Mistress Lynne Resolution’s for 2014


The following are My New Year’s Resolution’s for 2014
1. Remember to not waste time. There’s little time left to live.
2. Only date hot, alpha male, successful, well endowed, single men who are 100% submissive whom I get along with even when playing vanilla dress-up in real life. 🙂
3. I do so commit my life to being served and pleased by beautiful men that are perfect subs.
4. Find and commit to owning and occupying the time of My one true slave who will do the same for Me- 24/7/365
5. Allow opportunity to present itself and then say YES.
6. Be more creative, confident, and committed to being Me.
7. Be the receiver of all good things Mistress Lynne.
8. Be choosy and spend My time with those that mean the most and are the best in their service to Me.
9. Live it ! Don’t just fantasy and talk about it. Live it more!
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One thought on “Mistress Lynne Resolution’s for 2014

  1. ight ive had enough. your cute lynne, but all of your ideals are wrong… i have an 7.5 maybe 8 in dick idk i dont measure, an ive pleased way more attractive girls then you. and 98% of the shit you like isn’t pleasurable. except to somone sadistic. ask any real girl who isnt a pysco. dick size dont matter, its how you use it. and nowadays people like respect and to be put on equal terms. not slaves. slavery is for the weak

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