After weeks of being MISTRESSES faithful dog she surprised me. She let me out of my cage one morning and took off my leash, “slave, you have served well as my pet and now im promoting you, i just banished my personal groomers, he prepared an outfit for me that didn’t match so i beat him and chained him in the cellar where he belongs” I hadn’t spoken in weeks so i had to clear my throat to speak, “MISTRESS LYNNE, thank you, i would be honored ” “of course you would, i expect perfection or you will join him in basement” “yes MISTRESS” She handed me a paper listing my duties.
1, MISTRESS Quarters are to be spotless and in order at all times
2. Mistress clothing is to be washed ironed and pressed daily by hand
3. Mistress requires 2 choices of clothing every morning, Mistress will decide.
4. Mistress hair is to be brushed daily
5. Mistress makeup applied as directed by Mistress
6. Mistress shoes shall be shined daily and kept organized in shoe closet, 2 choices of footwear shall be presented every morning. Mistress slippers shall be provided at bedtime
7. Slave shall sleep at end of Mistress bed on floor, no pillow or blanket and be ready at all times for Mistresses needs.
8. Speaking, other than a direct question or “yes MISTRESS” is not allowed.
slaves thought are both irrelevant and useless
9. slave shall be locked in chastity, and naked, except for panties so MIStress does not have to look at his useless member
10. Mistress has right to punish, beat, mame or hurt slave at her discretion
I browsed rules and proudly accepted. Mistress immediately locked me in chastity and gave me a pair of flower panties to put on. I followed her upstairs , i was honored to even be in her presence let alone her quarters. She showed me where everything was and how she expected it done. after a brief introduction she left me to get to work.
I started with her laundry, i washed all of it by hand, i then went to her closet, it was huge, the size of 2 bedrooms, There were hundreds of shoes, boots, sneakers and so on, I went to work shining all, with my tongue of course. I started formulating the next days shoes and clothes, I was never a fashion expert but i knew my life depended on it. The first day was easy as i just acquainted myself with her stuff, She came up at night, I brought her slippers, slowly removed her shoes, my cock raged in its cage as her beautiful feet i held in my hand as i slipped on her slippers. “draw me a bath slave” “yes MISTRESS” “make sure the water is warm”
I started the water, i got the bath salts together, made sure her body wash was within her reach, prepared some sponges and cloths, I went back out to bedroom and was amazed, MISTRESS had disrobed , she looked at me “eyes down slave, don’t you dare gaze upon me” “yes MISTRESS” I followed behind as she entered the bathroom, she paused and looked at me “well, you expect me to walk on the cold floor” “sorry MISTRESS” i laid down in front of tub. she stepped on my back and dropped her robe, she then stepped into tub, i heard her moan nicely I obeyed, i saw a weird-looking toilet. “set that up in the bathroom slave” “yes MISTRESS” i obeyed, my heart raced as i knew exactly what was next. She appeared in doorway smiling, “assume the position slave, this is one of your most important duties , my personal toilet, did i leave that off the list , o damn” she smirked, I laid down and put my head under toilet, She stepped over me and sat, It was dark but i waited, mouth open, i felt the warm drip of her urine, the drip increased to stream, i took it all in and swallowed. it felt good and i watched as she stood up, she glanced down and noticed no spill, “good boy, now let me go see your clothing choice” I prayed she was happy with the choice >>>>>>>>>> to be continued
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