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I am 37, handsome, muscular and a total alpha male seeking a release by giving up and submitting totally to a woman. I want to be gagged, spanked, pussy suffocation, heel torture, and ultimately i want to be taken analy by a strap on. I would like you to force your pussy and ass onto my cock and have me bound and rape me in every sense. Possibly take my cum in you and force me to lick you clean and or snowball me. I want this to be an ongoing friendship. I am in a relationship that does not have an avenue for me to explore my submissive side. Nor would I want to. These are the dark sides of ourselves we only share with others of like interest. I have an office that is very private, but other than that space no other hosting option. Also what toys do you already have in your arsenal? If you have a strap on how big is it? I want to feel it long deep and hard when you take me.
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