Memoirs from Mistress Lynne – My First Proposal

It didn’t take much time to get My first proposal, a handsome successful Italian man whom was instantly attracted to the thought of pleasing Me. I wasn’t afraid of the idea of being pleased but perhaps, unsure of why someone would put together a well written, long, and detailed proposal of how he wanted to please Me and how it was possible for him to provide an incredible experience at no cost, of course. English was not his primary language but his words were well thought, detailed, and all the proper punctuation needed to write to a true Lady. Luca, was his name. My first. I would always think of him fondly. He was the reason I became confident in My ability to express how I wanted to be pleased. Luca offered to be trained to fufill all the needs and wishes of his Lady under My terms and conditions. He wanted to express strongly he was offering onto Me an opportunity to fully explore all My secret wishes. Marco was a man who meant what he said. I could tell this even from the beginning. Extremely successful and coming from a family of wealth, any fantasy I could dream, he could make happen. It wasn’t a problem. But, this wasn’t to be taken lightly. Even if I was to dream a fantasy and offer this onto Luca, this sharp Italian man had specific requests. He wanted a Domme and at the time I had no idea what that meant. It’s true, I was once so inexperienced and innocent of the reality of this lifestyle. Little did I know that becoming the strong, independent woman who didn’t care even an ounce about a man but made sure the right ones were dominated properly would allow Me the opportunity to be feel such pleasure. It happened almost over night. There was switch inside Me instantly, something I had never experienced before – had now became My obsession. I went from the pretty girl who chased the men to the opposite extreme. I had reached My late thirties but yet I was now a wanted woman. I didn’t need to chase, I needed to not chase, I needed to dominate, I needed to make a man work for what they wanted. And when I use the word “work”, I mean it. The men whom I did choose to play with were men who had a high level of control in their life. They desired to be taught how to please their Lady properly, Your way. They wanted to be told, they wanted the “lessons”. They wanted to give you control so that they could feel a sense of release within themselves.

Luca desired something that he experienced as a young man. A governess that had once watched over him when he was a teenager had caught him looking at porno and Luca, who was intimidated by his parents offered to do “anything” so she would not tell on him. The governess then slowly took on the role of dominating him, making him do chores around the house while she put her feet up, demanding he run her a bath and then have him lick her asshole clean, she eventually taught him by command how to please her as her sexual slave. Luca, a young man, was then owned by his governess and she demanded of him his total and complete compliance. He was obedient and this relationship lasted for some time before she was excused from working with the family on no ill terms. This amazing experience sat with him for years, he married, he had a daughter, and he is a happy man. But, within him, burned a deep flame for the desire to be a slave to a woman who demanded he kneel and do as he is told. He sought to fill this void in his life.

Luca waited a long time to hear My fantasy. It wasn’t that I didn’t have fantasies at the time but more that Luca opened up a world of opportunity for what those fantasies could possess for two people who planned to take on such a worldly experience together. So one night, while admittedly drinking too much cheap red wine, I came up with a fantasy for Luca. He asked and I certainly wasn’t going to disappoint. I told him a tale of a visit to a beautiful Italian city called Manarola where I would meet him at the hotel and he would enter blindfolded. From there, I would procede to rape him. Before he had a chance to even see Me, I would demand of him my pleasure. Start with kissing My high heel shoes and slowly lick his way toward my pussy where he would be allowed to smell it but not touch. He would be slapped across the face if he even dared to touch My pussy and I would taunt him by bringing My pussy closer and closer to his face. “You want to lick my wet pussy,” I would say “Smell that wet pussy Luca, it came all the way across the world for you”. Luca would still be blindfolded and I would now tie his hands and his legs. He has still not seen me. I would ask Luca to lay still and lay on the floor, any disobediance would be cause for serious injury and Luca would want to see Me before getting into a place where I would punish him. He was obedient. I kneeled above his face, pulled up my skirt, opened my ass nice and wide and sat on his mouth “Lick my asshole Luca. Lick my dirty little asshole. You bad boy, you don’t deserve my pussy. Lick my asshole clean, yes that’s the way, stick your toungue way up there. Do you like the taste?” and murmurming from underneath My asshole, like a slight vibration of sound inside my tight hole, I hear “Yes Mistress Lynne”. I would then stand above him, bending over to unbutton his pants and pulling them down to his knees, exposing his cock and balls all while still blinded folded and tied by the arms and legs. “You have a little cock Luca” I would say, “Why did I come all the way to Italy to find out your cock isn’t worthy of my worship?” Luca would go to speak but I would slap him across the face, “Shut Up! Luca, your dick is small, perhaps if we tie it would at appear bigger”. I would procede to tie his balls with a piece of rawhide rope, tightly around the balls, squeezing them tight. His dick would be super hard and he wouldn’t have a bad cock, in fact it is quite okay. However, Mistress Lynne hates all small cock so unless you have a gigantic wonderful unbelievable cock…. you should expect to be made fun of and punished for my own personal pleasure. Punishing Luca for his small cock would involve a some light caning of his dick and his ass. “With a dick like that Luca, you are going to have to serve me pleasure in other ways. Your dick won’t have the chance, but you will have opportunities to please me”. With this I will dig my right heel ever so slightly into his balls, just testing his limits slowly putting down more pressure and then finally releasing him. With this, I would untie him, release his balls, and then take off his blindfold to finally meet me. He would then take me to dinner in the beautiful city of Manarola Italy.

When I told Luca of this fantasy, he was more than pleased. Having had listened to him for months now, he knew I could provide the experience he was seeking. Before I knew it, without asking, I received an open ended plane ticket to Manarola Italy. “No strings attached” said the note from Luca and inside was also an open ended hotel reservation at the best hotel in the small Italian city I had chosen for my fantasy and a credit card to use as spending money for the trip and to cover the cost of travel. The day this happened, to be honest, I was in shock. What I thought was all play fantasy was now in front of Me. Luca would make this fantasy real, it was my desire and he was obedient to his Mistress. Still, at the time, I didn’t even have a passport. Now I have stamped My passport in several countries. My trips are quick. We spend time in preparation back home but once the fantasy is put out into play, time is limited.

I will be sharing the story of meeting Luca in RT. The experience even more amazing than the fantasy.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mistrees Lynne

*names have been changed to respect client privacy.

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