I am at Your disposal Mistress Lynne


Thank you so much Mistress Lynne for your kind words which are much appreciated.
You say,
“You are an incredible writer and it seems you have some stories to get out. May I offer you an author account so you may write more? I enjoy your stories, experience, and devotion to My cause”.
I, your slave am at your disposal for you to use in any way you may wish.
The following may be of interest, I do hope so. More to follow.
Your slave.
My Owner who’s property it is my privilege to be has a Black female friend called Victoria. Her Husband wanted Her to give Him oral sex. She was not keen to do this, but offered to ask my Owner if He would loan me to Her husband for that purpose.
My Owner said She was only too pleased to oblige, and in no time I was sitting on the floor between Her Husbands feet whilst He sat relaxed in a comfortable reclining chair, having just finished a huge meal which resulted in Him having a full erection.
He put both his hands under His fully distended belly lifting it up so that I could take His magnificent 9″ by 2″ Black Manhood into my mouth and as far down my throat as it’s length would allow it to go, so that I could massage it’s very base with my toothless gums, I had already removed my dentures for this purpose.
He removed His hands, allowing his stomach to descend, and cover my head, this enabled me to hear the sounds of His last meal being slowly digested, which was a great turn on for me as I continued to masturbate Him by mouth.
One thing I love about Black Men is that they are able to maintain a full erection much longer that most white men can, and for this reason it takes them longer to ejaculate. I drew back and continued to massage it’s shaft until the head was back inside my mouth, so that I could lick it all over again before swallowing it once more.
This back and forth movement I continued to do for what seemed an age, until at long last I heard Him start to groan, as He put both His handle behind my head and pulled me right in, and held me there to stop me from pulling back. (Not that I wanted to) I then felt His powerful weapon move, and pulsate several times , as it delivered His load of lovely thick creamy cum down my throat.
He then gave me his promised reward for a job well done by keeping my head firmly in contact with His body as His monster slowly began to soften, thus allowing Him to empty the contents of His by then fully distended bladder right down my throat, thereby using His urine to wash all His semen down into my stomach, I thought He would never stop, it must have been more than a Litre.
faceunder1, a Woman’s toilet, and now also a black man’s slave. In addition to having been peed inside down my throat, I have also at my request been peed inside my rectum by those who having penetrated me anally, and shot their load, have been kind enough to leave their manhood inside me long enough to soften sufficiently so as to enable them to empty their bladders as well. Afterwards I defecate everything into a suitable container, and then swallow it all, often more that a pint.
faceunder1, a Man’s urine receptacle.
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