One man’s childhood submission

As a submissive male who was trained from age 4 to recognize the inherent everlasting triumph of Femdom I was fascinated by your website. With no other male in my house and left entirely in the control of older sisters and their 4 girlfriends from age 4-16, they controlled my every waking hour. They used their strength, numbers and their authority over me to overpower and train me to submit in all matters. They were the adults in the house. They enjoyed using bondage, cross dressing and make-up and other forms of forced feminization to impress the role of Femdom upon me. They controlled my ability to urinate and to eventually have orgasms. They would pull my clothing and petticoats over my head and paddle me until I was bright red. Then they would penetrate me with objects while some of them restrained my genitals and torture them at the same time. They would not stop until I could identify which of them was penetrating me or until I succumbed and cried like a little girl. Then they would gently caress me, place me on my back and take turns sitting on my face, forcing me to lick and penetrate with my tongue their pussy and bottoms. My orders were to lick them clean and if I complained they would return to their torture of my genitals. They forced me to wet the panties I wore, and then they punished me again. The anal penetration was to teach me what women experience when gang raped. By the time that I was older and playing football, I was so intimidated that they could make me comply with their every wish by telling me that if I complained they would tell my friends. I soon realized that it was easier and became more pleasurable to face the humiliation and pain they administered, so I became their slave. Can you understand why I am the way that I am today?

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