My definition of Subslut

For those that do not understand My definition of a subslut… it is simply a submissive man who is easily, but MUST BE forced, into pretty much anything. But, in many cases this leads to a “forced bi” scenario which is a heterosexual man will serve other men at the request of a dominant woman for her amusement. Unfortunately, these subsluts will often times have a really hard time finding a truly dominant woman to take control of him properly and this will lead to the submissive man serving dominant men who will allow him to simply submit. Deep inside, they constantly crave submission. These subsluts are not gay or even bi! Not in their world! They are submissive and this is whole different game.
The automatic response of a subslut is where I will take a man when he is in submission. To Me, a subslut feels as if he “needs” to go there. He needs to be forced into sucking the cock of a man, taking a fake or even real cock up their ass, worshipping a large dick, or even having a man cum all over the subsluts face and mouth then forced to lick it up clean. A submissive man who has obtained subslut status will do anything to please his Mistress. A subslut becomes comfortable in this place and will oftentimes fall into this role almost without thinking about it. It is up the Mistress, at this point, to choose to do as she may. A cruel Mistress can be very cruel!! And a subslut will lay calmly through it all and thank his Mistress after. Subslut status, to Me, is unrelated to pain and torture. Some subsluts like pain, some do not.
At least that’s how I see it? Anyone a agree or disagree? I know I got more than a few subsluts supporting this website!
Mistress Lynne
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11 thoughts on “My definition of Subslut

  1. Mistress. i think You have got it down pretty well; except, most subsluts i have known will never choose to be with a male Dom alone. A true male subslut is only submissive to a Dominant Female. he does what She asks of him, requires of him. Many limit their submissions to oral, but a qualified Domme Mistress can always extend his service, if She wants to do so.

    • I see the confusion but I did not mean a “male Dom” persay – just with a man (in general) – as just the act of being with a man is submissive all in itself……..I can’t say I know too many subsluts who haven’t submitted to another man in some way without a Mistress present mostly because they can’t find a proper Mistress. Please, correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

  2. I definitely know “some” (although not all) subsluts who will be alone with a more dominant man in an act of submission. But I am sure they would prefer a woman be present anyday.

  3. Mistress Lynne, I agree with your definition. You are so smart, I also offer myself as a subslut to You.

  4. I am a slave to Mistress Lynne. I have been in her stable for months now. I was a subslut before I met Her but She has taught Me, I am only to be a subslut to Mistress Lynne. My cock is not an adequate for any woman and I am to be trained in how I can please another female with such a tiny cock.

  5. The only reason why I want to suck a real man’s cock, is to see a beautiful woman smilling while she’s watching us. 🙂
    I like to think that women like watching a “weak straight boy” get fucked by real men.
    Are you turned on by these kind of situations Mistress Lynne?

    • I am definately turned on by forcing a man with a smaller cock that can’t please Me to serve another well-endowed man. However, I think it is more fun to see a “strong straight boy” (not a weak one) get fucked by or serve onto real men with superior cocks. Taking down a truly alpha male who is strongminded is the true turn on for Me. 🙂 Service to a strict and cruel Mistress is no place for the weak!

      • Women like you, help me to feel better with my little cock. Not that i wouldn’t prefer to have a bigger cock, but since i’m affraid to show my penis to women, at least i can enjoy the humiliation with women like you. Thank you Mistress Lynne!

  6. i believe i am indeed a subslut by Your definition, but i am also an insatiable masochist that thrives on the pain and torture as well. i have been with a Dominant man a few times, but it was because i so craved a whipping, for which i was willing to suck cock in return. However, doing that doesn’t compare with the thrill and humiliation of doing it under the command of a Superior Woman. i don’t foresee ever doing so again without a Dominant Woman’s command.

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