9 thoughts on “New Corset – photos from my phone today

  1. Mistress Lynne – You are my Goddess. i know i have said this before but i will say it until the day i die. i live to serve You.

  2. Heaven is in New England. Your so stunning Mistress Lynne. I wish I had a silk pillow with your photo shown on it so I can lay my head gently on it to make me feel close to your heart when I’m helplessly sleeping with a big smirk on my face.

  3. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to serve you. I have no limits Mistress Lynne.

  4. A real test of my Respectful Sexual Response and Vows of slaveChastity!!..i humbly present my hard on Mistress Lynne; and i kneel as i confess that EVERY Divine Curve & EVERY Breathtaking Shape of Your Perfect, Voluptuous, Awe Inspiring Body TURNS. ME. ON!!
    Even the way You stand, and position Your Superb Thighs is INTENSELY Regal & Erotic!!

    i am YOURS my Goddess Queen, in yearning aching abject slavery..
    slave ian/ sexy slave x

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