I’m just a normal girl, please give Me a chance

Look, I know I have well over 900 hits on this website and blog daily now. But, I need everyone to know one thing. I am just a normal girl. I desire to find a man who adores Me and puts Me first. Where his attention is focused on Me and he allows himself to learn all the parts of Me. The sweet and soft, the caring and loving, the more hardcore, and the fact that I am honest, trustworthy, dedicated, loyal, and worth investing in.
I love being a Dominant woman, please don’t get Me wrong but don’t be afraid of Me. I am really just a normal girl. I don’t deserve to be left hanging, I don’t deserve to be someone’s number 2 or number 6, and I don’t deserve to be put on a shelf for future use. If you have an interest in Me, please let Me know, invite Me, and then show up and have fun, be yourself. Don’t be shy.
If you have no intention to see Me, don’t pretend that you do. Just be honest.
In the end, are we not all just looking for one person to share our life with?
Look, this blog has a lot of followers in a short amount of time and I love that. I thank you all for your support. I love that in a short 5 months time. since the start of www.mistresslynne.com, there are close to 600 people who found My writing on a specific topic I am passionate about to be interesting enough to subscribe and keep coming back. Some of you make it over to this blog daily. But, would it not be a sad day if I end up with NO ONE simply because everyone is afraid of Me or perceives Me to be ONLY what they read on this website? Not willing to take a chance that we may have something truly special and worth exploring.
Look, I know that “dating” sucks as it is and I don’t expect everyone to like Me beyond what My fantasy can offer to you. I do, however, wish to find the right man for Me, all of Me, and I am frustrated because everytime I turn around, I am still the number 2 and I simply don’t accept that spot in line. While more vanilla girls are really getting the guys here.
Go figure….
Look, I am very vanilla in My vanilla world. So, fuck, let Me go vanilla with you as well. Try My vanilla self on for size. Men complain they don’t get kink out of vanilla relationships but then so choose that lifestyle all on their own free will. I can’t help you. I am a great person. I run a vanilla company where trust is the reason I do well. Everyone reading this blog, probably would trust Me as well and do already with there innermost secrets. If the fact that I enjoy kink puts Me in the number 2 spot or on a level where I may seem untrustworthy, then surely you are mistaken about Me.
Mistress Lynne 3/15/14
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4 thoughts on “I’m just a normal girl, please give Me a chance

  1. From what I’ve read, you show vulnerability, and heart, and even traditional femininity, and assertiveness, but definitely dominance.

    I’m not sure why you expressed a concern about some men being afraid of you or even only perceiving you as what they read on this website. Most people do realize that all this is just a sliver of who you really are.

    I have a theory that besides this being a website it’s also a unique venue for you to share this part of you. It enables a nice shortcut for you and discerns compatibility for this dynamic. It gives you the option of just saying let’s get to know each other and see how we fit on all the other levels. Unless you want to keep play on a professional level then I’m of the opinion that actual feelings have to be present for you to want to play with a man. This means you can smile and relax and know that later when the mood hits you, you will have a level of eroticism included in the play you have with this partner. That is the element that makes play so much better. Like the difference between sex and making love. Finding that is never easy but it makes life worth living.

    I’m on FET. Curiousub68

    And I write this because I’ve been reading here and I enjoy what you’re doing here. Keep learning about yourself.

    • This is an interesting post because I wrote it two years ago!! and it feels like I could have written it just yesterday. I feel exactly the same to this day. Two years ago I had 600 followers and now I have 50,000 but My emotional place and desires are the same. 🙂 Thank you for popping this one up.

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