All of MISTRESS LYNNES slaves were at work preparing for the holiday party. I was outside shoveling the snow making sure driveway was clear for guests. MISTRESS LYNNE of course was out shopping, she hates being around when we clean. We did not speak to each other we just went about our business. The house was almost ready. MISTRESS LYNNE came home with MISTRESS KIRA, i dropped my shovel and ran to car, i opened door for KIRA and rushed around and opened for MISTRESS LYNNE. She stepped out, “fetch the bags from the back and bring them in” “YES MISTRESS” I grabbed all the bags and brought them in. MISTRESS and Kira were already in and Slaves were lined up kneeling of course. “is this house clean slaves” In unison we all said yes MISTRESS LYNNE” “ok KIRA, you inspect the work and then ill decide wich lucky slave gets to serve at the party. Mistress Walked in other room while KIRA inspected, She found some spots on the glasses in kitchen, She found that all the laundry wasnt done, She then went outside to inspect the driveway. I waited patiently while she was outside. She came back in and led us all to the basement and chained us up. I assume she was going to report to MISTRESS.
We waited patiently, we didn’t have to wait long, MISTRESS LYNNE came down, we all knelt in position. “Kira has informed me that your all useless, none of you can do simple chores but somebody has to serve tonight and i choose you. My heart pumped as she approached and undid my chain, I kissed her boots and thanked her. She led me upstairs. “ok slave, strip” i hurriedly took my clothes off. Kira laughed, MISTRESS LYNNE concurred “oh yeh i forgot about shorty here, oh well ok slave tonight is my holiday party and you will be serving my guests” “yes MISTRESS” “but i have a little twist, it is the holiday after all” Kira chuckled wich scared me. she pulled out a Mistletoe, “you know what this is slave” “yes MISTRESS it’s a MIstletoe” “Wrong,” she slapped me, “its a MISTRESSTOE, you see anyone of my guests that puts their foot under it you will kiss their toe” again chuckles, “YES MISTRESS” “good now get hard RIGHT NOW” her words jolted me. My cock rose on demand. “I SAID GET HARD NOW” “i am MISTRESS” “oh, i couldn’t tell” She handed the Mistresstoe to KIRA, “ok KIRA, im not touching that pathetic thing so you put it on him” KIRA snapped her fingers and i turned to her, she tied the MISTRESSTOE around my cock. then ordered me to kneel before MISTRESS LYNNE. “ok slave, you better stay hard all night, if you don’t and it falls off you will be whipped until you bleed” “yes MISTRESS” “good now stand in corner, that’s your home for the night” She then went downstairs and brought another slave up to serve drinks and stuff. I stood there at attention until guests arrived. I was jealous as i watched another slave greet the guests but i had my duty. Once all guests were there MISTRESS walked over to me, “let me show you my treat, she put her boot under my cock and i dropped and kissed her toe and rose at attention again. The place erupted with laughter. Her guests mingled about, a lovely blonde woman came over and placed her foot under and i quickly kissed and stood back up, Two women with drinks in their hand approached, One stuck her heel under i dropped and back up, The other waited a few seconds and did the same. The ladies were having fun with this. MISTRESS LYNNE came by again. She stood smiling, she motioned like she was going to put her foot under but pulled back, i started to drop but stopped, She slapped me, “slave you don’t move unless someone puts their boot there” “sorry MISTRESS LYNNE” “NO talking” She placed her boot under and i dropped. She laughed as she walked away. Baby girl even got in on action as she came for a quick kiss. MISTRESS decided on a whim she wanted to have more fun she called me over. “hands behind your back slave” i know stood, naked with hard on and MISTRESS toe tied to my cock in front of a room full of guests. MISTRESS then hung a bell on my cock next to Mistresstoe. “ok dance for us slave” I danced and looked ridiculous as the bell just rang. The room howled and whistled, i kept dancing my humiliating dance. MISTRESS LYNNE was very amused. “ok enough i cant take looking at you, back to the corner. the bell rang as i rushed over and stood there again. What a merry Christmas……….
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  1. The best part was when I hung that Christmas bell around your tiny cock and you danced for all my party guests. Seeing your little cock swing around was ridiculously amusing.

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