My most recent call to action !!! Falling short and a Thank you!

Last week, I told My followers that I needed $5,000.00 to complete a huge task that I am doing right now, to invest in the power of Me, and that this is a moment in time where I need YOU to stand up and make this happen for Me.

And I was pleasantly surprised that a few of you contacted Me and made contributions to this very important cause. I did not receive the $5000.00 in one lump sum but I had enough of you make smaller contributions that I am very close to that goal I had set.

I am short only $1,840.00 !!! So I am still holding you all up to your submissiveness and ability to serve at your best and asking for you to consider finalizing this goal I had set.

If you are able, I am posting again the link to send money and with that My texting and phone number if you wish for more information or have any specific questions. I am happy to speak with those who don’t waste My time.

To those who have played a part in making a dream of mine come true, I want to send out a personal THANK YOU. Because of you I HAVE HOPE that submissive men who are true to themselves and your personal goal to serve at your highest frequency do exist! 🙂 xoxoxo$MistressLynne777

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