13I am now taking gamers. This is a simple game. I put you in chastity for 30 days and if you want to get out early then you must pay a fee to get your key back. If you make it the 30 days, you get your key back at no additional cost. This way we are both mutually motivated by the game itself. 30 days is not impossible but long enough to drive you crazy and change your mindset in this process. Plus what is more fun then being in chastity for Mistress Lynne!! Even if you lose, you are still supporting a good cause. 🙂

If interested in playing, contact Me at this email MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

The 30 Day Long Distance Chastity Game

Key Holding Service with Mistress Lynne.

This is a PAY TO PLAY game.


Here is how the game works. THE RULES.

1. There is an initial $350.00 non-refundable BUY IN for the long-term chastity program. I will NOT take key holding your chastity seriously until this BUY IN is paid in full to My Amazon gift account at MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

2. You will also be required to purchase a brand new chastity device. You will purchase any pre-approved chastity, just email Me the device and I will approve before purchase of your new cock cage.

3. You will be given a PO BOX in the USA to send Me your brand new cock cage straight from the dealer after you purchase it. It should come to Me before you receive it or I will not accept the device.

4. Once I receive your chastity device. I will inspect it, take the keys so I may hold the original keys with no copies. I will then send your new cock cage to your chosen address with everything accept the keys with a lock I know is mine. Or, you can come to Me and I will place the device on your little cock and send you on your way.

5. Once you receive your new chastity device with no keys, I will have you put on the device with Me watching either in person or by video chat. I will show you your chastity keys. That will be the start date of your chastity.

6. This is a BUY OUT program. Meaning, this is a 30 DAY CHASTITY GAME. The longer you stay in chastity for Me, the less money it cost to BUY BACK your chastity key from Me. Please see BUY OUT SCHEDULE AND FEES below.

7. Keep in mind this is a game. Meaning, My motivation is to get you out of chastity before the 30 days is up. The benefit to Me is I get paid if that happens. So, we both have motivation in this chastity game which makes it more fun.

8. Please take this seriously. I am NOT giving back your key without the proper BUY OUT. This is the game. If you can’t afford to play, please don’t. This website is always free. One month in chastity is NOT easy, but it is possible. Can you afford it? Do you need chastity training on your own first?

9. Playing this game DOES NOT give you total access to Me. My role is ONLY to be your key holder. In fact, if you spend too much time with Me – I will only make your chastity MORE difficult as My motivation is a higher PAY OUT from YOU so you may get your KEY back so I may be done with your chastity. Your motivation is to have a lower BUY OUT FEE and freedom to cum again.

10. If you decide, before the 30 days is up, that you quit the game and want your little cock back, all you have to do is pay the proper BUY OUT to receive your key back. You simply have to pay Me through My amazon gift account at MistressLynne777@yahoo.com . Your key will be overnighted to your address the next business day and you will then be free from this game.

11. You have the option of being listed as playing this game here on My website. A picture of your chastity, a description of yourself, and the date of being put in official chastity for Me. Then, when you complete the chastity game, your end date will be listed.

That’s It ! That is how the Long Distance Chastity Game works. Below is the scheduled buy out amounts.

This game is not for small players, I understand that. But, this is the game and big players are welcome to contact Me if they have more questions.


From Start Date – 30 DAY CHASTITY GAME

Day 1 $30,000.00 USA

Day 2 $28,000.00 USA

Day 3 $26,000.00 USA

Day 4 $24,000.00 USA

Day 5 $22,000.00 USA

Day 6 $20,000.00 USA

Day 7 $18,000.00 USA

Day 8 $16,000.00 USA

Day 9 $14,000.00 USA

Day 10 $12,000.00 USA

Day 11 $10,000.00 USA

Day 12 $9,000.00 USA

Day 13 $8,000.00 USA

Day 14 $7,000.00 USA

Day 15 $6,000.00 USA

Day 16 $5,000.00 USA

Day 17 $4,000.00 USA

Day 18 $3,000.00 USA

Day 19 $2,000.00 USA

Day 20 $1,000.00 USA

Day 21 $ 900.00 USA

Day 22 $ 800.00 USA

Day 23 $ 700.00 USA

Day 24 $ 600.00 USA

Day 25 $ 500.00 USA

Day 26 $ 400.00 USA

Day 27 $ 300.00 USA

Day 28 $ 200.00 USA

Day 29 $ 100.00 USA

Day 30 $ 0.00 USA – YOU WON THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!


Interested in playing the Long-Distance Chastity Game but have questions?

Email Me at MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

Call Me at (972) 885-9663


Thank you

Mistress Lynne


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7 thoughts on “30 DAY CHASTITY GAME

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  2. It’s a dream to be your slave goddess
    My family and i are your big fans my mom is into eating shit and she licks the toilet when she’s reading your website
    We serve mistresses for money but you arevnkt just a mistress you are GOD to us

  3. Is the buy-in fee like a deposit where you get it back at the end if you last all 30 days? Or is that the minimum, and you pay more should you want out early?

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