Morning Duty

As the morning light began to enter the room, john, aka sissycd opened his eyes realizing another morning was approaching and that he was to hurry to prepare for the waking on Mistress Lynne.
As he began to wake-up, the feeling of the cold steel anal plug he was wearing along with the cock cage were reminders of where he was inside the sleeping cage. The cage was on the concrete floor of the basement near the window which allowed the daylight to come in. it had a blanket on the bottom that john could use for warmth along with a bucket to relieve himself during the night. The cock cage was designed with a thru-hole penis plug attachment so that it allowed piss to drain out. It was a small bucket in the cage and should it fill up, it was expected that john would drink during the night as to not have floor spillage which surely would garnish severe punishment by Mistress Lynne.
The cock cage was attached to a belt which served to keep the anal plug in place, which had a hollow tube running inside to allow for gas to pass preventing complete discomfort for john during the night.
It was designed in a way that every few days it would be replaced by a larger plug to ensure john
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3 thoughts on “Morning Duty

  1. john should develop a portable unit to take out so whenever Mistress Lynne needs to piss, john can setup and allow Mistress Lynne use of her personal toilet sub sissy

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