Mistress Lynne & the Beauty-Garden


A vision of Mistress Lynne standing in one of her beauty gardens. In this instance, a patch of wild flowers hidden in the rolling hills of New England.
As much as our Mistress enjoys the pleasures of Dominating the weaker sex (men), she is also fond of nature’s bounty – Mother Earth produces wonders of beauty, 2nd only to Mistress Lynne herself.

In gratitude,
-Artist Slave

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3 thoughts on “Mistress Lynne & the Beauty-Garden

  1. Looking forward to My flowers coming up this Spring. It has been so cold out in New England. The slaves in the stable are frozen solid. Their little cocks frozen to the cock cage they wear. I gave them all some extra blankets, warm pee to drink, and an extra lightbulb for warmth.

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