Mistress Lynne’s Birthday Party

Mistress Lynne’s birthday celebration is tonight at 8pm. She got the best present ever, a new sub to break in. Her 9 girlfriends will be there with her stud and her 3 other subs. The new sub has no idea the torment or humiliation he will endure tonight at the hands of Mistress Lynne, but he knows he looking forward to it.
The new sub receives a call from one of Mistress Lynne’s other subs that morning to confirm that they are meeting at 2pm nearby Mistress Lynne’s Estate. A few hours later at 2pm the new sub arrives at the meeting location to get prepared for tonight, Mistress Lynne has strict instructions written down, First for the new sub to strip naked, then he receives help from the other sub. Next his balls are tied nice and tight, a ballgag placed in his mouth, a purple butt plug is placed in his ass. Lastly his hands are tied together, he’s blindfolded, and he’s told to get into the cage that’s in the minivan. There’s a black blanket that’s draped over the cage, so now the new sub is totally helpless inside the cage, but also doesn’t know where he is going. He is told he will remain inside the cage until the party tonight.
It’s now a little before 8pm, the party is about to get started, Mistress Lynne’s subs are doing the final preparations before the party tonight, when the doorbell rings and then a few mins later it rings again. Its Mistress Lynne’s girlfriends, The 3 subs welcome them to the party and ask if they can take their coats and get them anything to eat or drink. 10 mins later the doorbell goes off again this time its Mistress Lynne’s stud, the subs welcome him to the party. The subs retrieve the cage from the garage, and bring it into the living room where the party is, the black blanket is still covering the cage. It’s now 815pm Mistress Lynne’s comes down the stairs and looks gorgeous in her purple dress. She thanks her girlfriends for coming and celebrating with her tonight and says they will enjoy her surprise. Now she says hello to her stud, then proceeds to take a seat on her purple throne that all by itself on the other side of the room. She pours a glass of wine, and makes a toast, and proceeds to get the party underway by demanding her subs take the blanket off the cage revealing a naked a sub for her to break in.
She is sitting in her throne with a devilish smile on her face when she get up and walks over to the cage and opens the door. She demands the new sub get out of the cage and remain on his knees worshipping her boots, licking them clean. The new sub stutters for a moment and she pulls the sub out by his hands that are still tied together. All her girlfriends are laughing at him for being so submissive and that his cock is so tiny. Mistress Lynne is laughing at this point to because his balls are still tied up so tight that there almost blue/purple. After a few kicks to the balls, one of Mistress Lynne’s girlfriends asks if she can take a few kicks.
While her girlfriend is kicking and punishing the new subs cock and balls, Mistress Lynne instructs her subs to get a table/bench and secure the new subs restraints so he won’t be able to get away. Mistress Lynne walks over to a small cart in the corner of the room and wheels it over. Its filled with all kinds of tools and toys she can use to break him (whips/canes/crops/floggers/paddles/clamps/ball weights/clothespins/etc). She grabs a cane and starts going to town on her new sub, stroke after stroke, with no end in sight. She offers any of the tools/toys to any of her girlfriends to take a turn breaking her new sub in. They all start laughing again at the size of his cock and the color of his balls. One of the girls grabs some lipstick from her purse and starts writing humiliating things all over his body, before you know it all the girls including Mistress Lynne join in, they also put clamps on his nipples.
The new sub is begging for mercy, begging for them to stop but Mistress Lynne informs him the night is only half over, but Mistress Lynne can’t understand what he’s saying because he still has the gag in his mouth. Soon after Mistress Lynne tells one of her subs to go retrieve a box that’s over in the corner, the sub brings it back and Mistress Lynne dumps it out on the ground and it was filled with giant strap on dildos. Mistress Lynne asks her girlfriends if they want to fuck and they all reply yes, and all grab a strap on and approach the new sub that is still restrained to the bench/table. Mistress Lynne is verbally degrading the new sub and slapping him in the face while her girlfriends prepare his holes. Before long all the girls are gangbanging his holes and verbally degrading/humiliating him. Its now almost 1130pm and Mistress Lynne has had an excellent birthday but she’s getting tired so she wraps up the party, but before her guests leave she takes the ballgag from her new subs mouth, and makes him say thank you to each of her friends for his humiliating punishment. Each of the women spit on the new sub before they leave, Mistress informs him he will spend the night in the cage, and orders the other subs to loosen his restraints. Before he is put back in the cage, Mistress Lynne decides to put the ballgag back in his mouth, a bigger purple butt plug back in his ass, and puts a blindfold back on him before he is placed in the cage for the night. Mistress Lynne then leaves the room and retreats back upstairs.
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One thought on “Mistress Lynne’s Birthday Party

  1. I would love to be the sub in the cage. I am a totally shaved submissive who longs to be properly trained to serve a mistress.

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