My session begins with St. Yegg

I stood in the front hallway of the Mistress Lynne mansion. An old Victorian, mostly white with just hints of purple all over the home. In the front hallway, the wallpaper had purple within it, again, just a hint, and in this room was an antique old coach with a deep purple cloth overlay. It was incredibly uncomfortable but I use this couch when I have contributing subs joining Me for some limited time in My surroundings. I seat the sub on the coach and ask if they would just wait a moment. I was, of course, ready for their appointment. There was nothing I needed to do. I would simply welcome the sub dressed in My chosen Mistress outfit for their session, mostly corsets with purple in them, panty hose (or thigh highs), and heels then have the sub sit on this incredibly uncomfortable antique coach, stand above them for about 2 minutes and then simply excused Myself. I did this as a rule simply to mind-fuck all My subs. Sometimes, just the mere thought of what I am doing is more scary than actually doing it!
In about 4 minutes, I would return with My chosen purple whip. I would put a purple collar and leash on the sub, and walk My sub (just like the dog he is) over to My purple chamber room. Once there, he was to kneel naked, face down on the floor. This kneeling pose sometimes lasted 5 or 10 minutes. For Me, I believe a sub in the proper slave pose can meditate on what is about to happen. It’s no different from going to an exercise class and doing your warm ups, meditating, breathing, focusing, and preparing. When you go into something so serious, mental prep is important, and leading up to it properly is also important. So, depending on how much time I think the sub needs for what I have prepared for him…. I will have him stay in that pose until I decide he is ready to start. I will often place purple panties under their face and these panties then used in their humiliation going forward.
Waiting in My parlor room were the four lucky slaves I had chosen to cum that day….. slave j, slave coco, submanct, and slave secret. I had them all kneeling naked in the parlor room. They kneeled so still. It was like you could hear a pin drop. These slaves were ready to cum after three full months of chastity, they barely breathed afraid that Mistress Lynne may change their mind and pick someone else.
Then, finally, a knock at the door. St. Yegg had arrived. The doorbell rang. “Slave coco, please go answer the door” I said. And slave coco immediately stood to attention just as any good servant butler should and walked graciously to the door and opened it. I walked right behind him and stood about 6 feet from the door, standing tall. St. Yegg seemed frustrated from the trip, I could see it as he walked in but as soon as he laid his eyes on Me, he switched. I didn’t have to say a word, it was in his eyes. I had never met him before but I knew when a man’s eyes switched from being the aggressive alpha male to the submissive sub I could now mold and play with simply for My personal pleasure. Submission was always caught right inside a man’s eyes and I could almost paint a picture of what each sub looked like when entering true submission with Me. It is as if his individual submissive look is imprinted in My mind. And the same was true with St. Yegg. As I stood there and his eyes finally met mine, I knew we were going to get along just fine. St. Yegg immediately dropped to his knees and slave coco joined him in support. I immediately walked over to St. Yegg and placed a purple collar around his neck and connected the purple leash and said “as you wear this collar St. Yegg, you will live as My slave, do as you are told, and you will do this simply because I will enjoy every minute of My plan for you. Welcome to My purple playground”. St. Yegg replied “Yes Mistress”.
I attached the other purple leash to slave coco’s purple collar and with slave coco on My left and St. Yegg on My right, I walked both My dogs to the chamber room. In the chamber room, I insisted that slave coco join the other three chosen slaves from the stable, I removed his leash and he did. I commanded that each of the chosen slaves please now stand to their feet. As St. Yegg was still on all fours on my right being held by his purple leash, I came down to his level. My large breasts now right at his face. I took my hand and I moved his eyes away from My breasts and toward the four chosen slaves that were now rising from their slave pose into a full stand. Each of these men so fucking hot. None of these sublsuts had lived wasted lives, it was just their personal decision to now live as a slave to Mistress Lynne or they were brought to Me by someone who felt they needed proper slave training. Whatever the case, only the best of the best truly came to Mistress Lynne to live as Her slave. And St. Yegg was now to experience all that Mistress Lynne’s power over My hot stable boys had to offer.
St. Yegg, a successful alpha male in his own right had taken a long trip to see Me from NYC. So, I gave St. Yegg permission to use the restroom but only after I went first. I left St. Yegg a very large wine glass of My pee on the bathroom counter and when St. Yegg was allowed in the bathroom, he was commanded to enjoy the drink I left for him, pee himself, come on back to the parlor, and then kneel properly for five minutes. And I let St. Yegg breath. He saw the purples tools I had laid out, he saw the four hot men I have waiting for him, he wondered what I had in store. St. Yegg was coming along in his age, he had lived a life where sessions and Mistress’s were plentiful because he became their best client and paid for their time. Money was no issue in his world and he had done so many things, so many unmentionable things as a subslut. He was not proud of his subslut status, in fact, he was humiliated by it. But, this is what he had become and he was more than accepting of it now.
But, there was one last thing. Something he had kept to himself all this time! His ass! This was his limit, for years, when his limits were pushed over and over. His ass was always his. He never gave that over and this somehow made him feel better. Like he still had that left to give in his submission. Like not everything had been taken from him because of his subslut status in submission. And, for years, he held onto this. But, now he was older and he realized, he wanted to choose the woman who will take his virginity. This was to be special. This was to be the thing that will take him to his grave. He is older and not so active in submission, but the thought of doing that ONE thing he had never done excited him and he pursued which Domme he would choose for this life event.
This search for the perfect Domme to take his virginity lasted years. No one was right. No one quite right. Until, one day, he found Mistress Lynne. He started writing to Me, never mentioning anything of sessions or ass virginity. But, I could tell straight away he was not overly thrilled about the subslut status he had obtained through the years. His experiences plentiful, his writings unique and truthful. But, he also seemed sad to Me. And to Me a sad sub is not a happy sub.
Evenso, St. Yegg wanted the session of a lifetime. His fantasy beyond what reality can truly offer. But, today, we would try and come close and I was ready to receive this gift St. Yegg brought wrapped in purple for Me and all My stable boys. And I planned a big event for St. Yegg.
And now it was time to get started. 🙂
“Take off your clothes, hole” I said as St. Yegg entered the room coming back in the parlor room from the bathroom. I was sitting in a large purple armchair, reading a magazine with My legs stretched out on top of submanct who was acting as My footstool. “Yes Mistress” said St. Yegg and he immediately did so. I held a cigarette up to my mouth (I rarely smoke cigarettes, I hate them) but I insisted that slave j. kneel before me, open his mouth, stay that way and be My personal ashtray. St. Yegg kneeled before Me again. I rose to My feet and put out My disgusting cigarette in the mouth of slave j. who happily swallowed it like the good astray boy he is. I put back on the leash to St. Yegg and I walked him over to a nice purple chair I had on the other side of the room. “Please use this chair for support, and expose that wrinkly ass of yours”. St Yegg adjusted his position to meet the needs of My unique purple chair and I quickly picked up My purple whip and gripped it with My right hand. “Is this the pathetic ass you present to Me to FUCK”, I touched St. Yegg ever so softly, running My fingers down his back and over his bum as I ask him this with clear confidence. “Yes Mistress, please use me”. I slapped his ass with the palm of My hand, WHAP! “Shut the fuck up, please, it’s disgusting to Me” I say to St. Yegg “In fact, I changed My mind, turn around and look at Me”. St. Yegg did just that and as I looked down upon him, I asked him again “Is this the ass you present to Me for fucking?” “Yes Mistress”. Whap! I slapped St. Yegg across the face.
With this, I command both slave coco and slave j. bark and walk there way on all fours over to My side. And like perfectly trained animals, they do just that. “Slave j., please stand up”. Slave j. was always clearly one of My favorite stableboy slaves. His cock wasn’t huge, just under 8 inches but he clearly knew his place in his service to Me and at the moment he was the largest in cock size of all the slaves in the stable. Now with Slave coco and St. Yegg both kneeling naked and slave j. and I both standing, I began with My first plan to humiliate My boys. I knew that St. Yegg was prepared to suck on all sorts of cock to please and amuse Me, but for now My plan was to do the opposite. I began to rub Myself right up against Slave j. – dressed in My tight corset that he had been so kind to help dress Me, I was so horney, I had to take this out on someone. I may be a Mistress, but I am also a woman and a Goddess. And I need a nice cock to fufill Me too. Touching the cock of slave j. I was ever so gentle in My technique, getting him super rock hard with his cock right at the faces of St. Yegg and slave coco. They both watched as I said “do you subsluts like a man with a big hard cock?” “Yes Mistress Lynne”. I could see that the two of them were foaming at the mouth. Just slightly, there mouths were open. But this was going differently than I had planned, this was nothing like I had expected, I was too horney to let this go. “You silly small dicked little tiny cocked subsluts. You don’t deserve my pussy but today one of you shall taste My juice.” And with that I commanded all My subsluts, except for Slave j., to line up right in front of the bed in the parlor room, kneeling naked.
Each of them was super hard, there tiny little cocks couldn’t handle it. St. Yegg joined the stable boys and watched as I pulled slave j. by his collar over to the bed. My bed in the parlor room is super cozy with purple sheets and pillows, and feather comforters just allowing you cozy right up. But this bed was not for the ill of heart. A cozy purple bed at Mistress Lynne’s house is not always so warm and fuzzy! I placed slave j. over by the purple bed having him spread eagle with his palms on the bed and his feet on the floor and his tight ass facing outward and I went and got My restraints and a new purple whip. No one knew of My plan and surely St. Yegg had no idea he would now be watching this with the stable boys who had not cum in three months. When I got back, I began to whip slave j. so hard. I did NOT come in soft at first, I went right at him, over and over. Until I felt he knew his place in what would happen next. He took it like a champ and My other purpose was to let the other watching slaves know they weren’t missing much by not being chosen. Slave j. took the beating like a champ, his back all bloody and bruised. I placed him on the bed and restrained his arms onto the bed posts but left his legs unattached. His cock super hard. I looked at him and slowly took off My panties that matched the corset I was wearing making sure all My slaves had a good look at what they would be missing in all this. I commanded all the stable boys come closer and they did – crawling over to Me like rodents who haven’t eaten in two weeks. I walked close by each of their faces allowing them to see My shaved pussy, smell it, want it, but – of course – none of them would ever have it because their dick is just too small. Slave j., still small but, lucky him, on this day he was the largest boy in the stable. And so I climbed on top of him and I fucked him on My purple bed, slave j. who had never fucked Me before and had been at My stable for well over 3 years now was so taken back, he became like a horse. His arms were still restrained, he was not allowed to touch Me but his hips were allowed to move and I rode him like a perfect horse race and used my small purple crop to get him going as we ran the long race to the finish line which resulted in a full blown female orgasm on slave j.’s cock. Now My thick cum was dripping off his cock and balls and just before he was to cum, of course, I stopped, got up, took off his hand restraints and had him stand in front of and above the four other slaves but right in front of St. Yegg’s face. Slave j. had a throbbing hard cock lined with my thick juices and now stood right in front of the face of St. Yegg. Of course, it would be St. Yegg who would enjoy this hot delicious cock sweet and tasty from My cunt. I said to St. Yegg “Now, St. Yegg, please present to Me the ass you plan to have Me fuck today! There over on that purple chair, Let’s try this again”. Immediately St. Yegg went to the purple chair and got into position to present his ass to Me. I brought My whip over to him and began to beat his tight ass until it was beat red. When I felt this was enough, I commanded he get back in the slave line over by the bed. St. Yegg crawled back over to his place in line where slave j. and his cum lined cock were still directly in his face. “So tempting is this cock” I said as I pushed the head of St. Yegg onto the cock of Slave j. and soon it was St. Yegg who actually made slave j. milk a cum load probably the biggest he has ever had into and all over the mouth of St. Yegg. “Good boy, swallow that up. Such a lucky boy to taste My cum on this cock right before shooting hot cum all over your lips and tounge”. St. Yegg replied “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”.
After St. Yegg was done swallowing the medicine he was prescribed with the cock I chose to fuck that day. I asked submanct to stand and place his rock hard cock in the mouth of St. Yegg and I allowed him to cum in and all over the face of St. Yegg. And then the same with slave coco and then slave secret. Each man allowed to cum in the mouth of St. Yegg after three months in chastity for Me. I then commanded all the sublsuts leave and go back to the stable with Mistress Kira holding there leashes and walking them back to the bad boy cage.
Now it was just St. Yegg and I.
To be continued…

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3 thoughts on “My session begins with St. Yegg

  1. And, then, it was just Mistress Lynne and me.

    i would, of course, be forever grateful to Her for the immediate lessons She provided to me.

    my head was bowed, my normal speaking voice was stilled.

    i had taken cock and cock juice before, but never in such voluminous loads, and She was pleased with me for doing so, without objection or any personal interjectons. It was like i had become Her cock sucking, cum swallowing robot, and i knew that the automatic stimulus-reponse was what She had intended. No time for thought. No humanity. i was ready for Her final steps with me. Well, i was ready as one can ever be. Not quite a volunteer. There was still the reflexive male C-Y-A attitude. i was still not a total whore, Mistress Lynne was working with me to reach that goal, but i knew that step was likely to be taken, and i saw it also in the other subsluts eyes, before they were dismissed. my mouth would be used for eating and drinking all the stable boys cum during the entirety of my stay with Mistress Lynne in New England, but one or more than one of them also would get to inject my ass, and i would have to say “please” “yes” and “thank YOU” to the Mistress for Her participation in the process, the end of my arrogant masculinity. No male, no matter how tall, how strong, how rich, how decent or indecent, he might be in his all-male world shall ever be permitted to bring that mindset into his servitude with Mistress Lynne. If he did, he would be “divorced” from Her service, and left to float alone in his bdsm space, without the benefit of gravity attaching him to the Mistress. ST

    • St. Yegg,
      When you say the following……
      “No male, no matter how tall, how strong, how rich, how decent or indecent, he might be in his all-male world shall ever be permitted to bring that mindset into his servitude with Mistress Lynne. If he did, he would be

  2. Mistress Lynne, i have enjoyed being Your writing bitch for a while. Now, i must take a break due to urgent travels, i will be back by the end of March or mid-April latest. Hopefully, by then You will be able to tell me how many in Your stable have signed up for the games in Your intended Olympiad. ST

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