My First Dominate Experience

This is a story and experience I have not ever told – to be honest. It happened a long time back in my senior year of high school. I was barely 18. But, it is something I have certainly held close to my heart…… and, even moreso, I will often masturbate by going back to this particular moment in time way back when.
I am going to share this story, with hope that by doing so it will encourage others to write about their own personal experiences that they keep close to their heart. I have to truly admit, I have never spoken any of this even out loud !!
So here goes…….
In my senior year of Highschool, I was doubling up on classes because I actually graduated highschool a year early. I was held back in Kindergarden due to my speech issues when younger so when highschool came, I actually was a bit older than my class and ended up being accepted into a early graduation program due to my good academics and activities. I was having some trouble with the advanced History. And each class was incredibly important to the process of graduating a year early, otherwise, I would have to stay the next year.
We were learning the history of the Europeon Kings and Queens, expected to memorize all the rulers, who was related to who, what wars were fought and why, etc, etc…. To this day, I certainly couldn’t tell you any of this information. But, back then, I was scared I would not graduate early because of my struggle in this one class.
In highscool, I was a very pretty girl. I had a great body, big breasts, and I was incredibly HORNEY! I was, even then, a very wet girl. I was always horney and always wet. I was often embarrassed by my smell. If I opened my legs, I could smell my wet pussy. I smelled like fresh juicy pussy. I did have a boyfriend back then and I was always tagging him. Cumming on his dick in all sorts of places. But, it was never enough. I never really knew what to do about it.
My social studies teacher was a bit of a nerd. He has curly black hair, was going just slightly bald, and wore black glasses. His name was Mr. Finn (name changed to protect him). Mr. Finn was an incredibly supportive teacher. He also taught my advanced English class for the junior level. He was always closely involved in my studies. So, when he saw I was struggling in advanced History, he offered to help. We agreed that he would tutor me after my lunch for about one half an hour each day until I was able to do the work at hand.
Tutoring sessions with Mr. Finn started out pretty normal. He had an office of his own and we would go there and he would help me memorize names of Europeon Rulers and I was definately doing much better. In the beginning, it was purely educational. Mr. Finn never showed any signs of coming on to me.
But, I was always hiding this incredilbly powerful smell of fresh wet cunt. Keeping my legs closed or crossed during our tutoring sessions. I would often masturbate in a private bathroom during school hours to get rid of it. That seemed to help.
Then one day, we had been tutoring together for about three weeks. I had just turned 18. We were again in a tutoring session and I accidently opened my legs. I was wearing a skirt that day and my underwear were absolutely soaked in young wet pussy juice. When I did open my legs, an overpowering smell went right up my nose. I knew that Mr. Finn was close enough to smell it and I was SO embarrassed! I didn’t know what to say but the energy in the room changed.
“Mr. Finn…” I said. “Yes?” asked Mr. Finn. I didn’t really say anything. I didn’t know what to say. So I sat in silence while Mr. Finn attempted to keep teaching me but all I could think about was what he thought of me. I was horney. I thought of sex, mostly oral sex, and I thought of Mr. Finn who sat next to me. I was really scared. I considered saying something. I tried to remain calm.
And then, something happened. It maybe should not have happened, but a very powerful force took me over. I will never forget it, I wasn’t going to take no for answer! No longer would I be the wet girl sitting in class, Mr. Finn would satisfy me during our tutoring sessions and I would go to class completely satisfied.
“Mr. Finn” I said again “May I please have your hand?” Mr Finn gave me his hand, surprisenly, we were now hand and hand. I was facing the desk with my social studies book in front of me and Mr. Finn was to the right of me. When we sat there hand and hand, I swear I was shaking, scared of what was going to happen. “Mr. Finn, I am so wet. I’m sorry”. I am not sure he expected me to say that but it was all I could think about. I still remember the look in his eyes when I said it, just like it was yesterday. That was the moment when our teacher/student relationship took a turn down a very naughty street.
Mr Finn said “Miss Lynne, I wish I could help you with that.” The way Mr. Finn said this was stern and felt as if he was rejecting me. I couldn’t let that happen because I was really just too embarrassed to walk out of that office. So, I immediately took his left hand that was holding, turned my student chair a bit to the right, with my legs open, my little skirt showing my little girl panties and I took his hand and placed them on my young wet pussy. When his hand reached my vagina, I let out a small moan. “Mr. Finn, please help”. And it was true, I was super sloppy wet, my underwear were soaked, “just take a closer look, tell me what I can do”.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I was sure coaxing Mr. Finn. Taking no for an answer at this point was not an option for me. And so, Mr. Finn said “I am not really sure how I can help Miss Lynne?”
Somehow, I found this as an invitation to tell him how he could help and so I did. “Please Mr. Finn take off my underwear”. I stood up in front off him and Mr. Finn did just as I commanded. My little girl underwear falling to the ground and Mr. Finn’s hands wrapped around my tight little ass. I felt as if I was going to fall over, I was excited. “Mr. Finn, would you please lift my skirt and take a closer look”. I never saw Mr. Finn as much of a manly man, but in that moment he became the sexiest man I ever knew. He grabbed me around my little behind and carefully sat me on the desk in front of me, my social studies book was moved to the side, and Mr. Finn moved his office chair on wheels so that he was faced directly in front of my pussy. I open my legs wide as if to invite his mouth closer to my young pussy and that is exactly what happened. Mr. Finn’s mouth was soon almost touching my pussy. He was just smelling me at that point but I was so super horney, I soon grabbed the back of his head and placed his lips gently upon my clit. “Mr. Finn, I want to cum on your mouth” and I started grinding my hips, my entire pussy pulsating and exploding with pleasure onto his tastebuds. “Yes, that’s it” I said “My pussy is so wet Mr. Finn, I want to cum for you”. He said nothing, never took his lips from me, but instead began licking my clit like no boy had ever done before. I was crazy excited. He was soft and with a clear purpose of the tip of his tounge, he very quickly made me cum. It was awesome! I still remember it. Just like it was yesterday. When I came Mr. Finn then focused his mouth on my vagina and sucked up all my juices. As I continued to cum and squirt, he continued to lick and swallow until I was completely done. Mr. Finn made sure all my cum was removed by his mouth. He never stopped licking my pussy until I asked him to stop.
You can imagine what kind of conversation we had after that first day together. He offered to help me with my wetness each time we tutored as long as I helped him by never discussing this – ever! I agreed. He told me we would never have sex but he could help me gain control of my wet pussy. And that he sure did! Mr. Finn really was a very big help to me in that way. 🙂 He encouraged me to tell him how to make me cum, he listened, and responded.
That was the first day we played that way. Mr. Finn never actually penetrated me, I never even once saw his cock. Sometimes, I would beg him to, but he told me that he was only there to help me not vice versa. But, each day we still got together for my tutoring session and we would begin by “helping” me and the wetness I always carried with me. I would tell him how to please me orally and he did just that. Each day, Mr Finn my social studies and english teacher would make me cum with his mouth at our lunch time break. There – I said it!!!
When I graduated, I missed Mr. Finn. To be honest, not once in my life after him did I ever experience a man who just pleased me with no expectation of anything in return UNTIL I became a Mistress in my mid-thirties.
Go figure.
Respectively Submitted,
Mistress Lynne 10/17/13
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3 thoughts on “My First Dominate Experience

  1. Wow Mistress Lynne, I would love to do that to but and see you are a mistress and a Domme I would love to be in your service to be used in anyway you wanted.

  2. Mistress Lynne, that is an incredible story! So sexy, so interesting, and makes me want to be that teacher. Yummy.

  3. Wow , I always dreaded giving oral reports in school, but this kind of oral support is such a turn on. Thank you for sharing.

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