Long Distance Black Mail


The Long Distance Black Mail Game

Forcing Demands from Mistress Lynne to Keep your Secrets.

This is a PAY TO PLAY game.


Here is how the game works. THE RULES.

1. There is an initial $500.00 non-refundable BUY IN for the long-term black mail program. I will NOT take your black mail seriously until this BUY IN is paid in full by Amazon gift card to MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

2. The Black Mail Game with Me is NOT a joke. This is for real. You WILL tell Me all your worse secrets, you WILL get Me proof, and I WILL know things about you that you surely DO NOT want exposed. Or, even better, I will create a real scenario in your life that I can then black mail you with, planning a time for this with you. You are a man of great stature and importance in your community and the truth of your sins could completely ruin you. And, yet, this turns you on!!! That is where I come into play.

3. You will CONFESS to Me ALL your sins and, from there, I will know this information for the rest of My life. I will choose to keep it to Myself or I will choose NOT to depending on how you treat Me.

4. Once you have gathered proof of your confessions, have an original hand written signed confession for Me, I will do My own background check, and will request a hard copy of this entire file be sent to My PO BOX in the USA. This file will be held as proof of your mis-doings and the scumbag you really are.

5. Upon receiving this hard copy file, I will make sure I have enough information to begin your Black Mail. If I do, the black mail will begin.

6. When and how I decide to Black Mail will be at My discretion. It will be your job to keep My bank account full and/or gifts coming in My direction. Regular donations to keep your secrets can be added to My Amazon account at MistressLynne777@yahoo.com

7. The problem is that once I know your secrets, I always will know your secrets. So, essentially, agreeing to this Black Mail Game, you become My life slave. You give onto Mistress Lynne your worse secrets, a huge responsibility on My part, and once the truth is in My head, unfortunately, it can not be erased. Hence, lifetime slavery to Me.

8. I do offer a BUY OUT FEE for obtaining your hard copy file back. This fee will be discussed between us when you are ready to be released of My Black Mail. There is NO time limit on your release. You can choose to be black mailed by Me for as long as you wish. Once we agree to your BUY OUT and RELEASE, I will send back to you the hard copy evidence of your mis-doings and will agree to keep the rest in My head. You will then be released of this Game and all Black Mail will cease.

9. Because you will never be completely free of My knowledge of you, if you get involved with this particular game, consider it lifetime slavery and you giving onto Me your life. Because My ultimate knowledge of your secrets could truly destroy you.

10. This is a consensual game for big players who wish to take part in this sort of submission. There are no specific numbers because this will be discussed with each man individually before the game starts. Remember, you are super rich and it doesn’t matter. Financial Black Mail is your fetish. This game is NOT for the weak, unsuccessful, or faint hearted. Life slavery to Me and is what is truly being offered here.


Interested in playing the Long-Distance Black Mail Game but have questions?

Email Me at MistressLynne777@yahoo.com or call (972) 885-9663


Thank you

Mistress Lynne


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4 thoughts on “Long Distance Black Mail

  1. Mistress Lynne, looks a lot of fun in your Control mmmmm you can tell by my email what my fetish is Yes thats right I fucks womens shoes
    if I can`t find them I steal them My last Mistress disowned me so looking for a Mistress. Sam

  2. Dear Mistress Lynne ,
    I am curious about your experience with novice slaves, and can you tell me how did they venture into submission with you and what is the highest form of submission you have ever trained a novice slave to when you took ownership.
    If you would , I beg you you to share , i cant seem to push myself to enter your world. Possibly a slave assignment. Or meetup with you , I’m simply flirting with desaster here . But I love that feeling.

  3. I tried to leave my blackmail Mistress, Miss Cat , (honor curtsy) several times but had to return under threat. As punishment face pictures were posted, by me, to ~daily diapers~. The made up account trashed and I can not ever remove the photos.
    A ID anklet is now permanent so if I do run away again, I will be shown for hat I am,,, Her property.
    2 LARGE ID tags also adorn my chastity…
    Why did I think I could do as I wished after thinking it a joke.

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