IM Conversation between My virgin rape victim and Myself…..

i’m calling the police on you
mistresslynne777: you ok?
no, I hated that. wont ever do it again
mistresslynne777: ok you kept telling me to go deeper faster, i should not have listened to you
I feel sick and it wasnt erotic. I was desperately trying to cum . thought getting lost in the rounchyness would work would work. I’m not angry at you
mistresslynne777: take care of your sexy little butt. i know you are not angry at me, but I want you to be ok take it easy ok?
I’ll be fine
mistresslynne777: i know, you were begging for it. you do that, get lost in the moment
I don’t feel guilty at all, it just is the most unerotic feeling in the world
mistresslynne777: i love that – 🙂 anyway, I promise not to rape you next time I see you but we do know that you are My slut and your ass is mine, you should write about it
yes mistress
mistresslynne777: so I can post it and make others jealous
If I say I enjoyed it – that would just be a lie
mistresslynne777: you are your own catch 22 baby boy
I could write about your pantyhose smothering me and your sweet scent. i’m getting hard right now thinking of you doing that
mistresslynne777: mmm
I’m not a good sub
mistresslynne777: getting better

I’m not
mistresslynne777: write about how I raped you. I will post it anonymously
I’m realizing. i’m picky about how i’m dominated. I want to top from the bottom and that’s a lousy sub.
mistresslynne777: come back over here and we shall see how you like to be dominated
I know your not done with me
mistresslynne777: no, I am not, you are all mine baby boy
I know
mistresslynne777: I shall abuse you, love you, guide you, and force you into places with Me you never thought possible, just because I so choose you to serve Me and you love it ok, I have to go now
That’s the last time I end up on the wrong end of a dildo
mistresslynne777: maybe
no . It is! i’m failing i guess
mistresslynne777: no worries. I have no expectations. I did that today – I was “in the moment” myself wasn’t planning on it, we both went there together
i know ok ill talk to you later . again i’m not mad at you.
mistresslynne777: stay chastised you are excused

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