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Kinky. The word can conjure up unsavory images: leather-clad ne’er-do-wells brandishing whips, emotionally crippled Dungeons and Dragons aficionados prancing in military regalia. The Gimp in Pulp Fiction.
It makes you wonder, Who needs to go to all that trouble? And why?
Most of us men are simple creatures. We know what we like, and we like what we know. So we’re reluctant to replace a good old-fashioned horizontal bop with a session that requires a trunkful of apparatus, significant prep time, and possibly a run to the drugstore.
On the other hand… can’t there be wholesome kink? Something cleaner, less coercive and more collaborative, more fun and less frightening? Like, say, your woman, dressed as a cheerleader, behind the stadium with you. That’s role playing and mild exhibitionism. Work for you? Thought so.
I was a man of simple pleasures until, through a twisted twist of fate, I found myself a reluctant (really!) participant in an orgy. Within a week, I became the world’s unlikeliest sex columnist, for After more than 30 truly kinky adventures
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