My Yahoo IM – MistressLynne777 – an apology

Recently, I logged into My yahoo messenger account and realized I had a bunch of messages from friends on there.
I want to apologize to those friends as I kind of stopped communicating through yahoo IM because it is just too overwhelming for Me to log into that account now. Truth is, I can only chat with one person at a time and when I log into Yahoo, I get everyone coming at Me. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy each and every one of you, I simply have no idea how to spilt myself into ten Goddesses and I am very busy just in My normal life.
I was trying to figure out what to do about this and I have decided I simply have to let go of many online friend subs so that I can focus on the subs I have who contribute to the website, or want real time with Me, or someone whom I am considering a date with.
Unfortunately, for you others, I simply don’t have the time in My regular life to play yahoo messenger games anymore. I am so sorry. I will clearing out about 70 contacts in my yahoo messenger account.
If you are a friend on yahoo messenger and want to keep communicating with Me this way, I just ask you send Me a regular email to Please just explain to Me why I should consider keeping in contact with you. The friends who make an effort to send this email, I will know clearly they are committed because they are on My website often enough to have read this and respond properly.
Mistress Lynne 2/23/14
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