Orchids part II

We finished dinner at the restaurant having had a splendid exotic meal of fresh seafood along with a decadent dessert that made our mouths water. All through dinner , sitting alone in the booth in the darkened part of the restaurant, we gently touched each other on the thighs, caressing each other lovingly and slowly teased each other nibbling at each others ears. We knew this was going to be a night of passion letting our imagination hold no bounds of excitement. Knowing that we both could not wait to explore each others bodies more, we hurried to leave.


We opened the front door ,entering , holding each other close. The kiss was one of magnificent arousal as we touched each other openly yearning to go upstairs. You led me there by my hand smiling as we walked up the stairs my hand under your skirt touching your bare leg moving to your inner thigh and brushing your lips as you had not worn underwear all evening. A small droplet of your wetness rolled onto my fingertip and I pulled it away to taste your sweetness between my lips. My finger went back to you for another of your golden droplets.


As we reached the top of the stairs , we embraced each other in a wide open mouth kiss that had our juices flowing between us in open passion. We walked into the room together still holding each other , closing the door behind us. You stood in front of me smiling. I touched your shoulders letting my fingers run down your blouse unbuttoning one by one till finally your breasts revealed themselves to me. Gently with fingers and hands rubbing your nipples watching them grow hard and erect. I pull the blouse over your shoulders while licking one nipple then another as your back arches while you sigh feeling as a woman should. Your blouse drops to the floor as I lick each nipple and then each breast while slowly helping you slide out of your skirt. You kick it aside while still wearing the stilettos you had put on earlier that evening. I let my hand run over your stocking feeling its silkiness all the while imaging how silky your legs feel underneath them.


You slowly move back towards the bed , sitting down and lifting one leg , I roll down one stocking and then the other all the while kissing your legs from your thigh to your ankle.

I look up to see your wetness glistening begging to be touched. I let my fingers glide past your lips again, getting wet and letting my lips once again taste you. I take off one shoe then another letting your stockings fall and put each shoe back on. As you roll onto the bed I reach to take the ropes we had bought earlier that day and begin to tie them to your wrists just snuggly enough to hold you. You raise your arms to let me tie them to the posts on the top of the bed while watching me with a smile. After I tie the first I come close and we kiss, as I rub our breasts and begin to feel the anticipation of what will be a night of loving passion for both. I tie your other arm to the bed and then as I go down to tie your ankles I smell the scent of your wetness and it draws my lips there. I kiss and lick some of your juice as you wiggle your hips asking for more, but not yet. I tie you ankles with some rope . I then spread your legs bringing each leg up so that I may tie your lower leg to your thigh allowing for you to be spread openly. Then you are tied to the end of the bed bound helpless for me to play with your body. I take my clothes off revealing glistening wetness on the end of my shaft and I notice the look in your eyes. I bring it close so you can lick the juice off then pull away.

You are there in all your glory exposed to me. I nibble your ear while stroking your hair. As I do you wiggle trying to entice me to your wetness. You are beginning to flow so the scent of you makes me smile knowing I will have your taste in my mouth soon. You want to grab me and pull me to your button which is swelling but you cannot. You moan lightly moving your body to try to have me cover your lips with my mouth, but wait. I have found the little item beside the bed. I plug it in and feel the vibrations it sends off in my hand. Your eyes open in anticipation of what might come. I let the wand pass onto your nipples as you arch your back in ecstasy of the feeling on your body . I let it work on one breast then the other all the while passing onto your nipples making them harder and bigger then u have ever known. My other hand slides down gently gliding over one thigh then the other feeling your juice flow even farther on your body. Your moans become stronger while I continue to rub you r breasts with the massager. Your back arches as you start to cum, and your butt raises and lowers as you feel yourself ready to explode. I sense the moment and my mouth goes to capture your explosion of juices. You shiver as the last drop comes out from between your swollen lips, your clit swollen as well. I touch your clit with my teeth so lightly as you twist in pleasure . Your last drops of juice flow out and I lick them off your lips. As you relax I move the electric massager down your belly onto your legs. You wiggle your ass , feeling the sensation grow inside of you. I let the probe slide along one thigh then the other all the while smelling your wetness come out again. I take and let the probe touch your clit, and watch you wiggle. Your moan tells me you want more and I press harder on your clit as your juice flows even more

I let the probe run through your juice getting it wet as I slide it down to your ass.I slowly push it in as you moan louder and as I do I take your clit between my teeth now and let my tongue run over you. Your ass moves back and forth but not too much as you are still tied helplessly on the bed. I hear you moan while still playing in your ass with the probe and as I now lick your wet lips You are so wet that you are flowing uncontrollably now. I put the probe down and place my wet shaft at the opening between your lips. I thrust in as your back arches and your moan now turns to silent screams of joy. I thrust and thrust as you cum again and again. Then just as you cannot go any more I place my shaft on your lips as you take me inside your mouth and I cum as you do also

Both feeling exhausted after 3 hours, I untie you and we fall into each others arms satisfied for the moment


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