My session with St. Yegg – Part 3

Now, with just St. Yegg and I alone finally, it was time for the real fun to happen. St. Yegg kneeled in front of Me. I stared down upon him, not saying anything at all for about ten minutes, just circling around him – walking, thinking, and then finally, from behind him I placed My hand on his head and push his face towards the floor “St. Yegg you are a sorry excuse for a sub, put your nose to the ground” I said “you certainly deserve what you have coming to you! All those dirty things you did in your lifetime, all the secrets you had to keep, all the emotions you kept inside all your life to protect your family. St. Yegg, today you will do what you have always believed you never would. I will take your virginity, I will be the woman you will think of fucking you wrinkly old ass when your time here is no more. You will remember Me, Mistress Lynne fucking you like the little school boy you are”. St. Yegg put his head down to the ground, just as asked, in shame and responded “Yes Mistress, you are so right Mistress”. I placed My right heel onto his buttocks and pushed St. Yegg with My toe ever so slightly and he caught his balance with his forehead that was pinned now to the floor as I had requested. St. Yegg was curled up naked on the floor in his tight slave pose with his face facing the floor and his body curled up as if he was back in the womb. This would be the curled up pose I would leave him in for sometime as I pretended I was very busy preparing for the big event. I mean, I had nothing to do, I was more than prepared to do this now but St. Yegg, he needed time curled up on the that floor naked. Time to think, time to reflect, and time to breathe.
Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Mistress Kira and she peaked in and asked if I could speak with her a moment. “St. Yegg, don’t move, I will be right back”. Mistress Kira seemed genuinely upset, “I am so sorry Mistress Lynne but the stable boys are not in control and I need your assistance!” Just then, Mistress Kira took off running in the direction of the stable and I knew she was serious so I also ran towards the stable. Now, rarely, do I run anywhere for anyone unless I do it for myself but I had 13 alpha male slaves in the stable that day and truth is, even though I act like it easy to control an alpha male, it certainly isn’t always that easy!! In fact, it is exceedingly difficult to control an alpha male, you certainly always have to have a tight leash and complete and dedicated attention to each man’s control. With 13 alpha males in only two small cages, the good boy cage and the bad boy cage, sometimes disorder can occur if your attention is elsewhere, like today, I was in a very long session with St. Yegg. So, yes, I ran like a mother fucker to the stable in my tight corset in heels, my large breasts bouncing as I ran.
When I arrived at the stable, I realized exactly what was going on!!! It was obvious. The four stable boys, slave coco, slave j., slave secret, and slave submanct whom were allowed to cum into the mouth of St. Yegg after 3 months of chastity were in the middle of a jealous rage against them. The other slave boys were not happy campers! Like dogs in heat, they growled, kicked, punched, and threw daggers with their eyes My choosing of those four stable boys made the other slaves feel as if their service to Me was unacceptable and in their mind, the stable boys who were NOT chosen to cum after three months in chastity genuinely felt jealous. They were fed up with their slavery to Me. They wanted out!
When I entered, I was sure glad these boys were locked in cages! Immediately, I heard yelling “Mistress Lynne is here! Mistress Lynne will fix this! Mistress Lynne will show you!” I stopped for a moment and listened…. The stable boys kept yelling “You know who I am !!” one of the stable boys yelled to another “Who the fuck cares who you are! Do you know who I am ?! I use to run a fortune 500 company. I left that to come here! What the hell did you have to leave? Your little music company!? Please. Mistress Lynne says your dick is smaller than mine and I believe Her!” Now normally when I enter the stable, there is silence. Obviously, the slaves are not allowed to speak with one another. I do allow 20 minutes of free time each week and it is this allotted time when the slaves are allowed to speak freely. So, I knew this was a serious situation and I wasn’t prepared to enter yet. I would let these boys suffer and fight for just a few more minutes…….
“Mistress Kira, please come with Me, ignore these badly behaved slaves! Trust Me, they will be going nowhere”. Truth is, before a slave is allowed to enter My slave program, he is required to give onto Me control of all he owns. When I believe he has graduated from My program, these financial things I took control of will be handed back to the slave. But, at no time does the slave know if and when he would ever graduate from My slave training program. They come to Me as a true slave with absolutely NOTHING – having given up all their assets and possessions to Me. I even take the clothes off their back and they start the program naked in chastity. So, even though the stable boys were acting up and about to kill one another simply because 4 of the 13 slave were allowed to cum that day, no slave would be going anywhere. They were all locked tight in their respective cages and a little blood and bruising certainly wouldn’t be a new thing around here. So Mistress Kira and I walked back inside the house and left the stable boys to fight it out in their tiny cages.
I was feeling a bit of anxiety given the situation. I knew my slaves were very successful alpha males and I had all their assets and belongings, if the slaves chose to really give up their place in their slavery to Me, it could be a sticky situation as the rule of the game is they actually have to “graduate” to gain back their worldly possessions. So, hence, if a slave wanted to leave the Mistress Lynne mansion at his own free will, he would have to leave with just the cock cage on his cock and not even a key to open it.
There are 323 alpha male slaves who successfully graduated from the Mistress Lynne mansion and these men now serve at their best. Because of this, most of these men were able to find a superior Domme who allowed the now perfectly trained male slave to serve Her. The Mistress Lynne mansion oftentimes acts like an old-fashioned orphanage. Mistress’s will come from all over the world to find their perfect slave and will oftentimes tag a slave months before they graduate. The well endowed slaves tend to find Mistress’s much faster. Sometimes, leaving just the small dicked slaves left after an official graduation. I sometimes get stuck with very rich alpha male “homeless” slaves well after they graduate simply because their dick is too small and no one wants them. They continue their servitude with Me so they can prove their worthiness and hope one day, a Mistress may find them worthy and take him home with Her.
When I arrived back at the parlor room, I saw St. Yegg still on the floor naked in his slave pose. He had not moved at all while I was gone. And then! I realized what I would do next. I grabbed my purple crop, I was going to need it for this. I walked over to St. Yegg and raised My purple crop high above My head and WHAP, I hit St. Yegg so hard on his butt. “GET UP HOLE, YOU WILL BE WALKING LIKE A DOG FOR YOUR NEXT USE, I WILL NOT BE FUCKING YOUR ASS JUST YET MY DEAR BOY!” St. Yegg rose to all fours, I attached the leash to his purple collar and off we went to the stable.
When I arrived again at the stable, the scene was desperate! I am sure that My sub St. Yegg was even in shock. To see a slave to Mistress Lynne act out of line was rare! Did this mean that I was not in control? A Mistress must always be in control or slaves have nowhere to turn, no one to look to, no one to give them the standards in which they will live. I could see St. Yegg was frightened to enter My stable on all fours. he looked up at Me with little puppy dog eyes and I looked down upon him, tugged on his leash and collar just a bit, and said “come on hole, it will be ok” and I led him inside the stable where My 13 slaves were truly letting themselves go, yelling, screaming, hissing, tearing at one another’s cock cages, and fighting. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I walked in the room where I kept the good boy and bad boy cages. My slaves saw Me, “Mistress Lynne is here, She will tell you, I am the best slave on the farm, get me out of here immediately, get yourself a dick, etc” were some of the things coming in My direction. I watched with St. Yegg still on our fours on My right. I disconnected the leash from his purple collar and commanded that He kneel now, which he did, of course.
I took the purple crop that I still had in My left hand, raised it over My head, and as hard as I could WHAP! I hit that bad boy cage on the top like I had never hit anything before in My life. The sheer ringing that the crop created when hitting against the cold metal of the good boy cage was enough to deafen you. All the slaves immediately put their hands to their ears and looked up at Me “Do I look like a Mistress that gives a fuck whether or not you have cum?” I asked the stable boys and, in unison, like always expected, the stable boys responded “No Mistress”. I said “Every single one of you will be chained to the stable wall for your very bad behavior”. And I proceeded to open the good boy cage where Slave j. was and asked him to assist Me. Together we shackled all the slaves in chains against the stable walls, naked, of course. And when Slave j. finished, I then shackled him along with the group and St. Yegg still kneeled as I had commanded him to do so earlier. He kneeled in complete silence.
Now I had all 13 slaves shackled and chained against the stable wall. It was time to get back to business. I walked over to St. Yegg, raised my skirt where I showed St. Yegg a KEY. This was a master-key to all the chastity devices on each of the 13 slaves. I wore this key on My pussy piercing to keep it safe. “St. Yegg, please, I would like you to get that key from My pussy with your tounge”. And immediately, St. Yegg went at it and, pretended he couldn’t do it. I stopped him WHAP! “Fuck ST. Yegg, this is not a free for all. Get that key!” And a few minutes later St. Yegg had the master chastity key in his lips and he held it there. I put down My skirt, patted his head, and said “Good Boy, hold that key and crawl with Me”. We walked over to the first slave in line, St. Yegg, still kneeling but now right in front of yet another cock. I took the key from St. Yegg’s mouth, unlocked the chastity device, and took the rock hard 5 inch cock of my stable boy and placed yet another cock in the mouth of St. Yegg where I allowed My stable boy to cum in his mouth after 3 months in chastity.
And as each slave came in the mouth of St. Yegg, we went down the line of shackled slaves. Same thing with all 13 slaves. Put the cock in front of St. Yegg’s mouth, unlock the chastity device, and allow that slave to cum in the mouth of St. Yegg. This wasn’t a long process. Each man was desperate to cum even if it was into the mouth of My visiting subslut, The slaves that had cum once that day, got to cum twice in the mouth of St. Yegg and that totaled 17 shots of cum into the mouth of St. Yegg over the course of three hours. When he was done, I had him kneel again next to Me on My right.
Now, with all 13 stable boys shackled and their chastity devices off and layed on the floor next to them. I walked out and did not utter a word. I placed the leash on the purple collar of St. Yegg, tugged on the leash just a bit, and said “come on slave boy, let’s go”. And with that, St. Yegg crawled on all fours on My right and together we walked out of the stable and back to the parlor room leaving the stable boy slaves shackled against the wall.
To Be Continued ! 🙂
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