Moby Dickless True Tales

I have been degraded with names like Moby Dickless, Shrimp, Junior Dick Boy, in the Junior Department, maggot boy dick. I once had to get my Forest Lake MN mistress ready for a date and she made me with her and her bull, and she yelled out, when she was having sex, “This is how a real man can make me feel.” I also actually have been a sports complex locker/shower and I can tell even the men are laughing. I actually have decided to go home and shower after a work out. Cam sessions are humiliating. The owners say try to cum and I can’t do it. Perhaps you will find that eventually if you decide to cam me. It is so embarrassing to be laughed or have to say I just can’t cum. To try and make women happy in other ways I am forced to humiliate myself with handcuffs and dildo demonstrations. I just feel like less than a man.

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2 thoughts on “Moby Dickless True Tales

    • sorry–I made two small typos…it should have been “watch” her and her bull not “with” and “at a” sports complex not simply “a.”

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