Morning Worship

Morning Worship

I remained kneeling, naked and blindfolded in the center of the room. My cock was still locked in its chastity device and my wrists bound by rope behind my back. All was quiet. I waited for my Mistress to enter. My senses are alive and ready for the task. My ears perked up with the clicking of Her heels approaching and my heart beat faster with anticipation. I felt she was close by and sensed her presence near me. The clicking of Her heels stopped and I felt her fingers touch my hair. The blindfold was removed and there before me stood a vision of breathtaking beauty and strength, the ultimate Goddess.

No words were spoken as she turned and stepped to a chair just steps away. I became weak with anticipation and my heart beat so hard that I thought it would pound thru my chest. She was a work of art and a study of perfection. I took in her stunning beauty in one long gaze. Her shiny black hair draped like silk over her bare shoulders. The curve of her back formed a statue like perfection connecting her shoulders to a slim waist and perfect shaped ass in her snug panties. Divine hips swayed gently from side to side with each step.

She turned around and lowered herself into the high back chair placing her arms on her legs. My jaw dropped in disbelief. I had never seen such a vision of beauty in my life. She wore a black satin bra and matching panties. Her ample breasts spilled from the bra like two heaving mounds of flesh straining the material of the bra. She crossed her legs and the muscles along her thighs were like long smooth perfection. With both hands she gentle stroked the material of the bra. Lifting and squeezing each breast through the material. With that, one hand slid down her chest and with a feather touch stroked her belly with her finger tips.

My torment began as my cock slowly began to throb as this overwhelming vision enveloped me. She smiled and I remained still. My helpless male instincts to touch my genitals were stopped by my bondage.

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