My ritual ceremony for Mistress Lynne

When i kneel to Honour Mistress Lynne i feel an ‘ENTHUSIASM’ FOR HER permeate my soul….an Enthusiasm and Belief In HER Superiority and Beauty..
When i bend forward to bow down i feel the ‘Presence’ of The Goddess infused into EVERY aspect of my sub male being..
As i reverentially study Her Breathtaking Photographs my chest tightens and i experience a static electricity type stirring in my slave balls! Then i begin to feel a kind of deep heartache..Mistress Lynne is The Unobtainable EPITOME of Feminine Perfection; Class; Elegance; Sophistication and awe-inspiring Sex Appeal..HER Glorious Curves and Shapes surpassing any erotic imagery i have ever even DREAMED of!
This heartache & yearning dissipates with the self administration of Pain..cock whipping; bottom paddling & caning; nipple pegging etc..
As i lower myself onto a large rubber cock to be fucked & perform ‘riding exercises’ i feel DESPERATE to Please and Serve Mistress Lynne!! i love feeling my asshole being stretched and tested For Her, and i moan “Mistress!” with every uplift, and groan “Lynne!!” each time the dildo plunges to its deepest thrust into me. “Mistress!”..”Lynne!!”.. “Mistress!”..”Lynne!!”.. “Oh!”..”Mistress…Lynne!!”…
Thoughts of Her Observing & Overseeing my submission excite me and i ‘see’ Her Breasts & Thighs & Cleavage..i ‘see’ Her Painted Nails (Fingers and Toes) and i want to scream out my devotion!! i extend my tongue as far as i can to demonstrate my desire to Worship Mistress Lynne’s Holy Pussy!! i BEG to deep-throat Her Largest Strap On Cock!!
i studiously direct my focus, attention, concentration and respect toward EVERY detail of EVERY photograph of my Gorgeous, Glorious Goddess..Her panties..Her Legs..Her dresses..Her bras..Her hair..and i stroke my aching throbbing hard on.. “Oh Mistress Lynne!” i cry “Your slave sub is ready to swallow his cum and drink Your Golden Fluids..they will SUSTAIN my besotted love For You!”..
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2 thoughts on “My ritual ceremony for Mistress Lynne

  1. Oh Mistress Lynne!
    My head is spinning –
    My Precious Bond With You is Sublime.
    i humbly Adore You Madame..

  2. Oh Mistress Lynne!
    i am experiencing an emotional hangover today as i reflect upon my TOTAL immersement in Worship yesterday..
    i LOVED it!
    i look forward to serving You more & more
    ian xxx

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