Mistress Lynne – writing assignment

Recently, Mistress Lynne asked Her devoted followers to contemplate the question ‘Why Mistress Lynne Deserves the Perfect sub stud slave’..

As i kneel & bow down during my regular Worship Rituals and Reverent Study of Her Breathtaking Photos, i know i BELIEVE to my very core that Mistress Lynne Deserves a perfect sub stud! Her Voluptuous Feminine Beauty is awe inspiring PERFECTION, and it demands Attention! Respect! & an appropriate male sexual response of the Very Highest Order!..

i believe too, that Mistress Lynne Deserves a committed, desperate to serve, army of slaves, subs, sluts, servants & stable boys (and these are just the “S” words!) all around the world…two days ago i drank my piss & cum to Honour Her, and WHIPPED myself in awestruck worship of Her Breasts, Cleavage, Legs, Thighs, Posture, Aura and Attitude! Today i ate breakfast (porridge with orange peel, chilli & anchovy) from a dog bowl. And i fucked my submissive arsehole nice and hard in slavish Adoration.

Yes, Mistress Lynne Deserves EVERY male, in EVERY position in Her Stable, to perform their roles and duties to the very highest standard..

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