Made Slave of Mistress Lynne

I am so happy to have been made a slave to Mistress Lynne. I only have one leg and hip and I am so happy that she has taken me as a slave as so many Dommes have turned me down in my yearning to be completely used and taught to serve as a slave for so many years after I lost my right hip and leg due to cancer many years ago. I arrive on crutches and knock on the door. I am supposed to be there at 10:00 AM. but because of traffic I notice that I am 6 minutes late and hope Goddess won’t notice.
I hear a voice say, come in and as I enter on my crutches and see you in just a robe and you immediately say BITCH, you are NEVER to enter my house clothed and you order me to strip completely naked. I am on the floor as she then tells me to take my clothes and put them in a box in a corner. I have great difficulty crawling to the box and putting all my clothing in the box. She now tells me to crawl back to her.
I crawl on my 2 hands and leg back to your feet as you then grab my full head of black hair, pulling my face up and slap me hard across the face knocking my false teeth out that I had to have after so much radiation that had caused me loose them . You tell me that I won’t need them right now as you have me pick them up and put them on the table by your chair. Then tell me that I am 6 minutes late and that is undesirable and unaccepted as you hold my face and squeeze my mouth telling me to open. I open my mouth and you spit in my mouth saying this is just a tiny bit of what you are going to get here. Are you ready to accept me as your Mistress. I say yes Mistress, so much Mistress.
You then tell me to bend down and kiss your feet to show how lowly I am and also tell me that you will hurt me, completely degrade me and use me in the most vile, disgusting ways I can imagine as we have chatted about and am I sure I am ready. I say yes Mistress.
You continue to tell me that I am to be trained to serve you and that I will be allowed to use my wheelchair at times to be of use to you in cleaning and other things that may be required but that all other times I am to be on the floor as you lean over and buckle on a collar to my neck saying you are also going to me my pet.
I notice your robe is open, see your large breasts as you sit there and you spread your legs pulling my face up to your pussy and can see your black patch of hair through your panties as you tell me to start licking you through your panties. I start and you hold my head against you, almost smothering me and I inhale your smell and taste you through your panties.
Yes Bitch, lick me like the slut you are as you hold my head and ask me if I am thirsty. I reply, Yes Mistress Lynne and you start pissing through your panties tell me to not miss a drop. It is impossible of course as your panties spread your piss and I get some in my mouth and also all over my face.
you pull my face up and again slap my face telling me that I can’t do anything right and have made a mess as you slip off your wet panties, telling me to open my mouth and stuff them in my mouth and tell me you will now inspect me and keep your wet panties in my mouth.
You then tell me how disgusting I am with all that hair on my body and that it will be all shaved off. Then you tell me to lay down on the floor on my back and inspect my cock and balls. you squeeze my little circumcised cock at the head and look at the small pee hole and say that my pee hole will be stretched slowly and grab my balls saying that they are too close to my body and that my sack will be stretched too.
I then turn over and rise on my 2 arms and leg as you tell me that my asshole will be inspected too as you slip on some rubber gloves. You pull my asshole apart and tell me that my ass will really be stretched and you insert an lubricated finger deep into my ass, moving it around in a circular motion and pushing it deeper and deeper as I groan through your panties.
When you pull your finger out you notice there is shit on your gloved finger and come around to show me, swearing at me, calling me all kinds of filthy names as you pull your panties out of my mouth and shoving your shitty finger into my mouth telling me to suck it clean and that I might as well get used to that as it won’t be the last time I taste shit. You then put your panties back into my mouth as you tell me how unhappy your are with me and I need some motivational correction.
You then sit down and tell me to get up and crawl over your lap and you start spanking me with your bare hands as I moan and feel the hurt on my ass cheeks. Your hand starts hurting as you push me off and come back with a brush and I am again ordered over your knees and my paddling continues until you are satisfied my ass is red enough and I am actually crying in pain.
You now attach a leash to my collar and start dragging me to the bathroom as I try to hop and drag my self along to keep up as you also beat me with the other end of the leash. once in the bathroom you place some towels on the floor and tell me to lay on my side as you push a thermometer up my cock that has been in alcohol, telling me that you are checking my temperature. The alcohol burns the inside of my cock as you then tell me that you are going to clean me out as you demand a clean hole to play in.
I hear the water running as you tell me that you are going to prepare a special enema that you have concocted. You then hang the enema bag on a hook in the wall and insert the nozzle deep into my asshole and unclasp the hose. I lay on the towels, on my side with your piss soaked panties in my mouth, the thermometer in my cock and the enema nozzle in my ass. I feel the enema flowing deep into my bowels and immediately start to cramp and moan through your panties. You tell me that this is only a start as you have many ideas of recipes for enemas. I am really cramping now as I have almost 2 quarts in and you pull the nozzle out and push a butt plug in to hold the enema and you tell me that I eventually will take a whole gallon.
You have me laying there as you tell me to stretch out and you have a cream that you smear all over my body, on my chest, under my arms, all over my balls and turn me over and on my ass and in the crack of my ass. I feel it start to burn as you tell me that this will get rid of all body hair.
I am then ordered to rise and expel everything in the toilet as you tell me to pull the plug out of my ass and you pull the thermometer out and take your panties from my mouth. I sit there as my pain subsides and I keep expelling everything from my bowels and you ask me is this what I want as it will get far more severe.
I say yes Mistress. Do you want to be my slave slut, you answer. I say Yes Mistress, yes. After, you have me crawl into the tub as you take a shower head and hose me down to get all the hair off of me. The running water has made you want to pee and you tell me to kneel by the side of the tub as you pull my head into your pussy telling me that this is also part of my training as you start to pee and tell me to drink everything. I drink your warm piss as you continue peeing and then you have me lick your pussy clean. After, you turn around and tell me to spread your ass cheeks and lick and kiss your asshole as you will assure I have intimate awareness of that too.
I lick and kiss your asshole as you tell me to push my tongue in and I taste your acrid muskiness the deeper I get. After a few minutes of this. you pull away and tell me that there is a lot of hair in the tub and I am to clean everything up and meet you in the bedroom. I clean everything up by scrapping up my hair and putting it in the toilet and cleaning the tub and crawl into your bedroom.
I enter on my 2 arms and leg crawling and see you with your robe open and your big breasts hanging down and I so much want to suck them as you order me up onto the bed and tie my two arms up over my head and my one leg down and you straddle my face and order me to eat your pussy and I had better make you cum. your pussy is over my face as I start to lick and suck on your pussy and my tongue flicks over your clit as it swell and I nibble on it with my gums and lick you as your juices start to run. Finally you grab my head and say , YES YES as you cum into my mouth and I lick all your juices up. You then reverse yourself and tell me to start licking your asshole as you place it over my lips and also lean over with a small dildo and start fucking my ass with it as I lick your asshole and you keep saying deeper, slut deeper. I can actually taste you deep up in your ass as you work on my ass and by working on my prostate you have actually made my cock squirt some cum which you scrape up with your fingers and feed me.
You then shove a bigger plug up my ass telling me that I am now going to be not only your slave but also your cuck, and I will be eating lots of cum but not always mine as I will be turned into a fluffer, a cocksucker, a pussy and asshole cleaner, trained as a toilet, and my pee hole will be stretched until you can fuck it with your finger and my asshole stretched until you can fist it. I will also be a pet at times and even lap your or my piss from a bowl and even eventually be branded as you now own my complete body to do with what you want and also own my mind as you walk out and I answer, Yes MY Mistress!!
Your slave bobbie
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2 thoughts on “Made Slave of Mistress Lynne

  1. Bob,
    This is one of the most intense stories I have read in some time. You are a talented writer. I love the part where all your hair is removed along with an enema, I am kinky too. Play safe.
    Baby Girl

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