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I am sure I am not the only girl to have a fantasy of watching two men playing with one another sexually and be completely amused and aroused by it. Men often have the same fantasy with woman as the players in such a scene. If woman have the same sort of fantasy but concerning men, I am not sure we talk about it much. I can’t say it comes in a topic of conversation very often.
However, you know Me, if I have something to say, why not say it? I have been wishing since I was a teenager for the day when I would watch two men together sexually. Well, at least for Me, I have always desired to see two men together. When I was younger, back in My early twenties, I spent a majority of My free time at Gay clubs. Yes, that is right, back in the day I was what they call a “Fag Hag” (hopefully I got that term right). I LOVED gay clubs. Lots of hot men, none of which gave a shit about Me and every night was a new challenge….. would that night be the night I would be welcome to watch!~? 🙂
But, here is the very sad and depressing part. I never got to watch. I never fucked a gay man, I never got to watch gay men together, I never even got close. I tried so hard too. I really did. For some reason, gay men just don’t like girls. And that was that.
So, I spent a good half of My life never living out that fantasy. I even just figured it was not meant to be. Until something happened…….. and that “something” was that fact I accepted my role as a dominant woman and realized I was approaching this fantasy the whole wrong way!!!!!!!!
It wasn’t gay men I needed to live out this fantasy, it was straight men who are submissive that I needed to live out this fantasy. Go figure. I never knew that before. I personally believe that a submissive man in subspace in a setting where he feels cared for, safe, obedient, and loyal – will do absolutely anything you desire. This includes forces bi.
Now one might read this and think, oh no!!! I am submissive but definitely straight!!!! Sure, I have heard that before and as long as your submission is done with a Domme who understands and respects your boundaries, you will be safe. However, I promise anyone reading this that any submissive man who knows what true subspace feels like with the right kind of Domme, will tell you that there are definitely moments in that where he would do anything She asked of him.
Now, forcing these things seems like a term that would include harsh punishment, but this is NOT always the case. I am a dominant woman, I promise you that. But, I have gotten men to do things for Me, not by throwing a whip all the time, but mostly through the use of persuasion, imprinting, and suggestion. It seems so simple and un-dominant like, but I assure you, it is not! Ask anyone who has said “yes” to Me without a whip in hand. Whips are sometimes inappropriate when a woman wishes and desires something specific from a man living within a more vanilla setting.
So forced-bi is the same. You are never really “forcing” anyone to anything, it is not the goal of a good Domme to make men do things they do not wish to do. The goal is to get the submissive to do the things he is willing to do only if he was forced into it. Get it?
I know, it all makes perfect sense.
So, in My life journey and My quest to watch men play with each other. I really just needed to “force” the men into it. They have to want it because I want it and they want what I want. It all is really quite simple. Anything I want. That’s how I will live out all My fantasies, simply because I desire it and because I desire it, there is a submissive man who desires to give Me all that I want.
Mistress Lynne 3/12/14


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One thought on “Mistress Lynne – Speaking on My childhood fantasy

  1. Love this post, an iSight and description I can relate to……I have never been with a man in any sexual way….was asked to as a third with a couple that I said no thank you to….I then thought about it and seeing that the women of the couple had given me my first 3 some with her and another women , I felt I should be open minded and return the favor and help her fulfill her fantasy, when I called her back a few days later she and her boyfriend had parted ways……and sometimes I had wondered what it would have been like. So getting back to your style of controlling the situation sounds like what I envisioned…. A strong confident domme giving instructions and even support and commentary…. And if needed a paddle or two but not much more.

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