Orchids and a Sandy Beach

The lone orchid pedal lay in the imprint of the body that had been on the beach only to be once again caressed by the incoming tide. The trail of orchid pedals once used were now a distant sight with the light of day slowly falling. The, sun which had once warmed our two bodies, was now a setting fireball similar to the heat we displayed for each other only hours earlier.
We had come to the pristine beach in the early afternoon only to find it completely void of all activity. As we walked along the shore we felt the closeness, arm in arm, gently caressing each other with every slow step. We would occasionally stop, embracing each other in long drawn out kisses letting our tongues explore each other together.
As we walked I noticed bunches of flowers growing wild at the top of the beach ahead of us. We ran together gently pulling each other as we drew closer to the flowers. A wild bunch of exotic orchids lay before us only to have opened in the heat of the morning. You bent over to smell them as I caressed your back and rubbed your shoulders. Your legs seemed to quiver slightly as I held your swaying hips in my hands. You stood up turning around with a pedal in your hand offering it to me to inhale the aroma of flower.
Feeling the sensual way you enjoyed the flower I reached down to pick a handful of pedals from the vast amount of flowers now open. Their color and fragrance will always be a memory. As I gathered them you stood with me slowly rubbing my back and buttocks all the while circling your motion around and around. We started to walk away when we both looked into each other
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