Letter from a Dedicated Follower and Chastity Game Player

Dear Goddess Lynne,

I hope this evening finds you well. I’ve recently come across Your website and became very intrigued by its contents.  Due to some issues with real life and job transfers, I have recently emerged (sadly) from a two-year chastity reinforced Female Led Relationship.  Prior to this time, I was under the illusion that I was a switch; however, I have come to realize I am happiest when I have the stability and guidance granted to me by an intelligent and strong woman.

In my vanilla life, I have a career that involves a constant swirl of chaos; which I gladly embrace (on-the-fly problem solving and overcoming duress is fun!)….  But…  I think I’m starting to emotionally stumble as I no longer have the necessary component of Power Exchange to keep me balanced, energized, and focused.  After visiting Your blog and reading Your writings, I greatly appreciate the candid insight offered into Your Life and Philosophies.

A particular quote struck a chord:  (If I may be so bold as to quote/paraphrase You)  You enjoy helping men gain confidence in their submission.  I believe I tend to think in rather odd abstract ways; and to be honest, I don’t see submission in a negative light, in fact, I rarely use the term, I find it simply better to think of it as living as a good person.   So… helping men find confidence in their submission, to my interpretation is just another way of saying ‘helping men gain confidence in being a better person.’  (As an aside, Your rather wicked philosophies regarding dominance are also rather cringeworthily awesome!)

With this in mind, I would be extremely interested in participating in Your 30 Day Chastity Game.  I think it would be a great opportunity for me to learn from you and hopefully become a better person 😊  It will also give You an opportunity to determine if I am someone who demonstrates learning potential.   I apologize, but I have read Your rules and while they are extremely clear, I have some questions and concerns I would like to bring up:

In the past, with my SO Keyholder, She allowed me to keep a secured key (technically a unique torx-like wrench, as we used a security screw) for emergencies when I traveled and this avoided any problems.  I’m not sure if this is something that fits within Your concept of Your Challenge; however, if I could propose that if is something that can be negotiated, I would offer to create a sealed/accountable key storage and receive a penalty if I demonstrate that I’m not clever enough to avoid court.

Also, in regards to a chastity device, I currently have a Jail Bird from Mature Metal and it fits rather nicely.  I’m quite loyal to Mature Metal as Mistress M is extremely awesome (I spend a lot of time in East Texas <AHHHHHHHHHHH> and have become rather active pen pals with MM: we’re both foodies and like discussing restaurant and travel adventures – All Hail Buc’ees!).  I’m not sure if the models You listed on your website will be as well fitted or well fabricated.  Ideally, I would prefer to use my preexisting device.  Rule #3 asks that a new device be presented to You straight from the provider; if this is an inflexible rule (and I am not allowed to use the one in possession), I would still like to have Mature Metal provide the device (it just might take the 6-8 week manufacturing time).  Ultimately, I realize it is entirely Your decision and if my complications aren’t a disqualifier, I will gladly abide by any decision You make.

As a thank You for taking the time to read this, I’ve sent you the set of Turkish hand towels You selected on Amazon (fluffy towels are cool).  If you have any questions, feel free to ask (that goes without saying)

Your petitioner,

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