In the Morning, after signing my slave contract

In the morning, Mistress Lynne sat as i knelt Before Her to review day one as Her Chastity slave, servant and submissive property..i reported a new focus & awareness which i attributed to the prolonged & severe penetration of my anus; and i nervously told Mistress Lynne that i had spent the night in my cage experiencing SEXUAL desire to be Whipped by Her AGAIN… Mistress Lynne Corrected me by telling me “I Think your sexual response to My Discipline is simply wonderful..I WANT you to associate My Whip with your true sub male emotions and sexual psyche”..She stroked my cheek as She Spoke – i truly thought my heart might burst with slavish love at this moment…that, or i might faint..
The following days were FILLED with Eroticism and at times Extreme Sexual Intensity. Enforced chastity heightened my experience of arousal and desire.. There were the obvious catalysts; handwashing Her Intimate Apparel; wrapping & shipping Her Used Panties to slave customers of The Mistress Lynne Boutique; and of course, the sexual electricty of The Aura & Presence of my Goddess Mistress Lynne!! Then there were the less obvious, but amazingly equally potent sexually arousing responses to the sound of Her High Heels click-clacking..,asking Her Permission to speak..,and the intimacy of cleaning & polishing Her TOILET…
Sometimes i could hear Mistress Lynne telephone counselling Women with a desire to express Their Inner Dominatrix, or those with wayward husbands in need of training..On several occasions one of these Ladies would visit Mistress Lynne Mansion, and i LOVED their reaction when i served tea, naked, bar my chastity device. Mistress Lynne would often wear jeans, heels, and a huge Strap On (HOT!) which i would eagerly suck, slurp, & deepthroat as She gave Her visitors advice and tuition..Mistress would encourage the Ladies to PRACTICE their new Domination, Humiliation, and Punishment skills upon me.
One day a young Lady visited “Remember me?..” The girl from the art framing shop!! It turned out that her boyfriend was an asshole. i listened in horror at her story of his macho bullshit and her non – orgasmic sex life. Mistress Lynne gave the girl Her Philosophy on Female Supremacy and submissive male sexuality. She christened the girl “Mistress Magenta”, and Instructed me to bow down At Her Feet and BEG to Worship Her Divine Femininity..the girl CRIED briefly at this point, but then transformed, hissing “Yes slave! Pleasure Me!!”..
Mistress Lynne WHIPPED my back, and CANED my out-thrust buttocks mercilessly as i knelt to Adore Mistress Magenta’s Glorious Pussy..the sharp CRACK!! of each implement impacting on naked skin rang out through the room… Mistress Magenta seemed on the brink of orgasm so many times – especially whenever i cried out in PAIN.. Mistress Lynne admonished me for failing to satisfy my Superior..and warned that i would be relegated to arsehole licking duties if this substandard performance continued..Mistress Magenta roughly gripped handfuls of my hair, drawing me deeper into Her Regal Femininity- but still no climax! In desperation i cried out to Mistress Lynne to “truly beat me!!” and as the Whip raised wicked purple welts my new Mistress CAME..
In my cage that night, i yearned for my own release..but, remembering the fate of slave Robert, i knelt & bowed in the darkness offering a silent prayer of Chastity Dedication & Adoration to Mistress Lynne
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