Just a moment in time

“Hi, Lynne?” I turned ever so slightly to my right as I heard My name being said in a deep very manly voice that was yet soft, sweet, and focused. “Yes, that’s Me…” and just as I said these words, this very handsome man offered Me his hand. I stood up to introduce Myself and as our hands met he immediately fell to his knees. I looked at him, holding My hand, now on his knees. He wore perfectly fit jeans, a light purple business shirt, accompanied with a dark purple silk tie that I knew he had bought especially for our meeting. It felt a bit strange meeting someone for the very first time this way. As he slightly bowed his head down and his forehead touched the palm of my hand and yet he seemed so calm and focused towards Me. I, however, was a bit nervous. We were meeting in a restaurant, a nice seafood restaurant that he had suggested. Our table located outside on the deck overlooking the high tide. The place was packed. And as I stood there in my summer dress and my matching purple heels, I felt I was on show for a moment. Glances, looks, came my way. No one laughed, just watched and I was, all of a sudden, “a Mistress”. I was the Goddess that stood for all to see with my sexy submissive man kneeling before Me. And sexy he was! I can’t say I was totally embarrassed, he was the hottest boy on the beach. A successful, attractive, recently divorced man who took care of himself and only desired to be submissive to a Goddess in every way.

This was a moment I will never forget. It is probably a moment I could literally write about for 10 more pages. So many things running through My mind. What exactly was I suppose to do next here? I think everyone in the restaurant was wondering the same thing. So I took it really slow. I looked at him, took my pointer finger on the hand he was holding, and using the tip of my long sharp nail I guided his face ever so slightly to look at Me in the eyes. While he continued to kneel and look up at my dark brown eyes, I offered him My other hand, and now he had both My hands. I stood tall, proud, adjusted the balance on my high-heels “Hi Justin, how are you?” I said. “I am well Goddess, such a pleasure to be in Your company”.

Now I swear, this was only literally 3 seconds in time but somehow, I swear time stood still. I knew he was showing his true submission, I knew he wouldn’t be comfortable if I was anything less than the Dominant Woman I truly was, and yet, I struggled inside. Having been conditioned all my life that I was to be submissive to a man despite My natural tendency to want to Dominate every aspect of My life including a man in the bedroom. But, in My life experience thusfar, I had NEVER dated like this. A beautiful man dropping to his knees in a public restaurant? Nope, that was the first time.

And so, there presented the challenge to Me. You know when you have a moment in your life and you make a choice. That was that moment as far as Me accepting fully my Dominance because, to tell you the truth, that moment in that restaurant by the sea…. I was so incredibly wet. And not from the ocean. It was instant, I loved it, I wanted more. Having lived a life where I was ALWAYS challenged in all ways of life, I found myself bored. Becoming a Dominant Woman became My new challenge. It was whole new way of living life. But, it wasn’t just that…. it was as if I had been repressed through time and I finally allowed Myself to be true to who I really was all along.

So there I stood with Justin kneeling before Me, our hands locked together, looking into his also brown eyes. We were both nervous, I could see it in him too when he was looking up at Me. I smiled at him and he looked as if he wanted to say something. “Do you have something to say Justin?”I asked. “Yes Mistress,” he said “I just want to tell you how beautiful you look today and how excited I am to be spending this time with you. Thank you”.

I could tell some onlookers were still keeping an eye out. And when I looked up and caught eyes with a young couple close to us. I shrugged my shoulders slightly to them and smiled. They seemed to understand and raised their glasses to me, gave a cheers, and looked away to continue their conversation.

“Thank you Justin, you may rise now”. And that it is how it all started, one moment in time.


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