On Becoming a Mistress

There was a lot of time in My life when I may have been a dominant woman but I sure didn’t live that way. Like most, I was conditioned to believe it was actually My duty to satisfy a man and, if I wasn’t, then the fault of losing him had to be Mine.
I have always been an intense, beautiful, dominant female. I knew it all My life. I use to call it “majick”, the ability to think of something, have a need, and by being clear in what it was, somehow always, people just helped Me get to My purpose.
Throughout My young adult life, men literally fell to their knees to get under My spell but soon after, broke free and ran far far away! I think a lot of attractive dominant woman suffer from this same problem. For some reason, men run and hide when faced with the reality they feel deeply when with you. They find themselves doing and feeling things with you they may not normally. Men are socialized to be tough and macho, not obedient and serving.
Then I found myself in a 14 year relationship. We were college sweethearts and built quite the life together. And after years and years together, I came to realize one HUGE thing. I was living in a relationship where I was 100% controlled, dominated, and expected to play a very submissive role in order to keep peace on a daily basis.
At the time, I felt so isolated and alone. One day, I finally decided to break free! And that was no easy process. My divorce ultimately a three year battle. During this process, I realized two things VERY quickly. When I dated a more dominant man, I felt like strangling him. Even the mere existence of someone’s control of Me was a battle I would fight to the death to steer clear of. And this is when I came to terms with my own dominance. It became clear to Me that a dominant woman could NOT date a dominant man.
I was still a beautiful woman coming out of My divorce. Granted I needed some tanning, hair color, trimming, new wardrobe, new shoes, etc…..
And soon after, I truly started to discover the submissive man. And I was SHOCKED, in the beginning, to find out the response to My dominance. It was truly overwhelming. And these are not weak men, oh no…… most are successful, in control, good looking, and simply desiring to please and serve a beautiful dominant woman.
I truly think when we get older we come to accept more and more who we truly are. We are not afraid to say it and be it because we understand that there is so little time left to just be happy. And now is that time.
One day, in this personal discovery process something really powerful happened. It happened the first time I experienced a true submissive male. That day, I GOT IT. Submission in a man was a complete and total turn on for Me. Real true male submission was an entity I had never experienced before. What I loved most about it was the challenge it presented to Me and to actually BE that dominant woman and express verbally how I wish to be served, pleased, and if those standards were not being met to be sure there was a punishment system in place. To be stern, high maintenance, in control, unleashed, creative, planned, and a dynamic force presented in front of the submissive male. And I sure do love a challenge.
The other thing that happened after My divorce was that I promised Myself I would no longer have sex with a small cock. I could only picture coming out of a struggle like that where I remained faithful to ONLY FUCK BIG COCK, or none at all. Luckily for Me, this naturally played into My role as a Mistress. I became excited at letting men know their true size, how small it actually is, how they have been lied to by all the “woman” who claimed they were so great. Oh no!!! Your cock at 5 or 6 or 7 inches is of no concern to Me or much anyone else. I did find that I certainly enjoy torturing a small cock!
Who wants that boring life from before? I was all in from day one. 🙂 And when I accepted it, everything changed for Me.
I think what attracted Me most to the role as a dominant woman was a man in the submissive role. It completely turns Me on and it turns the tables in My mind when it happens. I am not sure a woman has truly experienced life unless she has a very attractive, successful, and strong man kneeling at her feet simply because it calms him.
And now? Well, I don’t chase men anymore, no need. That part of my life is over. I enjoy My new life as a Mistress and ultimately hope to find my one true slave, I enjoy the strength that comes from having long term goals for sure.
Everyday, I am presented with an opportunity to connect on a personal level. I surely enjoy helping men gain confidence in their submission and I am trilled when given the opportunity to do that in a session because we get right down to business. And I enjoy that. I have accepted My role as a dominant female. If you have a small dick and you present yourself to Me as a dominant man with a “big” 6 inch cock, expect to be taken down. I don’t take that line of bullshit anymore.
But, present yourself by kneeling before me and waiting for my instruction. I will first ask what size cock you have and when you humbly state it is only 6 inches and isn’t worthy of My consideration, I will then know exactly what to do with you. 🙂
Respectively Submitted,
Mistress Lynne
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