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Recently I asked for questions to answer from My readers and I got some really wonderful questions. 🙂 WOW. Thank you. Here are some of the best one’s. Enjoy!!

Mistress Lynne 3/25/14



Although I consider myself an Alpha cuck, it’s only because of my personality and solely based upon that aspect alone. Unfortunately, even though I’m 6’1″ and weigh 225 pound, with a masculine build, I’m very under endowed at 4.5″ and I’m not only mentally/emotionally perfect to be a cuck, but I’m also physically perfect to be a cuck. I would like to know how you feel about being with a Alpha cuck? Thank you.

I am not against cuckholding. I have come to understand its purpose and place in a relationship with someone you care deeply about. I recently have had a an experience with a man that is about your size and I came to care for him enough to allow him to please without the use of his cock and I do hope one day to cuckhold him. Although he may not be my “one” in life, I certainly came to a better understanding of how this kind of relationship could work. and why it may be necessary. Of course, as a single Mistress who desires My one true slave, I seek a man with chemistry who is well endowed but I also realize that the right man for Me simply may not be well endowed, so I place no doors in front of Me. 🙂
Don’t you feel bad for guys w small ones.. they get cuckolded w out any sex, cheated on..they have gotten less pussy there whole life.. shouldn’t they get like a sympathetic hug lol.. why make fun of them? All though a small penis is so sad….

I am always respectful to human beings. However, men with small dicks don’t concern Me unless they serve Me at their highest frequency, then I will be much nicer. Very nice, in my opinion because they will serve Me like they truly should. 🙂

I’m far too young and too far away but I’m someone who has always considered himself to be a Dom but lately I’ve been having submissive fantasies. I’m messaging you because you seem like an actual Domme who is experienced and who’s not one of the million financial Domme girls. I’d like to find a woman worth of worship. I couldn’t submit to someone unattractive or less intelligent than I. How the hell do I go about finding someone worthy? Any advice at all would be useful.

Bill, I wish I knew. That is the question of the century. 🙂 There is only one of Me and I get so many emails everyday. I try to respond to them all because I am truly also looking for the right person for Me so it is like sifting through a needle in the haystack. But, I can imagine other Dommes have the same issue so My advice is to STAND OUT. Do not tell a true Domme you are Dominant or a switch and do not be Dominant towards Her because you will be shifted to the side. You have to stand out in submission, servitude, manliness, be gentleman like, and take Her out to nice places for dinner or what not to start. Ask her out. Make a plan. I rarely get asked out but I always say yes, because a man willing to ask Me out seems like he is confident enough to take a chance to stand out and make a plan with Me and then follow through. My best advice, good luck.


Have you always been dominant or is it something that took a while to discover in Yourself? What are Your pet peeves? Expectations from a slave?

I am open to everything and if it feels right to Me, I am willing to explore and see how things “feel”. There is also a side to Me that is very Mistress Like and I do enjoy it a lot. 🙂 I can relate to cuckholding, especially now that I have a better understanding of its emotional aspects and how it could work. But, I also have another very faithful and committed side so they tug at eachother. I do believe each relationship is unique and it unfolds naturally if it is meant to be. I base My choices on how I feel really and I am pretty open.

I have always been very dominant but conditioned to be submissive. So I have played a more submissive role although looking back I was always a dominant person and men always gave Me what I wanted. Just after My seperation, I discovered the truth in this lifestyle and it imprinted in My brain. That is when I “oficially” claimed Myself to be a Dominant Woman and I became obsessive, hence My website, which honestly just started out as an outlet for My crazy thoughts and others crazy thoughts in this and the website just got hugely supported immediately. I love building websites, I love to write, and I love the subject matter. I am working on 3 e-books right now.

My pet peeves are arrogance, lying, mis-truths, and mean people. I like people who are humble, honest, faithful, kind, and caring.

From My sub, I expect complete obedience. I want to be happy and pleased. I would want to cage his cock and control all his orgasms so he will be more motivated to please Me more often. Total control.


Biggest turn ons/limits?

My biggest turn on is submission. I don’t think I could do scat and OBVIOUSLY animals and children. But I certainly am game for most things. I love leading a session, both hardcore and more simple ones. In fact, I kind of crave it. I like to talk about everything, before and after if needed! I mean I want to know how you felt, what you like – don’t like…. what turned you on the most. What didn’t and why? I also like staying in touch immediately after an intense time, I hate just leaving a sub high and dry. I do want to make sure we are good at all times. And why I seek a strong connection and chemistry.


I consider myself a normal guy. I’ve been involved in this lifestyle for about five years. I’ve never officially served a Mistress. I have experienced a lot of things but there is a great deal more that I would hope to explore. I have a good job. I own a house. I am just looking for someone to connect with. What about you?

I like to consider Myself pretty normal too although I often get told otherwise. I look very normal. Like the girl next door. I certainly enjoy connecting with someone and I seek that. I know how hard it is to find someone who suits your desires and I hope that one day, I will meet My match. I am 100% Domme, I don’t tend to be attracted to dominance in a man although I seek an alpha, I want him to be submissive to Me.

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