I don’t need you worm!! Now what? by Mistress Lynne

For those of you that come to this website often, I want to express to you the gratitude I feel for your constant engagement. I have not been able to write in months! There are a lot of reasons for this. I have thought about why I can’t write on this subject for some time and I realize that it really isn’t My fault but YOURS. I can’t stand how selfish men can be, how unthoughtful, unkind, and stupid you can be. It makes Me truly sick to My stomach. And for these reasons, I stopped dealing with you and I did what any Goddess is truly meant to do and that is focus on Me.

So if you were wondering where I went, that is where I went. I let you jerk off to your fantasies and I played into them only when the benefit was for Me but even then, I know how selfish and one sided you are as the “submissive” man you claim to be. You are not “submissive”. Wanting to jerk off to some half witted fantasy is not “submissive” and to be quite honest, I am so sick of men and the slighted games. I know too much now. I know that you have a sickness and I want no part of it. I know men lie, cheat, steal women’s time, suck their positive energy, and try and control in every situation. I am not having it ! Some people call Me “broken”, some have claimed I can’t “trust”, others have claimed that not all men are this way.

Well, let Me put it to you this way. If a woman who sees the truth about men, has experienced this truth, has not seen differently, ever, in any relationship including my own and those of My friends, does that give you the right to judge Me? So what if I don’t care to be in a relationship with a man anymore? So what if I have lost faith that “submissive” men exist in their own right? Who the fuck are YOU to judge ME?

And just to make sure I am very clear about this, I am not a lesbian! I have never been with a woman nor do I intend to be. I am 100% heterosexual. Always have been, always will be. So do not get My words wrong. I know how silly and small men can be so I wanted to make that clear. I am not a lesbian, nor am I am man hater. I actually enjoy being with a man when that man is right for Me.

What I realize is men truly need a Dominant female to put them in their place. That the fact that I treat men poorly has actually made Me more popular, not less popular. The less I want you, the more you want Me. And I truly have come to a place in My life where I no longer need or even want a man to affect Me in any way. Why? Because finally, I am, without a doubt, happy. And now I can ignore all the situations that piss Me off. Because I am made whole by knowing the truth about men and their sickness.

Now, this writing My offend some of you. Get over it! When you understand how worthless you truly are to a strong female who can care for herself, doesn’t need you to gauge her own happiness, well-being, and financial status this is when you might start to be nice and TRY to win her over by being kind, generous, loving, sweet, and then, maybe, you finally watch the way you act when in the attendance of a strong female. You have become a worthless worm and it is up to you to bring value into her life, up to you to fight for a chance to see her again, and up to you to works towards dedicating yourself to having a meaningful presence in her existence. This is very simple to understand.

The funny piece to all of this, is I believe, without a doubt in My head, that all men know this. And it is this knowing that brings you to this fantasy of yours. For men, all their emotional dealings play out in a sexual way. This is part of their chemical make-up. And this is the reality us women have to deal with. Men know how worthless they actually are and don’t feel, most of the time, way deep down inside, that they deserve the respect and admiration they generally get in their daily normal life while at work and in relations with other women who are trained to feed into a man’s ego and be complimentary and pleasing toward him. And, I believe, in all honesty, that is why this “fantasy” of being worthless to a powerful woman who treats him like dirt, forces him below her eye sight, makes him do unspeakable things, spits on him, squashes his balls with her high heeled shoes, and demands of him acts that put him in his place, sometimes painful degrading acts is exactly why this fantasy is so popular.

You may come here to play into that fantasy, offering Me NOTHING, just coming here to jerk off, fantasize, and then move on with your pathetic existence. I get thousands of hits on this blog daily. So I know that a very small percentage of you actually care about what I care about. But, that small percentage of you, does gets My attention. The others are sent along their way without even a response. What do I care about YOU? You offer Me nothing and expect Me to give a shit about your rock hard little dick and your need to be treated like dirt? Please, get over it.

Being submissive is not a fantasy to play out, it is a way of being. End of story. Just like My Dominance is a way of being. You can’t jerk Me off and then make Me a submissive female. Nope. And if you think being submissive goes away after you jerked off, then you are not submissive. What you are is a piece of trash that can’t control your emotions and wastes people’s time with your own problems. I am done with it. Go get a therapist. Leave Me out of your problems.

This is why I stopped writing for a few months. I’m done. Done playing a part in your warped sickness that does nothing to help Me obtain My life goals.

And for those who have recently given Me hope by contributing to My current life goals, I got to say this “YOU GIVE ME HOPE”. You give Me hope that their is men out their who consider themselves to be a true believer in the power of a woman to rule her world and to positively affect the world around her and have chosen to support that process. And for that, thank you. It is because of YOU that I can write again. 🙂 xoxoxo

Mistress Lynne 4/23/17


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3 thoughts on “I don’t need you worm!! Now what? by Mistress Lynne

  1. Wow. your letter speaks partially to me. I’d go on with my own thoughts on it. But by your letter I’m sure you aren’t interested. Good for you to know what you want. But I wouldn’t think I’ll if any man claiming to be submissive in knowing what he wants. Everyone deserves having their own fantasies. Some, women and men just have more primal needs. There is no dominance or submission, there is only existence and acceptance. Opening one’s heart always opens the chance for hurt, and dissatisfaction. Ive had mustressss and masters, both wanted tokens of gratuity for chance to serve them. I’ll not be ruled by anyone demanding or wanting that kind of gratuity. Mine is a lifestyle, not a game. I’m not paying anyone for my existence. I’ve turned the tables on the the most noted superiors. They request my time, and I give it as my tine allows depending on their generosity.

    It’s funny that doms gave chosen the word mistress as their title. Business tycoons have mistresses. High priced hookers who are at their man’s feet,,submitting tobany fantasy because they are lavished in jewels and extravagances.
    F that. Nothing rubs colder than some feeling you have to pay to extract. And when men find they can get a much better feeling without materialistic exchanges, many women will be left to starve in the street.
    Men who pay are submissive, they pay for use. Who is the submissive. Him or the one who bows to his offerings for such.

    I commented on your blog for only one reason. The interest in toilet servitude. But it’s an interest though not as exciting, I can satisfy myself.

    God blessed me with a very endowed creative mind. Larger than any I have met. I am approached for my ideas. This is my marketability.
    But in this endowment god has given me less than a desirable package below.

    He gave me a mind as compensation to make my own fortune. Notes such as yours fuels my knowledge.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful words.
    It will be some lucky woman who chooses to have me as her own. Cuckolding me, as better endowed men will support her and I will be there to comfort her loneliness and give her that which riches can never buy.
    Amazing that the most loving are usually the ines with no supportive means. You can’t produce silk from
    A sows ear. Have you held a sows ear? It is soft and durable and will last longer than any silk rag.

    My best wishes to you for your lasting happiness. Thank you for being in our lives. I hope you find what your looking. But gold is not laid out on a street. Treasures are usually found beneath dirt, in caves, and under rocks.dont walk past those, or your risk passing up the greatest of riches.

    • What an insightful comment ! Thank you for sharing and I agree wholeheartedly with you when you say “gold is not laid out on a street. Treasures are usually found beneath dirt, in caves, and under rocks. dont walk past those, or your risk passing up the greatest of riches.” Very nice and I also wish for you the very best. 🙂 xoxoxo

      • Thank-You. I actually only came across your blog. So incredible someone so beautiful has come and gone this way. Following your footsteps like a treasure map. Will will next stop be.

        Morning is magic hour for me. But I read my own thoughts. I’m not like other man. I don’t jerk as that is a degradation to women. THAT is what I want her controlling. To want my balls in constant ache for her. For one I have lived she once asked I wait for undetermined time. Without hesitation. It would be 15 months. Only to learn she was dating someone else and just strung me along for company when the the other was away. How stupid and blind and willing.

        Indeed a rare find. And I don’t think I’ll find this jewel again. Some things, once gone, are gone.

        My best well wishes to you and your happiness.
        I’ve told myself I’d never pay a woman for sex.
        Mm, but to pay for not having it? Can a woman by nature even want to be this “hurtful.”
        It goes against their warmth and nurturing being

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