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Hi Everyone,

First, let me thank those who have taken the time to post comments, stories and pictures. This truly is the best way to serve Mistress Lynne and I certainly appreciate it. I know the website doesn’t look like a whole lot is happening but I have been so closely involved in the next stage of development on this website and also the expansion of my “vanilla” company, I haven’t had four minutes to wind down recently.

I look forward to my planned trip to Hartford, CT next weekend where I will be conducting business, photographing our new girls who are currently training, and scheduling pre-session meetings as we are offering services in that local area. If you seek a pre-session meeting where you meet me, please get ahold of me TODAY !! I am not going to be in Hartford for long, just a couple days and I am limited on available time.

The next stage of this website is getting our online store live !! This should be done in the next 4-6 weeks. We also just began working directly with a major distributor and they have agreed to co-brand with Mistress Lynne (which we are very excited about) and so we are currently working with them in this process. Please be patient, but soon, anything you desire for your submission will be available though this website. And, by purchasing through this site, you will ultimately be supporting Mistress Lynne and www.mistresslynne.com

Please understand that, even though this website is new and I only have a few GREAT authors at the moment……….. since the start of www.mistresslynne.com in late September – I have received about 375 new individuals with requests for contact with me. I have done my best to get back to each email, answer questions, and get people involved. If I missed you, don’t give up !!

The best way to communicate with me is to author on this website. I notice mostly the people active on my site. This is where I go all day long, this is where I want to be, this is where you can grab my attention.

But, no matter how you choose to get involved…..

We look forward to working directly with each and everyone of you on your desire to submit !!

Respectively Submitted,

Mistress Lynne 11/1/13


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