On the road to Mistress Lynne Part 1 – St. Yegg

First Session w. Mistress L, by ST. Yegg

Chapter I – On the road
I had known Mistress L a while before the time came when we were first getting together. It was spring, almost summer, a very pleasant weekend day and I was excited to be taking the trip. She gave me pretty precise directions, and an address to put into my GPS, so what could go wrong, I thought? That was before I had a blow out in my right rear tire and had to call service to attend to my car on the highway in the Bronx. Yuk. I called Ms. L, and told Her I was running late. “No problem” She said, instead of meeting Her at a diner, I was to meet Her at another location, I wasn’t sure whether it was Her residence, Her dungeon, or someone else’s place. It didn’t stop me, I proceeded, as quickly as I could, something like an anxiety driven knot in my stomach made me press down on the gas pedal accelerating the vehicle at or near the speed limit. I could not afford a driving violation I knew that.All along the way on the fairly long trip, about 2 hours, my mind was playing tricks on me, recalling other “first” submissions in a Forcedbi setting. Some of those events were spectacular, and others total duds. i remembered Mistress Vee Two, She was the best, but that is a story worthy of a novella all by itself. I also remembered Mistress Leda and Mistress Caotica, together, at the old Paradise Loft. It was by appointment made long in advance. The old Paradise Loft dungeon in the west 30s, ring the bell, and walk up a double staircase. It was to be my first time swallowing. There was so much manuevering before it began. I was alone with Ms. Caotica first – a gorgeous Aussie, married to a Czech (typical NY mismatch). It was She I had met at a Hellfire party and told I was ready for this. In session, She told me I “could have a good time” without swallowing. It was O.K. if I said no. Then, Mistress Leda came in, a beautiful petite Eurasian, with a dictatorial sense of self. She told me right off, these were the rules — and the key one was “once I start the session, there is no turning back. If I wanted to quit, now was the time, not later, that would be too late.” She made me say out loud that “I understood”, and it felt like i was signing in blood on to a pirate crew.
Then the two of them came in together, and had me kneel holding on to a horizontal bar, I pulled myself up so that my head was above the bar, and my chest just at it, Mistress Leda slapped my face repeatedly. She screamed obscenities at me. Mistress Caotica meanwhile was using Her now gloved hand to finger my anus on the other side. Her touches were exciting and making me feel very warm and very ready. Mistress Leda told me to stand up and go lie down on a bondage bed on the other side of the dungeon room. As I stood up, I realized for the first time that there was another man there against the far wall in the dark end of the room. Mistress Leda pushed me forward saying “no staring.” I got down on the bondage bed, a particularly high one. Mistress Caotica spread my legs wide and continued fingering me.
Mistress Leda went out of the room for a moment, and when She returned, She returned with 5 or 6 other Dommes all there to be voyeurs to my emasculation. Near the head of the dungeon bed there was a high ladder with about 5 steps to it. Mistress Leda brought the other man over to the ladder and told him to climb up a few steaps and then turn around facing me,. When he did that his cock and balls were right over my face. Mistress Leda was standing there too, next to me and next to the ladder. She grabbed my left shoulder strongly and She told me to start sucking his balls and not to stop until She instructs. Her grip on my shoulder felt like a vise was there. I did start sucking the balls. I had never done that before. I never even realized that balls feel in one’s mouth as if they are little round balls. His cock got long and erect quickly. Leda was relishing in Her achievement. Ms. Caotica had at least two full fingers inside of me. I was feeling crazy, simultaneous emotions of humiliation and exhilaration.
Whenever I stopped to catch my breath, Ms. Leda told me to “get back to work.” I could not see them, but I understood from the giggling sounds that the other Dommes were all having a good time at my expense. The other man told Ms. Leda he was almost ready. Ms. Leda instructed me to start sucking his cock now. It was a little awkward because initially I had to lift my head higher and also slightly more forward. The cock was tasteless to me – just skin, like sucking my own thumb I thought. Ms. Leda’s grasp of my shoulder became even more firm. She then took Her other arm stretched it towards me and use two fingers to pinch my nose closed. I had to release my mouth to breathe. Ms. Leda told me to get ready and get my mouth back on it, but it was too late, his cock waving in the air over my face, spurted and the cum came on my face, not really in my mouth.
Ms. Caotica clapped. The other Dommes all left the room. Ms. Leda told the other man he was excused. She then stood there with me and gave me a nice aftercare lecture. She told me I did very well. Ms. Caotica was even more enthusiastic. They together told me I could come back and do it again with them. I said I was unhappy with the finish and it didn’t make me feel like I accomplished what i was supposed to do. Ms. Caotica said “if this is your first time sucking cock to completion, you did fabulous.” Mistress Leda said – “it wasn’t his first time, this guy’s a total whore, we could probably let him work here. He could be a session assistant.” I cried out that it was a completely new experience. Of course, that was 1994, and now it was 2013. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Now, I was focused on what I was going to do when I got to Mistress L’s place.
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