One thought on “Know your Slave Poses!!

  1. This one caught my Wisconsin owners’ attention. They want to me study and practice the poses. Also, they are thrilled with Mistress Lynne’s video picks and the video dedicated me, Moby Dickless, and them…They tied my balls up like the video, but did a little something different and strung me high on a pole and ass teased me…more specifically, ass hole teased me…It was ticklish, titillating, and degrading all wrapped up in one. I know that may not make sense, but there is a sense of eroticism and degradation/humiliation at the same time. You go through so many emotions as a sub that deals with positive and negative self-esteem issues. The pride you feel when your owners are proud of you and say good job, but also the emasculation when you see a bull with six-pack abs, and a huge cock. He looks like a pro athlete. Wow. They know two black couples that they are close with and they had me serve them as a butler over the Xmas holidays. They said I did a nice job. All six were so attractive and perfect looking compared to me. I am tutoring their son also in history. No pressure if I mess

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