LEVEL 5, maybe not

I was busily scrubbing the grout on the bathroom floor with my toothbrush. My beeper went off which means MISTRESS LYNNE is on her way home and i am to be waiting like a faithful puppy at the door. I make my way to door very slowly since i can only take baby streps because of my shackles. I kneel and bow my head. A few minutes pass and the door opens, MISTRESS LYNNE and guest walk in. I kiss her boots and those of her guest. They take off their coats, i rise and take their coats to hang up. “slave fetch us 2 glasses of wine and serve it to us in living room” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” I rush off, fill 2 glasses and bring them out. I serve them, MISTRES takes her glass and leans back. “slave say hi to my friend Princess MELISSA” “hello PRINCESS MELISSA” Mistress waves her hand, “your dismissed for now slave” i bow and slink away. i go back to scrubbing. It was only a minute when i heard the bell ring, i came crawling, She snaps her fingers, “snacks slave” i bow “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” once again i rush and serve them. ” she waves her hand to dismiss me, i only get about 10 ft when she rings bell again and i turn and come back . “you forgot napkins slave” “sorry MISTRESS LYNNE” when i return with napkins MISTRESS orders me to bend over, my ass is already showing as im only wearing an apron. She slaps my ass hard 3 times, i thank her, “thank you MISTRESS” “thats for forgetting the napkins, i expect perfection slave or ill get rid of you” “sorry MISTRESS LYNNE” “good dismissed”
I went back but again a few minutes was called back. “slave did you notice MELISSAs drink was almost empty” i rushed and refilled it. “BEND over slave” once again i bent over she slapped me agian. “now turn, i think its only fair Melissa gets to punish you” I turned and MELISSA took her whacks. “that was for not refilling her drink” “Sorry MISTRESS LYNNE, she looked at Melissa, “i’m sorry, he’s so pathetic he cant even serve correctly” “yes Lynne i know, he looks pathetic” MISTRESS popinted to the floor, I knelt. “lift your apron slave” i lifted it, Melissa almost spit out her wine, “APOLOGIZE slave” “im sorry Princess Melissa that you have to be disgusted by my small penis” She just shook her head. MISTRESS paused a few minutes, swirling her wine then spoke “level one slave” i knew what this meant and began playing with myself, they chatted and ignored me. In middle of conversation MISTRESS ordered, “level 2 Now” i increased my fondling, they leaned back and watched. “LEVEL 3” i tugged harder my cock was erect but still like 4 inches. MISTRESS looked at Melissa, “look at him pathetically tugging, knowing damn well he’s not cumming” They laughed, “when was the last time he came LYNNE” “oh i dont know, i’ve lost track, i dont allow him to cum at all” “Level 4 Slave” i struggled to keep from cumming, ive never heard the words level 5. “Beg to cum slave” “please please MISTRESS LYNNE please, your beautiful and wonderful please may i cum” MISTRESS leaned back in her seat and took it in, enjoying my pleas. “STOP” she spoke forcefully, ” Hand s behind your back” i obeyed, i was now kneeling there with a hard cock. MISTRESS LYNNE took the toe of her boot and flicked my cock. I struggled, “dont you dare cum slave” “I won’t MISTRESS” she teased relentlesly, PRINCESS asked, “may i LYNNE” “sure go ahead” MELISSA was a little more forcefull as her booted foot pressed upon my cock. A little pre cum came out i was struggling bad to stay still, MISTRESS noticed, “What is that slave, ” she slapped my face, “lick that off her boot right now” I bent down and licked her boot. “im sorry MELISSA, i invite you over and loser here can’t behave” “its ok LYNNE i understand he’s just a stupid pathetic slave, besides maybe if you beat him more hell behave. “i like the way you think Melissa,” the two women clinked glasses and giggled.
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