Oral Skills Training

There is good news boys! There is one way you can satisfy your chosen Goddesss and that is with the use of your mouth and tongue. No longer will you remain uninterested or unwilling to go down on a Woman.

You will try to understand Her body, listen to Her commands, and then pleasure Her to a climax with no expectation of anything in return. You will not cum yourself! You simply do not deserve to dominate a Woman by penetration.

The sad truth is that most Women can not orgasm from intercourse (surprised?) and require other stimulation to be able to climax. Making your Goddess climax at Her command will make Her desire more of you. Going down on your chosen Goddess is one of the most satisfying pleasures you can give your Mistress. Not only that women orgasm in many different ways, focusing on only one type of orgasm or just one orgasm in general will limit her pleasure.

When you are committed to pleasing your Mistress orally then how She likes to be pleased will be of great importance. If you get it right, your Mistress will be very pleased. But, if you are getting it wrong, She will most likely slap you across the face, squeeze your mouth hard, pull your hair, whip you, and scream and yell that you can’t get it right. Do you really want to be the servant with a small dick that can not even pleasure his Mistress orally? NO, NO YOU DO NOT!

How you pleasure your Mistress is the true testiment to your committment to Her oral pleasure and your dedication to Her complete and total sexual satisfaction.

Remember always, your Mistress is of no concern to your cock. You are not deserving of dominating Her by penetration, She does not care if you cum, to Her you are only available as Her servant. You shall get absolutely nothing in return because you are a slave. If you are are commanded by your Mistress to cum, it will probably be by form of masturbation where you will be forced to lick your own cum off the floor. That would be a lucky day for any true slave. Trust me!

After getting nothing in return for pleasing your Mistress in countless ways, you should always say Thank You Mistress. Bow your head. Ask if she has anything else She would have you do? Could you clean Her toilet bowl with your tounge…..

Get it?


Mistress Lynne

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15 thoughts on “Oral Skills Training

  1. Thank you Mistress, a lucky day would be enabled to orally please my Goddess with nothing in return.

  2. to satisfy Mistress Lynne orally would be a true gift to a sissy such as I especially to serve as Mistress pee toilet

  3. Dearest Mistress Lynne,

    I knew from a very young age, that my penis was of no use to any woman, and have no desire to defile them with it. So, I have dedicated myself to serving them with my face and mouth instead. This is truly what I believe in, and it is my passion and need to be used in this manner. The part that excites me the most, is bringing the woman to orgasm directly into my mouth, squirting, peeing, and everything…over and over again!! This is what I am…a proud pussy pet, and I know I was born to be used like this!!


      • Thank you, Mistress Lynne! But here’s something I found in one of the yahoo groups I belong to. It is a post from a Mistress Barbara to a man who wrote her about how his wife and him having a similar type of relationship that, for the most part, perfectly describes exactly to the type of man I am and the kind of relationship, I seek. I also have the photo set with captions that go along with this message. So, if interested in seeing them, please message me and let me know where to send them. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

        Dear jt

        A very nice reply of yours. Very thoughtful and inspiring. Basically I can relate very well to what your wife is feeling and how she is progressing. My sexual development was quite similar, jt. I was not born a dominatrix and I never want to be one, at least not following the usual image that goes along with it, i.e. the leather clad whip yielding, man hating dominatrix, with spikes and thigh high boots.

        Sorry boys, that’s not what turns me on at all and not something I want to be associated with, even though I think that those professional girls do an excellent job to care for all your needs, desires and urges. If my husband had had those urges and needs, I am quite convinced that I would have given him the “boot”. Luckily he didn’t . . . not at all.

        What we practice is much more all around “woman/wife worship”, “perfect gentleman behavior”, “respectful male attitude”, “unselfish male sexual attitude”, “celebrating womanhood”, “female pleasure, amusement and sexual satisfaction”, “pussy worship” and the like.
        All things that make a woman like me truly happy and give a man a proper purpose to be. What I want to say though is, that the oral servitude I am demanding from my hubby TODAY and the way I enjoy “using him” ( I chose this word intentionally ) has evolved over years and wasn’t there from the very first day.

        More precisely, in the beginning I didn’t sit on his face, fuck and ride it, squirted in his mouth and then even peed in it….and to top it all…made him clean me up and thank me with a passionate anal French kiss. It all started in a much tamer and moderate way. Of course, today I use him like that without thinking twice. In fact this has become quite a standard way of having sex with him. However, that’s a result of countless oral sessions, constantly progressing and we are still progressing now. You never stop learning and evolving.

        The first time I peed in his mouth was more by accident. Similar to the first time I stuffed his mouth with some “humble pie”. I rephrase here the way it began ( even though it is a long story ), because I find it a perfect way for all you submissive male souls out there, how you can inspire you partner to become more dominant and spark her fire, without scaring her off. It all started with him going down on me already the first time we had sex together. What swept me off my feet was his prolonged and passionate way of performing cunnilingus. He managed to make me climax just with his tongue, lips, face, mouth and fingers.

        I was speechless, especially the way he didn’t hesitate to consume all my juices and secretions! However what got me even more was that he didn’t expect me to go down on him nor did he push himself onto me to fuck me, even though he had a hard erection. We just cuddled afterwards and I fell asleep in his arms, toying with his stiff dick. I thought that this was a nice way to start our relationship and sex life together, assuming that next time he would fuck me like all the other boys have done before him.

        Wrong assumption though! The next time we had sex it happened all over again. What impressed me as well was the fact that he undressed fully, before he even took one bit of clothing off me. We kissed and snogged, while I could enjoy his rampant erection, without having to go down on him though.
        Again I enjoyed it very much, but became a bit suspicious, because it was highly unusual, at least to what I had been used to so far with English blokes. Somehow it was too good to be true and I feared that he would come up with some weird stuff, destroying it all again. The third time we had sex it went exactly the same way again, only that this time I couldn’t resist pumping his hard dick, after he had served me orally again so nicely. He tried to resist a bit but I carried on masturbating him quite forcefully, letting him know that I wanted him to cum now.

        I pumped him until he couldn’t hold back and literally drained his balls. Not that I wanted to be dominant at that moment, but I wanted to know if there was anything wrong with him. Well, there wasn’t. Like a normal male, he blew a large load …onto my tummy and thighs. What was highly unusual again was the fact that I didn’t have to reach for some tissues to wipe up the slimy mess.
        He instantly got onto his knees and started to lick it up …ALL of it, even sucking it out of my belly button!! I will never ever forget this first time. The view of him, devotedly cleaning me up from his mess and then….thank me for the pleasure I granted him!! That was the moment when I knew that I had found a very special man.

        We both went to sleep without discussing what had happened. He cuddled me again lovingly, but my mind was racing. I sensed his submissive nature and wondered whether I would soon be presented with the “bill” for all this pleasure. I was already fearing that he would be expecting me soon to dress up in some fancy leather gear or some similar stuff and behave like a dominatrix etc.. ! I had that image in my head from what I knew then about the S/M scene and it wasn’t turning me on at all. The next day I asked him. Actually I didn’t ask him, but it was more a blurting out of all my fears, telling him that there was no way that I would dress up in some leather gear and whip his ass or similar. If he expected me to be his dominatrix, we would have to call it quits straight away.

        He wasn’t upset at all at my outburst, but more amused. He quietly let me do the preaching and then just wrapped his arms around me and said, “All I want is to make you happy !” These words are still making my heart melt today. I will never forget that moment, because it was the moment when I helplessly fell in love with him. I mean, what woman doesn’t want to hear this ? A man dedicating himself to me like that ? What more could I want ? I was on cloud nine and started to enjoy his oral performances more and more, especially because I didn’t have any suspicions anymore and could enjoy it without any inhibitions or worries.

        That was exactly the key, which led to my total addiction to his oral skills. The fact that I could enjoy it without any bad feelings, obligations and “strings attached” ! Soon I managed for the first time to squirt a large amount, while climaxing the way I had never done before. I wasn’t even aware that I could ejaculate like that and was wondering where it all came from. I thought at first that I had lost control and peed in his face and mouth. It was quite messy and the bed was wet, even though I had heard him gulping and spluttering as if his life depended on it. He may not have been very skilled yet at that time to swallow efficiently, but what got me again was, that he did NOT back away or try and avoid me squirting in his face. Not at all. I could feel his face in my crotch, while I jerked around in a violent orgasm. In fact feeling his face between my thighs only made me squirt even harder.

        His face was a total mess and I couldn’t help laughing, even though my laughter was more an attempt to cover my own astonishment and slight embarrassment. I had somehow expected him to be mad at me or tell me off, but of course nothing like that happened. On the contrary. He whispered all wonderful things to me, how much he loved me and how wonderful I was. I just dropped back into my pillow, exhausted and mesmerized, while he buried his face in my soaked crotch, licking me clean. My body was humming inside and his licking drove me absolutely wild. My clit was on fire, sending me to heaven and back!

        This was the way I discovered what true sexual pleasure was and I knew then, that there was no way I would ever engage again in senseless humping, which never brought me any satisfaction. . . at least nowhere near to what I was experiencing at that moment. My boyfriend never had to ask, whether it was good for me and whether I came. He always knew, because I let him feel and taste that I did. His total unselfish behavior about it made it not only very satisfying for me, it also created a challenge, because I wondered how far he would go in order to please me and whether he was really willing to do whatever it took to make me happy.

        I wondered e.g. if he would ever beg me to let him fuck me or masturbate him again or just expect to ejaculate too and make me suck his dick or so. . . but nothing like it ever happened. I started to enjoy teasing his dick, toying with it until he was rock hard and then keep him on the edge, without letting him ejaculate. It was a new thrill I had never experienced before. . ..the thrill of being in charge of a man’s lust, his cock and balls. To have a man, who let me be in charge of his lust and didn’t expect or even demand to be able to ejaculate, especially after pleasing me so nicely.

        It was tremendous fun to watch him struggle to keep his composure. It was just fun to play with a hard cock, getting it hard, being able to get it hard and keeping it hard, without letting it spurt. I felt very empowered indeed and a new sense of female pride started to grow inside me, because I became aware how much power I had over a man’s lust and his most precious parts. Of course we had quite a few accidents, where he simply couldn’t hold back, because I wasn’t aware and ready yet to apply some “special testicle” or “anal” treatment to control his urges, like I do today. However whenever he lost control, I teased him about it, telling him off in a more joking, mocking way, than in a real angry way. Above all though I enjoyed watching him clean up his mess. My enjoyment and sometimes giggling only seemed to spur him on to even lick it up more eagerly and willingly. From those days onwards I never ever had to clean myself up again.

        Of course, watching him clean up soon became as well “making him” clean up, deliberately expecting him to do so and making a real “meal” out of it ( nice “pun” ). I quickly started to e.g. rub my fingers in his mess and making him suck my fingers clean. Hence our sex life developed in a way, that most of time it was just me climaxing, with him orally performing on me until I did and then getting cleaned up devotedly by him. His treat was that I toyed with his dick upfront ( after he had stripped for me, while we kissed and snogged ) and above all afterwards. . ..after he had performed orally on me.

        In the beginning maybe 5 out of 10 times I managed to keep him hard without ejaculating and the other half he shot his load, unable to resist my teasing hand, leg, knee or foot. That ratio then gradually changed, as I really started to enjoy myself toying with him, that I urged him on to try and keep his composure and control his lust, which led as well to my first clear instruction that I wanted him to let me know, whenever he felt the “point of no return” approaching, thus giving me a chance to stop teasing him and let go, so we could avoid such “accidents”.

        Needless to say, that this was already a blatant Femdom game, but I didn’t really look at it like that. It was just fun, tremendous fun, new fun, exciting fun. I felt so thrilled the first time he begged me to stop, so he could avoid ejaculating. The thrill was not only his begging, but much more to watch the effect it had on him, how much he had to struggle with himself, his urges and needs. I felt so excited to watch his throbbing dick “on the edge”, dribbling slightly but denied the final strokes to get it off. I felt somehow flattered and empowered that he was actually obeying my wish, despite the obvious sexual frustration it was causing him.

        What was to happen inevitably was of course his first “ruined orgasm”. I hadn’t planned it nor was I really aware of what a “ruined male orgasm” was. . ..until it happened. I had toyed with him already for a while and he had dribbled white clear fluid from his dick, which I made him lick up from my fingers. Maybe this humiliating act was what turned him on so much. I had hardly grabbed his dick again and given it a few strokes, when he started to mumble his begging for me to stop, which I did.. but it was too late. However unlike before I didn’t carry on masturbating him, but let go and watched him desperately “humping the air” in an attempt to get some friction to complete his ejaculation. Of course there was none. His dick just pumped and spurted helplessly without getting the satisfaction it obviously needed. I remember watching his hands clenching his buttocks in frustration going along with a lot of howling and hollering. He could have carried on masturbating himself to get off properly, but he didn’t dare do so.

        That was a spectacle I never forgot, because I realized how much he needed me and how desperate and vulnerable he really was. It really sparked a sense of sexual superiority in me. At the same time it became more and more normal for me to have him eat me out until I climaxed, squirting in his face and mouth and I have to say, that I even got used to have him cleaning me up afterwards. I even would have been disappointed if he hadn’t done this “menial” task following my sexual pleasure, even though it was quite a humiliating task really, especially the way it started to develop. However exactly that started to thrill me somehow, the fact the he was quite willing to accept this humiliation in favor of my pleasure and consider it a lovely way to express his adoration and love for me.

        Hence I quite deliberately started to open my legs again, after I had my climax and had relaxed for a moment, just for him to kneel in between and do his “cleaning duty”. Similarly I started to love the way he thanked me after orally serving me so devotedly and willingly. Again the fact that it was quite an act of humiliation to expect him to thank me for the privilege to eat my pussy, created a lovely thrill. Once he forgot and I asked him with a disappointed voice, whether he didn’t enjoy me, thus hinting that I was missing his “thanking me”. He instantly did so and even apologized for forgetting it, showering my legs and crotch with kisses, constantly expressing his gratitude. I couldn’t help but giggle. It was the first time really we openly, intentionally played the role game of
        female domination and male submission.

        We both knew it and from that moment on the flood gates were opened. THIS kind of D/s was brilliant and I wanted more of it. Still enjoying him kissing my body all over I had turned onto my tummy, presenting him my bottom, which he instantly kissed of course. . . never ending, so I tempted him with pushing my bum up a bit, wondering if he would go any further. I didn’t have to wonder for long. He buried his face in my bum crack, kissing my anus as if there was no tomorrow!! It simply felt wonderful and the fact that I loved it, encouraged him to go further.

        That was when I enjoyed for the first time to have my anus/rectum passionately “snogged”. . . the beginning of the famous anal French kiss, which then soon became the standard way for him to thank me at the end of a good oral session. Going along with that, I started to enjoy various positions of receiving his oral devotion, namely of course sitting on his face and “queening” him, which became my most FAVORITE sexual position . . .EVER. . .still today! The more demanding I became, the more willing he became to please me. It was an evolving, continuously escalating process. I started to mount his face without any inhibitions whenever we had sex together. It soon became the basic way we have sex together really. Normal, common intercourse never even played a role. There was no asking him or checking if it was ok with him, because I knew there was no need to. . ..there never was. . .no matter what I was expecting him to do for me.

        The way I started to use his face, mouth and tongue became more and more explicit, wild, nasty and violent. Needless to say, he took it all, always. . .without complaining, no matter what I had demanded from him or if had just fucked his face roughly for hours on end and squirted on it deliberately. He ALWAYS swallowed, licked and took all my pussy grinding heroically. He even went along with my instructions to make his swallowing more efficient, so we could reduce the mess. Despite the fact that I deliberately enjoyed myself humiliating him like that, he eagerly tried to follow my instructions and literally trained his swallowing technique, so he could eat me out properly, without causing a mess.

        It was soon after that, when the first “peeing accident” happened, i.e. when I had lost control and actually peed in his mouth. It was a moment following a thundering climax, while riding his face. I had already squirted into his mouth several times and then it somehow got all mixed up. My body was trembling and was out of control. It had then already become quite normal for me to remain sitting on his face, while enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and his loving tongue licking me clean.
        However, this time I just suddenly felt like opening up. . .relieving myself in his mouth…and I did let go…ALL OF IT!! It was a tremendous feeling to be able to let go like that. . .almost like having another orgasm!! He swallowed and gulped, desperately trying to cope with the flow of my pee. Again, o complaining, even though he must have tasted instantly that this was not the usual squirting. After I had finished I somehow felt bad about it and wanted to apologize to him for going mad in my lustful frenzy, but I didn’t get that far. As soon as I had climbed of his face, he apologized first, for having been unable to cope with it properly and leaving a mess on the bed!!

        What was I to say ?! Was there anything he wasn’t willing to endure, just to please me ?! His eyes expressed such sincerity, so why should have to worry ? Hence, I just smiled, opened my thighs just to watch his reaction. . .he literally dove between my legs and started to clean me up with utter devotion, thanking me, apologizing again and promising to make a better effort next time. That was “GAME, SET AND MATCH” really, and there was no turning back from then on! We openly started to discuss the way our sex life was to be, i.e. what I liked and expected from him. We talked about penetration and sexual intercourse. I wanted to try it with him, so we engaged every now and then with me sitting on his dick, but it was always quite a disappointing experience. . .for BOTH of us. He usually couldn’t hold back very long and I never got the same thrill from his dick inside me.

        Of course he could feel that too, because I never squirted nor climaxed the way I did when he performed orally on me, despite the fact that his dick was average size, like most of the guys I had fucked before him. Hence it was a very sobering experience for him too, even though he confessed to me that he never managed to get a girl to climax with his dick. When we were discussing this I eventually asked him, if he was ready to face the truth. It was then that I openly told him that he was a “lousy fuck” and that his dick didn’t bring me much sexual satisfaction. I told him that it wasn’t big enough to create enough thrill inside me. Of course that hurt his male ego deeply, despite his submissive nature. When I told him the first time I didn’t mean to humiliate him, at least it wasn’t my first intention. I just wanted to be honest and let him know that I enjoyed his oral skills much more that his dick.

        I comforted him that he was only one of many and not any different to all the other guys I had before him. . .as far as fucking was concerned. What was different though was his willingness to make up for it with his tongue, face and mouth. I didn’t hesitate to praise him for that and let him know how flattered and impressed I was with his oral efforts. Despite the deep humiliation of being called a “lousy fuck” and his dick not being big enough, he was ever so happy to follow my proposal to work on his oral skills and train them further to compensate for the lack of “dick quality”. We equally talked about his orgasms and how much I enjoyed teasing him and him staying “high and dry”, rather than ejaculate. I openly confessed to him that I liked his unselfish attitude very much and the fact that he cared for my pleasure more than his own. I didn’t deny that I was very thrilled with him holding back, in favor of my pleasure and that I very much wanted him to renounce on ejaculating, until I gave him permission to do so.

        THAT was the key to his submissive soul and again despite the humiliation, he was ever so happy to agree. I warned him though that I wouldn’t want to hear him beg or complain. He promised of course that he wouldn’t. So, jt.. you see how things evolved with me and my hubby. It wasn’t done in a day, but a process that needed more than a year, until we openly started to play Femdom games and setting up rules about what I expected from him and what his duties were. This list of rules has equally evolved over the following years of course and will evolve further in future. About a year going into our relationship, we both went for the first time to a sex shop in London. What I wanted was a vibrator, something to replace the feeling of penetration.

        It was the beginning of a new chapter, the inclusion of toys to enhance my pleasure. You have to see, that in those days there was no internet for us to order things, like we can today. Saying that, I very much enjoyed the visit to the sex shop, not only to broaden my mind, but enjoying for the first time the opportunity to watch my boyfriend openly humiliated and embarrassed in front of another woman.
        It was so much fun selecting a vibrator and discussing the size I needed and wanted, that my boy obviously felt very humbled, especially when we found as well the dildos, which were available in those days.

        The selection was quite poor compared to what is available for us girls these days, but still it was lovely to be able to be in a sex shop with my boyfriend and openly selecting a toy to replace his dick.
        The shop assistant had a great time watching my boyfriend’s predicament and could help smiling at him. We ended up buying a vibrator and a medium size dildo. It was not only the start of my enjoyment to put him on the spot in front of other women, but as well the start of a new way of sexual pleasure for me.

        The combination of using toys and his oral skills took my sexuality to a new level. There was no stopping me anymore. My demands multiplied very quickly and he had to try his best to keep up with it. Soon he found himself with the dildo in his mouth and with me sitting on his face. Fucking his face like that was causing me to soak the place around me. It was such a thrill to be able to enjoy myself like that. The dildo wasn’t huge, just maybe a bit bigger that his dick, especially in diameter.

        However I guess it was the combination of good penetration together with the feeling of being able to enjoy myself freely, that did it for me. I had suddenly learned to find my sexuality and above all learned to accept it as normal and natural. If you see the process we were going through you maybe understand much better the way we enjoy each other today. It wasn’t just a learning process for my husband, but for me too. I had to learn to understand his submissive soul and what it takes to fulfill those needs. I had no problem doing so, because his needs matched mine or we managed to make them match mine.

        So when you read about the way we celebrate total male oral servitude you have to see it in the context of how things developed, especially the issue about making him perform the ultimate form of toilet duty. Similar to the peeing incident, which evolved further to become part of his standard toilet duties, the “solid” act always remained a rare and special occasion. The first time it happened was when we had bought the next size dildo for me, some years later. It was quite a monster one and gave me a new feeling how to enjoy penetrative sex. . . the feeling of being stretched and properly filled.

        Needless to say it humbled his male ego and pride of course considerably. The view what is needed to satisfy me and what he had on offer. It really sent the message home hard and clear, that his dick was nowhere good enough. All I could say to him in order to comfort him a bit, was that most men are in his situation and only very few have dicks big enough to do the job of sexually satisfying a woman properly. I could sense his humiliation and how he was struggling with his male pride.

        However this BIG dildo created a new problem I had to face. Still today, once I have a big one inside me, I start to lose control over my basic bodily functions. Fulfilling my joy of fucking his face, I made him hold the base of the dildo onto his chin, so I could squat over it and work myself onto the dildo, until I had it all inside me. As soon as I managed to pump it in and out of myself a few times, I started to lose control and going along with my climax, my bowels opened up a bit resulting in him
        getting his mouth stuffed and face covered in it. I only noticed after I could smell it. I was quite embarrassed watching the mess I had caused and got off the dildo and his face instantly!

        Hubby though hadn’t moved, despite the fact that he didn’t look very pleased either. He had swallowed what was in his mouth and for the rest I sent him to the toilet to clean himself up. He refused to accept my apology. . . simply because he didn’t want me to apologize for something that I didn’t need to. Instead he begged me to sit on his face again, so he could clean me up. . .and it wasn’t my pussy this time. His begging was so genuine, that I couldn’t resist and quickly “PLOPPED” my ass back on his face, with my soiled anus pressed deeply into his mouth. He sucked and licked me clean with such passion, that I orgasmed again, and had lost as well that inhibition!!

        Despite this new level of oral servitude, I never liked using him in that way, i.e. deliberately emptying my bowels into his mouth. What I started to enjoy though was to be able to let my hair down totally while enjoying myself sexually, well knowing that he is game to take it all. Hence, I didn’t have to hold back riding a BIG dildo. Equally I started to enjoy having him clean me up as substitute for toilet paper. THAT I enjoyed very much and still enjoy today.

        So, jt. . . a long reply, but I think it is important that you and others see and realize that things don’t happen in one day. It takes some getting used to, experimenting and finding out what pleases you

        Oral servitude is definitely the key for a passionate Femdom relationship, providing a woman with pleasure and happiness.

        Only the way to get there, has to be taken slowly…patiently…. and gradually.


        • I have never before had described the loving relationship i have yearned for for years. I am now a post-op transgender woman and lesbian who ardently desires to find an in-charge Woman and serve as Her wife forever more. My satisfaction would come from serving Her sexual needs orally and learning how to be the perfect submissive wife in all other ways. Cooking, cleaning, clothes and other shopping with and for her would continuously maximize my abilities to please my Husband as the head of the household. Because She was a loving, caring, feminine being, She would know instinctively how to motivate me through sweetness or more strict methods so that i would always be kept at the top edge of desire to please Her. i would seek Her approval through eagerly accepting Her direction, whether it be recognizing Her satisfaction or through receiving any disciplinary actions She deemed appropriate. I would know everything was being done with love.
          Thank You so much Ms.Barbara

  4. I dream about this. Pleasing a women while asking for nothing in return. To hear her moan and writhe in pleasure is all I ask for. I hope one day I can become adept at oral pleasure and fully in tune with my mistress’ body. I would be her favourite servant.

  5. id like u to make me eat your ass & use me as human toilet paper & sit on my face oh yea and YES MISSTRES

  6. Thank You Mistress Lynne, it is nice to be reminded that as a sub, with a small dick, one can still be of use and can find a way to please.

  7. Oral skills are my only sex I can have with my goddess or any other female Superiors. My GODDESS has no plans to ever release me an I know better then to ask. I love the sound she makes when she gets off knowing she’s happy and satisfied I clean here she leaves me in my clittycage as I have no right to orgasum

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