My obedience session for Mistress Lynne

How earnestly i gaze at these beautiful depictions of Mistress in adoring reverence and awe..searching for every minute detail of Her Exquisite Glory, drinking in Her Intoxicating Glamour, and contemplating Her Will for me..
This morning i have knelt to examine every Precious Image i have of this Special, Important & Remarkable Lady..i paid close attention to both the physical AND emotional responses the photographs invoke, and i either caned, cropped, or paddled myself accordingly..i do not enjoy pain per se – but the burning (purple!) welts & streaks; the deep crimson colours & hues; and the heat and sounds and PAIN was intensely meaningful to me..i felt a connection to a Truly Superior Lady whom i ache to serve in every way i can. It was sheer unadulterated slave male pleasure to lower myself onto an upright dildo to be fucked.
The photographs of Mistress Lynne inspire both Purity AND Perversity in me, which i find most interesting, and proof that She has deeply entered my sub male psyche. i am aroused by Her in oh so many ways, and it has become my slave duty to report this via Her Blog. It has become my slave quest to find the words that can adequately pay
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One thought on “My obedience session for Mistress Lynne

  1. Thank You Mistress Lynne for allowing this posting on Your Wonderful Blog…a lovely reminder of my beautiful day of Pleasure Pain & Perversity! – slave ian/ sexy slave

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