and sit in a comfortable chair…
She tell me to lick her feet, to lick her heels… she tell me to take her heels off with my teeths… and i couldn’t… she take a heels off and tell me to lick it… she tell me to show her my ass and she put her heels inside… she tell me to lay on m back and make me lick her feet again… her toes forcing my mouth… she take her panties off and made me lick it… after she sit on my face her heels still inside my asshole, my tongue inside her pussy, licking…
I was thinking that she’s cumming, before i see that she was peeing in my mouth and on my face… she stand up at me, still peeing on me…
She ask me not to wash me and give me a buttplug for my ass… she put it inside and tell me to put her panties over…
She wanted me to be her little slut for this night… she tell me to dress up over her panties, the plug still inside my ass… and invited me for dinner in a restaurant…
I keep the plug the all dinner time… and she speak and laugh about it…
She bring me at her place and tell me to take off my clothes… she tied up my legs and arms on a sofa and take off the dildo… but came back with a strapon dildo on her… she fuck me and beat my ass really hard… then she reverse me and sit on my cock… she tell me to fuck her, but she fucks me and make me giving her till the last drop… she take my cum on her hands and force me to lick it sitting on me… i clean her fingers and she pee again on my face, she pee on my all body, on my cock… she tell me that even if i belong to u now… she will still recognize her own parfum on me… she told me to go back home without washing…

thinking of u and kissing yr feet,

My Mistress Lynne

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Eating a Meal Fantasy

It was a cold winter night. The snow just starting to fall and a big storm was headed our way. We were on our way to drop you off to the airport as your business in China awaited you but the national weather service declared a snow emergency and shut down all travel. Your flight had been delayed, you just got the call. Secretly, I was so happy, but I couldn’t show you. Never would I want you to know how addicted I am to your time with me. We had been together just a few times before but my attraction to you was instant and we have connected many times already. Your cock is in the forefront of my mind every moment of everyday. But, I won’t say that, not out loud. “Well then,” I say “you shall take me to dinner then”. Lucky for me, you are so agreeable. The harder I push you, the easier you fall. You pull over to the first restaurant we see. Somehow, it seemed we ended up in a cute little town where the small buildings downtown were mostly made of brick and the town was sparsely lit. Up the hill, you could see just barely, a small bed and breakfast that also offered a small fine dining restaurant. I point and say, “there, there is where I want to go”. You grab me by the waist and pull me ever so slightly in the direction of the bed and breakfast and as we get closer we see the name, placed so carefully on a oval shaped wooden sign, lit with a small bulb and the new snow glistened over the black letters “Glimmerstone Mansion”. We head in, the staff is inviting, and offers us drinks. I quickly speak before you are given a chance, “He won’t be drinking. But, may I please order your best bottle of red wine with just one glass please, your biggest glass”. The waitress says yes and looks at you as if to feel sad for you. Why can’t you have a drink, what a bitch, right? But, you have a smile, a smirk, a knowing that I am taking control tonight. You are so steadfast in your approach to me. “Give her anything she wants”. You tell the concerned waitress and with your hand you motion her to leave the table immediately. “That’s right baby boy”. The waitress comes back with the wine, pours me a nice big glass, and you watch me take a nice big sip, the waitress pours me my second glass. She looks at you, then looks at me. I say “Yes, I would like to order”. I continue to order our food for us. Some surf and turf, 3 orders of shrimp cocktail, a baked haddock, fried cslamari, and of course, as if I haven’t ordered enough, I have to feed you some mussels in that creamy sauce. I order that too. The waitress looks at you. I say, “You should bring him an extra plate”. As we wait for our food, you continue to watch me drink my red wine, pouring me more when my glass goes empty. You actually even call the waitress over and order me another bottle of red wine. She asks “Will you be joining her”? and you answer “no thanks”. With the dinner, comes our new bottle of wine and all my food is placed in front of me while you are given a white empty plate. The waitress is confused but going with it now. She laughs and goes on her way. I begin to place items specifically on your white plate for you to look at. I feed you some mussels in the creamy sauce. I eat. You watch. When I am done, I ask you to please have some food. You are delighted, so hungry from not eating all day. You pick up your fork and you begin to eat what I have placed on the plate in front of you. The waitress comes back? “How are you doing”? You finally speak, “Fine,” you give her your American Express blue card and say with your mouth full of food, “would you be so kind to get her the best room you have here, with a king size, non smoking, private, back of the building please”. She takes your card to the front desk. You continue to eat knowing there won’t be much more time left before I tell you to stop. I am done drinking wine, I haven’t touched that second bottle. I wait. A few minutes go by, I am consumed by you being across the table from me. I hate it. “Come here”. You put your fork down which had lobster tail on it soaked in butter. You sit right next to me. I am super wet right now Jack, I want you to put your fingers inside me and feel it. Without hesitation, you do as you are told. Right up my skirt, sliding right past my red underwear, you fingers are shot up into my vagina. Instantly, I moan ever so slightly and my body is yours. The restaurant is dead, it is a stormy night, no one is in the dining room anymore, they are working on getting you a room for the night. You twist your body ever so slightly in my direction so that it looks perfectly normal that you have your fingers way up in my uterus and I am squirming like a little girl in my chair. “That’s right baby girl, I’m all yours”. You whisper in my ear. Finally, the waitress is on her way back with a key but you do not take your fingers out of my vagina. No way, real mean don’t do that. They wait until they are asked to. The waitress is right behind you, you gather the table cloth in such a way where it really can’t be seen. She gives me the key to the room, explains where it is, points, and tries to give you back your card. “I will have take that for now”. She doesn’t get it. But, you motion with your eyes that it is fine and she hands me your card and I place it in my bra, since I have no pockets. As the waitress leaves finally, I say “You can take your fingers out of my vagina now”. And so you do. Licking my cum with your fingers like it was desert and grabbing my glass and the leftover bottle of wine we head to our room. We laugh, and joke around, wrapped up in each other’s arms, kissing. I own you, you won’t tell me that, but your cock knows it. By the time we finally make it to the room, there is just so much pent up sexual tension that we whip right into bed tearing off all our winter clothes like summer just came around the corner. We were hot, sweaty, making out, and totally into each other. “Not tonight cowboy”. You aren’t having control tonight, you know what it means, we go through here and there. But not tonight because I brought rope. “Tie yourself up”. I mean I have no idea how to tie a knot. Really. And you do, you take great care into your knots, like the good boyscout you always were. First your feet, then your right arm, and then you explain to me how to do the final knot. And there you have it. Tied up. The thoughts of what I can do begin racing through my mind. Do I let him sit there while I watch tv? Just tied up? Do I make him eat my pussy until he successfully makes me cum on his face and then leave him there for the cum to dry up around his lips so he continues to taste me when he licks his lips? Do I go for the gold and find some object around the room I can sanitize and waste his asshole with? Really get hard, tough with him, something he may not end up liking but we should really find out how far he will go with pain or soft sensual touches that never end? Or do I worship his cock because I freakin love his cock? I mean really, if he stops texting me after all this, this kind of stuff really should last a lifetime, does he know this? Or do I make love to him, my way, cum on his cock and then have him watch as I lick it off, his cum and mine? Seriously, what do I do here? My chin is leaned up on the mattress, my brown eyes widely opened, my body sitting up from the bed and breakfasts’ room floor, my pussy is so wet, I sit there – staring at you. Tied up on a bed with a king size mattress, protected in white sheets, a soft white down comforter, and eight fluffy pillows with white cases. You look at me, your cock is super hard, and you wait silently for my instructions, because they would come and you knew not to say a word. I said “If you want to cum, you need to tell me now”. You said nothing. I did not ask again. Your punishment for not speaking to me when I clearly asked a question would be fierce, you knew it, it was an act of purposeful defiance on your part. You stayed there silently, tied up, knowing full well, your going to get it up your ass now. You knew, I knew it. And that is the first place we started that night. 🙂



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Memoirs from Mistress Lynne – My First Proposal

It didn’t take much time to get My first proposal, a handsome successful Italian man whom was instantly attracted to the thought of pleasing Me. I wasn’t afraid of the idea of being pleased but perhaps, unsure of why someone would put together a well written, long, and detailed proposal of how he wanted to please Me and how it was possible for him to provide an incredible experience at no cost, of course. English was not his primary language but his words were well thought, detailed, and all the proper punctuation needed to write to a true Lady. Luca, was his name. My first. I would always think of him fondly. He was the reason I became confident in My ability to express how I wanted to be pleased. Luca offered to be trained to fufill all the needs and wishes of his Lady under My terms and conditions. He wanted to express strongly he was offering onto Me an opportunity to fully explore all My secret wishes. Marco was a man who meant what he said. I could tell this even from the beginning. Extremely successful and coming from a family of wealth, any fantasy I could dream, he could make happen. It wasn’t a problem. But, this wasn’t to be taken lightly. Even if I was to dream a fantasy and offer this onto Luca, this sharp Italian man had specific requests. He wanted a Domme and at the time I had no idea what that meant. It’s true, I was once so inexperienced and innocent of the reality of this lifestyle. Little did I know that becoming the strong, independent woman who didn’t care even an ounce about a man but made sure the right ones were dominated properly would allow Me the opportunity to be feel such pleasure. It happened almost over night. There was switch inside Me instantly, something I had never experienced before – had now became My obsession. I went from the pretty girl who chased the men to the opposite extreme. I had reached My late thirties but yet I was now a wanted woman. I didn’t need to chase, I needed to not chase, I needed to dominate, I needed to make a man work for what they wanted. And when I use the word “work”, I mean it. The men whom I did choose to play with were men who had a high level of control in their life. They desired to be taught how to please their Lady properly, Your way. They wanted to be told, they wanted the “lessons”. They wanted to give you control so that they could feel a sense of release within themselves.

Luca desired something that he experienced as a young man. A governess that had once watched over him when he was a teenager had caught him looking at porno and Luca, who was intimidated by his parents offered to do “anything” so she would not tell on him. The governess then slowly took on the role of dominating him, making him do chores around the house while she put her feet up, demanding he run her a bath and then have him lick her asshole clean, she eventually taught him by command how to please her as her sexual slave. Luca, a young man, was then owned by his governess and she demanded of him his total and complete compliance. He was obedient and this relationship lasted for some time before she was excused from working with the family on no ill terms. This amazing experience sat with him for years, he married, he had a daughter, and he is a happy man. But, within him, burned a deep flame for the desire to be a slave to a woman who demanded he kneel and do as he is told. He sought to fill this void in his life.

Luca waited a long time to hear My fantasy. It wasn’t that I didn’t have fantasies at the time but more that Luca opened up a world of opportunity for what those fantasies could possess for two people who planned to take on such a worldly experience together. So one night, while admittedly drinking too much cheap red wine, I came up with a fantasy for Luca. He asked and I certainly wasn’t going to disappoint. I told him a tale of a visit to a beautiful Italian city called Manarola where I would meet him at the hotel and he would enter blindfolded. From there, I would procede to rape him. Before he had a chance to even see Me, I would demand of him my pleasure. Start with kissing My high heel shoes and slowly lick his way toward my pussy where he would be allowed to smell it but not touch. He would be slapped across the face if he even dared to touch My pussy and I would taunt him by bringing My pussy closer and closer to his face. “You want to lick my wet pussy,” I would say “Smell that wet pussy Luca, it came all the way across the world for you”. Luca would still be blindfolded and I would now tie his hands and his legs. He has still not seen me. I would ask Luca to lay still and lay on the floor, any disobediance would be cause for serious injury and Luca would want to see Me before getting into a place where I would punish him. He was obedient. I kneeled above his face, pulled up my skirt, opened my ass nice and wide and sat on his mouth “Lick my asshole Luca. Lick my dirty little asshole. You bad boy, you don’t deserve my pussy. Lick my asshole clean, yes that’s the way, stick your toungue way up there. Do you like the taste?” and murmurming from underneath My asshole, like a slight vibration of sound inside my tight hole, I hear “Yes Mistress Lynne”. I would then stand above him, bending over to unbutton his pants and pulling them down to his knees, exposing his cock and balls all while still blinded folded and tied by the arms and legs. “You have a little cock Luca” I would say, “Why did I come all the way to Italy to find out your cock isn’t worthy of my worship?” Luca would go to speak but I would slap him across the face, “Shut Up! Luca, your dick is small, perhaps if we tie it would at appear bigger”. I would procede to tie his balls with a piece of rawhide rope, tightly around the balls, squeezing them tight. His dick would be super hard and he wouldn’t have a bad cock, in fact it is quite okay. However, Mistress Lynne hates all small cock so unless you have a gigantic wonderful unbelievable cock…. you should expect to be made fun of and punished for my own personal pleasure. Punishing Luca for his small cock would involve a some light caning of his dick and his ass. “With a dick like that Luca, you are going to have to serve me pleasure in other ways. Your dick won’t have the chance, but you will have opportunities to please me”. With this I will dig my right heel ever so slightly into his balls, just testing his limits slowly putting down more pressure and then finally releasing him. With this, I would untie him, release his balls, and then take off his blindfold to finally meet me. He would then take me to dinner in the beautiful city of Manarola Italy.

When I told Luca of this fantasy, he was more than pleased. Having had listened to him for months now, he knew I could provide the experience he was seeking. Before I knew it, without asking, I received an open ended plane ticket to Manarola Italy. “No strings attached” said the note from Luca and inside was also an open ended hotel reservation at the best hotel in the small Italian city I had chosen for my fantasy and a credit card to use as spending money for the trip and to cover the cost of travel. The day this happened, to be honest, I was in shock. What I thought was all play fantasy was now in front of Me. Luca would make this fantasy real, it was my desire and he was obedient to his Mistress. Still, at the time, I didn’t even have a passport. Now I have stamped My passport in several countries. My trips are quick. We spend time in preparation back home but once the fantasy is put out into play, time is limited.

I will be sharing the story of meeting Luca in RT. The experience even more amazing than the fantasy.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mistrees Lynne

*names have been changed to respect client privacy.

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A Rape Fantasy

It is Friday night and I get a call, it is you. “Hey” you say. “Listen, I want to show you something tonight, I am on my way to pick you up.” This isn’t unusual coming from you. There have been a few adventures you have taken me on where I knew nothing of how the night would begin or end. These nights normally come with a set of rules and it is my job to follow those rules. But, the situations you have thrown me into and then have been given a set of rules to follow just prior makes the evening very interesting and exciting. The rules always seem so simple, little things like the time you gave me a rule to not speak. Seems simple, right? Well, you then took me to a gathering of people whom I have never met before. Not so easy, but I handled it with ease. You were amazed, how I still somehow got along with the crowd and had a great time with you, never had spoken a word to anyone. I didn’t tell you but I wrote on a napkin that I had my tonsils taken out a few days ago and passed it along as needed. I drank with them, gave a cheers, and smiled pretty. That napkin was my saving grace that night. My creative way of staying within your rules. Too easy, I thought to myself the next day. You even rewarded me that night in your bedroom, told me what a good girl I was. Too easy but it sure beat a punishment from you.

I begin to get dressed, hopping in the shower quickly, and putting on a fall dress. The cold air had just came in a couple weeks ago. Still warm during the day but chilly at night. I brought a an old blue Campion sweatshirt in case I may get cold. Then, a knock at the door. “Hi Jack” I say. You step in my place, “are you ready to go?” you ask. Of course I am and without saying a word I nod my head yes. “Ok, I only have one rule tonight,” I role my eyes playfully. I knew it. You laugh, “just one rule and that is to resist me under all circumstances”. Hmmm, I think to myself, an interesting twist. You kiss me and take my hand to leave. “Let’s go”. We get in your car and hit the highway.

I don’t know where we are going and I don’t really care. As long as we are together, we can go to Taco Bell and use a coupon and I wouldn’t complain. You are dressed in khaki pants with a tan leather belt and a solid blue polo shirt leaving the last two buttons undone. You body language was loose, you leaned toward me with a gleam in your eyes, your left hand on the steering wheel, and your right hand on my left inner thigh, your pinky finger just barely touching my purple underwear. Knowing full well that my pussy was super wet thinking of you. We talked, listened to music, and you drove.

We were on the road a good hour or more. Not enough time in the car, if you ask me, but we were there. Now up in Maine on the seacoast, you pull over to an old lighthouse. It is chilly out, kind of windy, so as we are getting out of your car I grab my sweatshirt and put it on. It is a beautiful old lighthouse, the evening has just come to an end, and the ocean is pulling into high tide. The waves are roaring, never ending, never starting. You walk towards the ocean having to pass by the lighthouse to get there. You reach your hand out to lead me and I do not reach back. “Hmm” you say out loud and keep walking. I follow. What a beautiful spot. As we graze pass the old lighthouse and up a small grassy hill we then come to the end of the earth, the ocean. I am two steps behind you and when I come up next to you gaze at the moonlight lighting up the ocean waves, you go turn put your arm around me. I step back, “please, we are not here for that”. You look frustrated, discouraged, but this was your rule. You had a plan to how this night would play out now it was time to put that plan into action.

You start walking up the coastline and I follow just a couple steps behind you. We walk for what seems like two miles and finally come to a pier that homes beautiful sailboats, some boats had people on them, some left dark, and many others had been pulled from the ocean earlier to prepare for the upcoming winter season. I wasn’t expecting to walk the coastline past such a beautiful pier full of amazing sailing boats. You walked straight down the wooden pier with confidence and ease down the long pier. I followed two steps behind you. Finally we came to smaller but very detailed sloop sail boat. You step onto the boat from the side and look at me. I don’t know what to say, I had no idea you even sailed or had a boat. You smile. That same smirk you always get thinking to yourself, “girl there’s more to me to come, just get on the boat”. You put out your hand and I back away and climb on the boat from the same side just a few steps up from you. “Sit!” you say. So I do. You go on about doing whatever you do to get the boat out into the ocean. It is still pretty windy. The air is chilly but being on the ocean is refreshing, who would ever complain about this wonderful experience. I watch you place the headsail sailed to one side of the boat, the mainsail sailed to the other, and then wing on wing, you catch the wind and the boat begins to sail.

It is very dark, chilly, windy, and now we are heading out onto the ocean. It is a bit weird, not what I was expecting of the evening, but hey, this is my life, weirder things have happened. The wind is racing through my hair as I sit, you look over to me, and again, that smirk. Remembering the rule you gave me before the night began, I look at you as if to say, how the heck am I supposed to resist you in this situation. You are sailing a boat on an ocean right now and it is very dark? About then you turn directly into the wind, letting the sails out, slowly getting the boat to stop, you eventually drop the headsail, and put down an anchor. All I can think is, how fun is this? You go grab a couple of glasses and some scotch from the inside cabin and head back towards me. You sit down beside me and immediately I scoot my butt back away from you. You pour me some scotch and I say “no thanks”. You laugh, I look at you like why are you laughing. Things are not going well between us. We have no chemistry, we are on the middle of the ocean, no one to hear me scream, no where to go if I start a fight with you. You finish your scotch, refill your glass, drink your refill and then my glass of scotch and then place both glasses on the floor of the boat. It is windy, still chilly, we are both cold. You go and get a blanket, offer it to me. I say “Look, I appreciate all you have done tonight, I do, but I am not fucking you just because you have a sailboat”. You look down onto me, blanket still in hand and say “Look girl, I just thought you might be cold”. I say nothing. Just roll my eyes. “Look Lynne,” you say “I didn’t expect you to have sex with me tonight, I just wanted to see if we got along”. Again, I roll my eyes. “Please, you are an arrogant snob who has no idea how to bring a girl on a normal fucking date”. I say, “You need to take me home, I am cold, hungry, not high or drunk, and I so not attracted to you. Please get the sails going again, let’s go. Bring me home”. You seemed crushed. You love your boat.

You wrap the blanket around you to keep warm yourself and walk in my direction, you watch me stand up and walk backwards, you keep walking. There’s nowhere for me to go and very quickly I am at the edge of your boat and you right on top of me, forcefully grabbing me by the neck and ever so slightly leaning me backwards over the edge of the boat. The waves are crashing against the boat, the wind is picking up, and you say in my left ear “Listen, I am going to fuck you before taking you home to daddy”. I kick you hard in the balls and you drop to the ground. “No way, don’t think I won’t yell”. You laugh. “Yell,” you say “No one will rescue you, no one can hear you, no one will believe you”. You grab me by the ankles and pull me to the ground forcefully making your way up my thighs and ripping off my purple underwear. I push, pull, and squirm but you have a strong hold on me now and the boat is making somewhat sick, to be honest. “Your so hot” you say as I am clawing at your head pushing you away from entering the inside of my thighs. Using every free muscle I have to squirm from underneath you. But it does me no good, you take you two hands and forcefully pin my arms down and with just enough weight on my body you are able to pin open my legs. “There you go, that’s what I brought you here for”. With my vagina now exposed and my body pinned, you can now take out your cock. With your left hand you moved to unbuckle you belt and then your pants. “You are going to like this Miss Thing” you say. I spit on you. “What was that for? You make me so angry Lynne”. And with that – your big hard cock is forcefully – without any regard, in one foul push, jammed into my pussy.

I scream as if I have never felt that kind of pain before, “Fuck you Jack” I say with a deep undertone through your rough pounding of my vagina. I keep screaming. But, if you were to hear these screams from a distance they wouldn’t be that of a rape victim but more of a dirty girl who is taking a rather large cock forcefully and without reserve. You take your hands and begin to squeeze my neck as if to strangle me, we are both sensing anger and hostility toward one another. It is real, we have never been here before. This could get bad. You are raping me and I am being raped. I never gave you permission, I am not consenting, and your stranglehold around my neck is scaring me. I certainly can’t breath. But, I trust you. So I say nothing. And in that moment you take your cock out of my pussy and move up towards my face, forcefully opening my mouth with your hands “I swear I will bite off your big dick off asshole and spit it into the ocean for the sharks to eat, don’t do it”. You slap me across the face which wasn’t very nice. I feel a heat against my cheek from the force. You grab me by the hair and open my mouth again and place your large cock in my mouth which glistens with thick cum from deep inside my vagina. You forcefully gag my mouth deep with your cock and within seconds you willfully force your cock deep-throated down my throat and you cum without any reserve. I choke. Your dick comes out of my mouth and I am spitting cum all over the place. “I’m Sorry” you say. I say nothing. I am still spitting cum out of my mouth. Minutes later I say “It’s okay, I forgive you Jack”. And we both smile at each other.

Written and Respectively Submitted,

Mistress Lynne


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