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mistresslynneMy name is Mistress Lynne. Thank you for visiting My free blog. This website currently has over 250,000 subscribers. I think the reason for this is I am an honest, intense, and authentic writer. The subject matter dealt with here is widely misunderstood. What does it mean for a “woman”, yes a “woman” to take the lead and what goes on inside the head of a naturally Dominant Woman. And, why, yes, why do men naturally feel an intense urge to submit, to please a woman, and to put her first. Her pleasure, her goals, her needs daily, and even sexually. What is it that hits at the core of some of these very successful, smart, regular men that turns into a life quest to find a female different from what they have experienced with other girls all their life. It just doesn’t seem natural and yet it seems like the right way to live. What is the push and pull felt inside, why can’t putting a woman first and wanting what she wants be the norm? It seems healthier. Why is it so taboo that men hide from something so beautiful? Don’t women, all women deserve to be that special to her man? And isn’t a man incredibly lucky if he is cared for that much by a strong female who is confident in life? I try to break it down, this is really simple, it doesn’t have to be all scary and complicated. But that doesn’t make My journey in this any easier! I write from My heart, I don’t write everything in My head but I write what compels Me most. This is a subject matter I am very passionate about.  I hope that you find this blog to be beneficial just by sharing My story with you.
The Goddess is served, worshipped, and obeyed because she is the superior. The right kind of man will serve pleasure, will live to please his Matron, and will devote his life happiness to making her fantasies and life goals come true. No excuses, no questions asked. I believe a relationship with a Mistress should not be taken lightly. Certain women are especially beautiful, intelligent, artistic, creative, alluring, and have something to give to the world. Servants exist to serve these Goddesses so they can fulfill their purpose in life. This is not about you, this is about the Goddess and her needs being fulfilled by you to keep her interest in you peaked.
I am a Size Queen and proud of it. A Size Queen in My world is a woman who admires large cock and takes pleasure in making fun of men with smaller cocks, torturing them, and demanding their complete obedience.
A man with a large cock will absolutely very quickly become a favorite. I respect an alpha-male with a large dick because just like any woman, I want to be overly pleased sexually in bed. I certainly feel it important for all men in the world who live with a small dick to know that there big dicked alpha males who are using their big cock to experience all you have ever dreamed of. This way you can be sure you are pleasing your Goddess so she wants to keep you. It’s about a desire, a commitment, communication, and understanding.
If interested, I am now available to submissive men looking for a Mistress like Me. I will get in your head, I will dig deep, I am fairly sadistic and will overtake you mind. Be warned. I am very good at what I do. I am not necessarily a pro-Domme, although I do pro, I am naturally Dominant and first and foremost a FINANCIAL DOMME. I am happy to show up if you truly want to assist Me in obtaining all I desire. This is what I seek. It is as simple as that. Real submission, My relationship with you will be about what is best for Me. I have a lot of projects and business I wish to do with the money of a man in submission to Me. I also always like to look My best. This is My true passion and I seek a strong dynamic and will work towards that. I will resignate with you and you won’t be able to stop thinking about Me, it will drive you crazy.
I must remind you, always, that I am also a real person. Just like you, I have a vanilla life. Your respect always appreciated. Disrespect will result in no contact with Me.
Really, I am just a normal all American girl.

While browsing, remember anything written in purple is by Me, the rest is not.

Mistress Lynne 2016



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53 thoughts on “About Mistress Lynne

  1. I just visited you site and REALLY want to say thank you Mistress Lynne !!! I really feel privileged to even be considered by you and I have to say Thank you Mistress Lynne.


  2. Just wanted to say thank you for accepting me into your stable Mistress Lynne… As I too am in chastity….

  3. Thank you for considering me, Mistress Lynne. Chatting with you last night was just enough to wet my appetite for a lovely, cruel mistress.

  4. hi mistress lynn I am a sub male that loves latex clothing, iove to dress in latex and be a sub. slut

  5. Thanks everyone for such kind words. I certainly appreciate you immediate dedication and support of my “little” project here. Looking forward to its growth so we can connect with more like-minded people. Love and Kisses all Over the World!
    Mistress Lynne

  6. Mistress Lynne, I have hoped to submit to my lovely girlfriend for some time. I struggle because she is so beautiful and alluring just as you. Thank you for your great advice! I love the new site and hope to send my own story of true submission soon. xoxo Good Boy Slave

  7. Luved reading ur blg. Kept thinking about how I wanted my balks and cock tied up and teased by you!

  8. Mistress Lynne I adore you and devote myself to your whims. It is my honor to be useful to you in anyway you choose. Thankyou so much for an opportunity to serve such a true Goddess

  9. Mistress Lynne I belong at your beautiful feet. I could have stayed there all weekend if allowed. From the moment you took my ” boy ” photos and quickly feminized me so I could be used by all three of your other mistresses I was entranced by your control. You kept me quietly on my knees face down and did not allow me up until it was time for me to drink your wonderful gift. I was so grateful. Such an honor to submit to you this way. Master Michael toys were all employed fully on my slave ass by Dom after Dom after yet another incoming Dom. All beautiful and regal. Each dominatrix told me exactly why I was feminized and placed on my knees. I was to suffer as was mostly my little dick for being too small. I had truly deserved the small penis torture as I had vastly exaggerated the size of my dick to Mistress Lynne previously by email. And I was disciplined until it now firm in my mind that I will from this point forward always disclose to a woman whom I am seeking any attention the truth about my cock. It is my duty to say how insignificant my penis is as well as assure the woman that she may be disappointed and to offer myself to her in some other way. It is obvious to me now after my punishment and stinging small dick torture that real woman should not undergo the waste of time and disappointment it will be when my pants come off. If I am fortunate maybe I can taste a woman someday from cleaning up after a real man. Thank you Mistress Lynne for spending your valuable time training me to understand. My ads is still stinging and my nipples are raw from today’s session. I also kept my panties in my mouth all the way home as instructed. I look forward to any use you have for me at all. I adore you. You are my Goddess.

  10. Mistress Lynne, i am posting a comment because You directed me to do so, and i cannot imagine it to be a good idea ever not to take one’s directions from You seriously and obey promptly. You are, of course, authorized to delete this if i have gotten anything wrong. As You already know, i will be traveling out of the country during most of this winter, so absent a special occasion in all likelihood it will be Spring before i may be visiting Hartford. That is painful for me to consider, surely too long of a wait.

    But, when, i do come, i will do my best to make it a special occasion for You and all of Your stable. i am a sub slut, but only serve select Domme Women. Such a Lady must be, as You are, mature, responsible, with a real vanilla life, but also enthralled by bdsm and enriched by the power the scene life gives to Her. The Domme can, if the circumstances are right, have Her way with me, either softly, seductively, or with physical force. Either way, both ways, all ways.

    You have told me that my penalty for making You wait possibly as much as three months for my introduction to in-person servitude with You will be my responsibility to provide a deferred Christmas/New Years gift to You and the entire group. You said You are going to use me for a Mistress supervised event which may be more extensive than anything i have ever before experienced. .

    You’ve instructed me to be prepared; to arrive “hungry” for submission and emotionally ready to be used. You’ve said that every member of Your stable who reads this and asks You about it, even those in long term chastity, will be eligible, at Your discretion of course, for a bit part in the role play You may be creating. You will force my mouth open, even if You have to use pliers to do it, but neither of us expect tools of any kind, other than the human kind, will be necessary, and i will be compliant with Your demands, taking all of the medicine You may prescribe. ST Yegg.

  11. Thanks Mistress Lynne you really warmed up my heart and I feel honored and privileged being able to exchange a conversation with you. Mistress Lynne I found my four leafed clover.

  12. Dear Mistress Lynne,
    In my recent reporting To You, i’ve explored the way that You represent the epitome of every Female Authority i could ever dream of..and, how You awaken both my purity AND my perversity.
    i have had a lifelong obsession with Female Superiority, and several (i think) significant encounters with Ladies i will never forget-
    1. My best friend’s mother caught me trying to steal some panties when i was about 16..She was lovely and GAVE me a pair..
    2. i complimented a Lady i worked with on Her High Heels. She asked if i’d like to see the even higher heeled shoes She had at home..

    Like i say, I’ll never forget; but Mistress Lynne, i have NEVER been so besotted, so enamoured as i am right now. There aren’t the RIGHT words, and even if there were, i don’t think i could praise You ENOUGH!..

    Photos of You; Your Magnificent Breasts encased in half cup lace top bra excite me to the brink of insanity! Images of You; Glorious Thighs parted, or with Your Panties provocatively lowered inspire slavish commitment to Oral Servitude! Hands on Hip Imperious Attitude (indeed Your Sexy and Divine Posture in ALL photos) have me fantasizing kneeling Before You with one hand on my heart, and my cock in the other as i passionately declare my love and surrender! Your Foot upon a stool, and Heel pressed into the padding..Oh Beautiful Goddess! How i wish Your Heels could press into my flesh and deep into my eager mouth! The Image of You with a wineglass…i would love to enjoy a glass of wine with You in a sophisticated setting..Yours the most expensive on the menu – mine a serve of ‘Mistress Lynne Champagne’..more precious than any drink money can buy..

    • Wow..I wrote this over a year ago now..
      I still struggle to find the WORDS and the SUPERLATIVES that do Your Superb Beauty justice Mistress Lynne!
      sexy slave. Melbourne Australia.
      “I Revere Her!”

  13. Shame you are on the wrong side of the pond would like to see more emphasis on face sitting and nipple torment

  14. I hoped to chat with you with im but you appear busy so I will write here. I think I meet what you are looking for. I have been used some before and learned I have a NEED to be submissive and please. To do whatever you desire that pleases you. If you would like to write, I would like to do so. Thank you

  15. well trained and very obedient; I desire to speak to you on the phone and release myself to you; I am ready

    • I don’t mean to sound rude or inmature or offensive but i positive i can out do any slave out there well trained or not i have a competive nature so if i am put with the group i go out there to out do the others like a kid in school trying to be a teachers pet you know and i think i am not the only one out there

  16. Hello Mistress Lynne, this is John the tall alpha male with the small penis who You graciously spoke to today. I needed to post about how I have lied to people about my penis size so that I don’t get laughed at andteased about how small and worthless my baby dick is.

    I am a very successful executive who is considered an exploitsby day. I am 6’2″, tall and fit and have an air of confidence about me. Because I am so tall it on my makes my diminutive pecker look even smaller and I have done things like not shower at the gym to hide my secret. When the guys sat around discussing their sexual exploits I would always over embellish and portray myself as a man that was so hung the women would cry in orgasmic pleasure. In reality I have had women tell me I was too small to enjoy or even feel pleasure.

    I had seen my best friend naked at a gym before and realizing just how much bigger he was compared to me made me very self conscious and I didn’t want him to know the reality of my lack of real endowment so I continued to carry on the charade.

    After speaking with Mistress Lynne I know I am not a real man but a tiny dicked sissy compared to real men and I need to be locked in chastity and have Her hold the key while real men sexually satisfy Her the way they should. I hope You take me, control me, teach me to serve and pleasure You in other ways that my small penis never can, Mistress Lynne!

  17. Hello Mistress Lynne – I am on my knees, staring at your shoes, feet, legs and magnificent body. You are a wonderful Domme, I am so inferior to you.


  18. MOST SUPREME MISTRESS LYNNE, YOU will never know how very humbled, grateful and excited that i am to have YOU be a part of my life, and for YOU allowing me to enter and hopefully become a part of YOUR World. i will ALWAYS be indebted to YOU, for YOUR acceptance of me in this small way.


    Beneath YOU; is my place of Honor
    My obedience without reservation
    Bestowing my FULL trust upon YOU
    Shall lead me to a higher elevation

    my life should be YOUR life revered
    This is such a small price to pay
    to GIVE YOU me to be steered

    For who am i but simply YOU, nothing else to call it
    What i know for sure, It is a Privilege i am YOUR sub kit
    Whatever YOUR demand or request, no rhyme or reason
    whatever fetishes are best, it is my duty, worshipful, pleasing.

    is what i like To Reflect upon YOU, the very best and the brightest
    That is my focus, no matter what else happens, it is YOU or take a hike
    Never to waver in my LOVE for YOU in the slightest

    YOUR a SUPERIOR STRONG GODDESS, so Beautiful and Bold, in any form
    So it is unto YOU, i will give the support YOU so richly deserve.

    YOU set the agenda, i do as told, that’s the Norm!

  19. I feel very honored to have been invited to MitressLynnes site an hope i can serve her an please her from this point forward!

  20. I must serve you, Mistress Lynne! I am but worthless scum in the shadow of your amazingness. I would be honored to be chained to your wall naked as you whip me and torture my dick. I bow at your feet. Please contact me!

  21. Great site, your so right that little dicks are to be humiliated and used as servants…I ask my therapist what to do about my small one,(she says a women can adjust etc..and tries not to laugh I’m sure) but I know the truth from exp once a women knows your small, your in the “do as your told zone” even if she maries you, your place is taking orders… My wife says its fine until she got her new 8 inch real cock, her screams of OMG couldn’t lie. My throat was then stuffed with that monster…she then said I should take it up the ass as payback for her accepting my dicklette all these years! Happy women like you spread the word to all women and find a place for the dicklet “servants ” of the world..

  22. Even though I have a large cock (9inches) I am a submissive sissy I long to serve and am really in need of proper direction

  23. Most Respected Mistress Lynne.
    I am so pleased to have found your blog.
    Its obvious to tell you are a true Goddess and must to be worshipped in the way you so deserve.I would very much like to take the liberty and ask to be able to learn more on how to serve your needs as one of your worshippers.Your servant.

  24. Mistress Lynne, forgive me if You have already received this, my computer froze, and don’t know if this went to You or not. we spoke earlier today on another site, and since You are so amazing i decided to sign up here, i hope i can be of use to You at some point, i have a lot of construction, fabricating, design and welding skills, thank You, gary

  25. Hello mistress goddes, I want to be ur puni pathetic little bitxh slave, I respect u very much for what u do and is be honored if u anwser me, ive never had a slave experience, but I wish to have one very soon. Im a proud 16 year old bitch looking to worship masters goddesses and mistresses like you.

  26. Hello Mistress Lynne This slavejim88 I took the liberty of registering. Thank-You for allowing me to share my writing, and to serve You in my limited capacity. You are truly amazing and worthy of all the blessings that come Your way

  27. Thank you for this writing.

    All men are conflicted in very different ways. It really depends on how much life experience they have to make informed decisions. I imagine your experience with the person you thought was your perfect sub has changed your screening process.

    Your description of how he was perfect was abrupt. I’m curious about any emotional intuition you, look back on and kick yourself as to not heeding. I’m of a firm belief that a logical approach while making sense isn’t always the best. I think humans, and especially women have a highly attuned emotional intuition. Over time we teach ourselves to ignore it simply because we resist liking someone for seemingly no reason but I also think that first instinct is based on something more subtle we can’t fully understand immediately. I also believe most relationships don’t make it because we’ve taught ourselves to ignore our first instincts.

    Far too many people seeking relationships have these checklists they fill out when they talk. And that is the problem.

    We are so much more. It takes real time to show each other who we really are and it can’t be done with words alone. Actions, like the sub deciding to leave because you kept your daughter…. I don’t have good words for that. Personally, I’d still be kissing your ass and saying, “Thank You” for wanting to have my child, if that was me. This is one of those things a man just has to take responsibility for. I would have went out and bought a big tub of coconut oil and started the tummy massages on you and then started discussing the theory how orgasms can induce labor. 🙂

    I would like to get to know you.

  28. im a sissy faggot in the uk and want to expose myself to the world so all know what a sissy faggot i am . my name is bernie broedriek and i live in the uk near cardiff so tell all your friends about me , and my e-mail is
    bbern100@inbox.com and im sissy bernice . ive pics to if anone one wants my pics . hoping lots of woman like mistress lynne and guys will spread the word on me

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