Mistress Tina puts me in Chastity

When I first suggested the idea of being in chastity to my wife, Mistress Tina, she was initially not into it. She thought it was going to be as much of a denial for her sexually as it was for me. Over time, however, she has certainly come to see that she still gets what she needs, or wants, and at the same time, sees what I get out of it as well. Yes, it is a big thing for a guy to turn over control of being able to get off at will to somebody else. She also came to see however that on the days that she would go to the office and then come home wanting to fool around, that many times I was not in the mood. Why? because I had pretty much depleted myself during the day while she was gone, and had the house to myself. So, being caged up on those days would assure her that I would be good and ready to go when she got home. That’s how it started really, just on the days that she was at the office. We both work from home pretty much, but she goes into the office 2 days a week, usually not back to back. So, as she would be getting ready to go, I would go and put my cock cage on, allow her to lock it, and put the key somewhere. The thought of being unable to touch myself, play with myself is wildly exciting, knowing that I am at her mercy in that regard, that my cum is not mine really, but is hers, to do with as she pleases.
It then went from just during the days she was gone, to now bridging the days, so if she went in on Tuesday, I would be kept locked until Thursday. Yes, I had to sleep with it on as well. Let me tell you, night time erections are no joke, and can wake me up sometimes. But at the same time, I knew I was doing this to please her, and in a sense, myself as well. So then it was three days locked, and that then became 4 days as she would let me out on Friday nights and let me stay out for the weekend. Then I suggested that we try for longer, just to see. The longest time I have been caged has been almost a full two weeks. Almost, she locked me up on a Tuesday, and let me out the following Friday after we got home from a strip club. The strip club was actually my idea. I thought it would be great fun to get a lap dance or private dance and see how the dancer reacted to it. We went to a place near us and found a girl that we both liked, yes my wife does enjoy a hot dancer with a fun personality, and get a private dance. We went in the back and when she reached down and felt between my legs, the look on her face was truly priceless. She looked at me, and I asked her if she wanted to see it. She said yes and with that I unzipped my pants and showed her my caged cock. She looked at my wife as if she was a god. She immediately went over to her and started paying extra attention to her, making sure I could see all the things that the two of them were doing. The whole time looking over at me and really working the moment. We left a little while later and when we got home, undressed and I set about servicing her pussy with my tongue. She got up, got the key, and unlocked me, letting me out and then we fucked like wild teenagers. When I came, it felt as though I shot not only the end of my cock off, but my balls as well. The best part about it though was that I was still as hard as a rock and ready to go some more. Which we of course did!
The last time Mistress Tina locked me in chastity is something I remember quite well. It was about a month or so ago. I had been stretching my balls to hang lower, per her instruction for about 4 months at that point. She wanted to see how well they hung when my cock was caged. Usually I am kept in chastity for a few days, but something was different this time, I could sense it.
I was instructed to make sure that my cock and balls were properly shaved and prepared. When I came out of the bathroom, she was already waiting for me, cage in hand, a folding chair next to her. Since I got out of the shower, my balls were hanging nicely. I was told to stand before her while she fitted the ring around the base of my balls. She was wearing her black leather miniskirt, black thigh high boots, and her black open cup leather bra. The issue with this is that she looks fucking hot in it, and that will certainly cause my cock to grow hard. It’s taken a few different strategies to deal with this but she has come up with a rather wicked and perhaps cruel way of dealing with it. She used to milk my cock before putting me in chastity, but she felt that was too rewarding for me. What she does now is to first place the ring behind my balls after the shower, and then I am to sit on the folding metal chair, bare ass. It’s cold, usually VERY cold. I sit on the chair and put my hands behind my back. The coldness on my ass causes my balls to constrict, pulling tight against the ring. As a final means of insuring that there is no issue getting my cock into the steel cage, she will take an ice cold wash cloth and put it over my cock, This makes sure that my cock shrinks down to fit it into the cage. I really hate this part, for two reasons, one, it’s fucking cold, second, I know I am at her mercy for when I am to be released. She keeps the keys herself. One is hidden in the house, the other is always on her person. She leaves the cloth on for a bit and removes it, my cock has shrunk to be able to fit it into the cage quite easily. She slides it over my cock, matching it with the ring already around my balls and then slide the lock through. Before clicking it shut, I have to acknowledge that she now controls my orgasm, and that I am to service her as she desires. She threw in a new statement that I had to agree to this last time, that my services may not be limited to just her alone. Of course I agreed to it, I don’t really have much choice. She likes to keep me on my toes at times. Once I agree to her terms, she gives me one last chance to say no, which I never do. I do so love being controlled by her, by women in general. She knows just how to get inside my head, the lingerie, and the fact that I am now her confined servant. My performance and her happiness determines when I may be let out and allowed to orgasm. Once I am finally locked, I am let out of my restraints and she lays down on the bed. I am simply commanded, “Service”, nothing more than that. That is her instruction that I am to lick her pussy until she cums, as many times as she wants. I never know how long that may take, it could be a quick night, it could be quite a long night. I am allowed occasional rests if it is a long night. Whenever we are alone in our room, I am never allowed to walk while in chastity, I must always crawl, as her obedient servant. She sat back with her glass of wine on the bed and spread her legs, which I moved up between and began licking her. Many times before she has told me while I am licking her that she is going to find a boyfriend and fuck him in front of me. Other things that she has said were that I would be required to lick her slit clean after she pees as well. She hadn’t done either of those to that point, and still not sure she would take a boyfriend, but if she did, I would live with it.
The first night that I am caged is usually about my servicing her with my tongue or one of her toys and such. I should describe a few things for you to help round things out. First, my wife is about 5’3, 120lbs at her heaviest, and a set of legs that drive me crazy. I’m more of a leg and ass man. She is a 34C usually, but does go down to a B at times. She knows that my weakness is seeing her in lingerie, and going out in something only fuels my passion in that regard. A pair of black or tan stockings with a garter belt, or garters of some kind on her, and she can pretty much get whatever she wants from me.
I should also mention that the wife, or Mistress Tina when I am caged, has a labia piercing, just one, on the right inner lip. She will sometimes hang the key from that ring just to tease me even more, especially if we are out. She has told me that she is going to wear it around her neck, or on her ankle, if it goes well with her outfit. She may, she may not, but the fact that I don’t know for sure is yet again another thing that does get inside my head.
Submitted Respectively,
Owned by Mistress Tina




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