If I were your slave!

If I were your slave, and you wanted it, I would gladly submit myself for total castration. In fact I have always wanted to be a girl, at least that is since puberty. It would be great for me to loose that male appendage hanging down between my legs, and instead have two smooth lips manufactured for me in it’s place.
I have always wanted to be a girl, at least that is since puberty. But before Puberty, I, in common with all other lads of my age we were glad that we were not girls, as we considered them to be rather weak silly giggly creatures.
But after puberty, for me at least there was a complete reversal, I found that I desperately wanted to be a girl, I was bitterly disappointed that I had not been born female. What had I done wrong ? Was I being punished for something done in a previous life ?
There were a number of reasons why I wanted to be a girl.
1. They are much more attractive than boys.
2. They have lovely smooth skin.
3. They have beautiful hair.
4. Their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours.
5. Their clothing is far better than ours.
My number 1 fantasy was to wake up in the morning, and find that in the night my body had changed into that of silky smooth girl
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