Human toilet training – by darla rae

Training a toilet slave is in fact extremely difficult. It takes months and sometimes years to perfect for several reasons: 1st and most obvious is taste and smell. It may take practice for your slave to adequately deal with the taste and smell of human excrement without gagging or throwing up. Your colon can serve your slave much more than his mouth can comfortably hold. In order for things to remain sanitary, you’re slave will need to be able to swallow faster than it comes out of you. This is more difficult than it sounds. In fact, in order for this to even be possible, your slave will need to get used to swallowing your excrement without chewing. Depending on the consistency of your stool, your slave may need to soften it slightly with his tongue, but he will need to do this incredibly fast. A toilet slave compliments a healthy diet – you may need to moderate your protein intake and supplement fiber in order to maintain a soft enough stool for it.
Your bladder can hold FAR more than your slave’s mouth can hold as well. Also, if you use your slave for number 2, you should never have it touch its lips to your vaginal area because of risk of infection. For sanitation, be sure to always have your slave rinse his mouth out well and use mouth wash to kill bacteria before the final cleaning.
The following is a guide that a mistress could follow roughly for training a full-time toilet slave. If you are only interested in training your husband/boy friend/whatever to be used on occasion in this way, you may follow this guide loosely:
Training a full-time toilet slave:
First, let me dispel your thoughts about how horrible this would be to do to someone. Believe it or not, there are thousands of men out there who fantasize almost exclusively about servicing a woman in this way. To take someone in and train them to become what they desire to be is not horrible–you are allowing a man to fulfill his deepest and darkest wishes. Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search for “toilet slave” and count how many personal adds you run across from guys wishing to become one.
Alright, so there are guys out there who want to become a toilet, but why would I want to use a man as a toilet? The most common knee-jerk reaction of most women reading about the idea of keeping a full-time toilet slave is usually along the lines of “That’s preposterous. Why would anyone want that???” My advice to those women that ask this question is to relax and give the idea some time to sink in. The first time I heard of a man wanting to become a full-time toilet, I thought the idea was preposterous too. Eventually, once I got over my initial disgusted reaction, I slowly began to realize beauty in the idea. There is such a Marquis de Sade appeal to reducing a man to such a pathetic device… There is no fate which is more pathetic than this. To take away all of a mans dignity by transforming him into my full-time personal toilet… it’s a pleasure that can’t adequately be articulated in words. It’s a combination of dark fascination and possibly the most intensely erotic sensation I have ever experienced. In the world of BDSM, a toilet slave represents maximum contrast between inferiority and superiority–just imagine being able to experience this ultimate realization of superiority every day.
Training an effective toilet slave is unfortunately quite a challenge. Even though there are many men out there who fantasize about becoming a woman’s toilet, few turn out to become effective at it when given the opportunity. Few can tolerate the taste and even fewer can ingest quickly enough not to make a horrible mess and smell. Training a man to become your toilet is almost always more of an undertaking than initially realized.
Over the years, I’ve come up with a regime that has proved extremely effective. If followed on a slave, I promise wonderful results. Slave is a keyword here. This guide is for those wishing to create a full-time toilet slave with no other purpose in life other than serving you during your most personal moments. A true slave is a wonderful and difficult thing to find these days. Many who claim to be them either do not truly know what they are claiming to be or quickly change their mind when they realize how much different it is then the fantasy. This guide assumes that you already are lucky enough to have a slave and intend to train him for this role. If you want to train your husband or some other man who is not a slave to become your toilet on a part-time basis, this guide can be followed loosely.
Before you begin, it’s very important to make sure you don’t allow your slave to masturbate for at least a month. The most effective way to do this is through chastity. I’ve used several variations from plight://unchastity’s../ in the past-these are somewhat pricey, but extremely well built. Most quality chastity devices require a chastity piercing: something every slave should have. I recommend a PA. Another great thing about a Chastity piercing is the fact that they double as excellent end to a restraint or leash.
Second, it’s important that your slave be broken in. Use whatever you need to break him. A man’s will is broken through an overwhelming sense of helplessness combined with constant stress over a period of time that varies from slave to slave. Detailing the possibilities and techniques for breaking a slave down psychologically is beyond the scope of this document, but here are a few hallmarks: Sleep deprivation, repetition, extended pain sessions, dehydration, and degradation. Be creative! As your slave slowly begins to loose his old sense of self, you will begin to see a profound personality change. The symptoms are different for everyone, but it should be very clear when it begins to happen. Be sure to restrain your slave well enough to both facilitate his sense of helplessness and to keep him from harming you or himself during this process. When your slave is broken, he will become soft enough for the training phases outlined in this document to have dramatic effects on him. Breaking a slave can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple of months depending on the effectiveness of the techniques you choose and the strength of your slave’s will.
Third, make sure you have a toilet suitable for your slave before you begin. Most mistresses prefer siting in a chair designed for a toilet slave rather than squatting directly on his face. While squatting certainly works, it is much less comfortable than a chair especially if you like to take your time. If you’d rather not buy your own, why not have your slave make you one before you commit him to his fate? It should be comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time. Even if your slave lacks carpentry skills, a wooden box, couple of holes and a toilet seat on top isn’t rocket science. If you want your slave to create a toilet chair, there are many possibilities… I used the following to have mine create a very solid toilet. The total cost was about $60.
16×16 solid wood planters box wood glue (to fill cracks) Metal & wood enamel (for waterproofing) Sand paper (grain depends on wood type of planter box) Toilet seat Screws and screwdriver 1 small coping saw for cutting out the neck 1 larger crosscut or rip saw for cutting the planter’s box in half Hinges A couple of boards to use as the lid
The 16×16 planter’s box is the only item that may be difficult to find at any local hardware store. You should be able to find one online. Keep in mind that if your goal is to reduce stench via and air tight seal between your slave’s mouth and your butt, the hight of the box will need to be reduced accordingly. If contact with your slave’s face is undesirable, you may consider looking into rubber open mouth gags available at most websites that sell bondage supplies; however, in my experience slaves have a much harder time when jaw movement is restricted.
Try to resist the urge to laugh at your slave. While the temporary flush of embarrassment that a laugh can bring is lovely to watch, over the long-term it is counterproductive. You should generally avoid showing your slave any emotion accept anger when he disobeys and perhaps an occasional smile when he performs his function exceptionally well. Your slave should never think of itself or the acts he is doing as amusing–your goal is for it to get to the point of feeling completely normal while performing them. Laugh as much as you want when you leave the room, but be sure to bite your lip when he is watching.
This lack of emotion is also an effective tool for you to avoid forming any sort of emotional connection with your toilet. Remember that he gave up his right to be a human when he agreed to become your toilet. This was indeed a choice that he made. Now, as he wished, he has become your utility and should be thought of as such… Talking to him should be as absurd to you as engaging in a conversation with a normal toilet. With my first toilet slave I made the mistake of occasionally speaking to him. This was a horrible mistake
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  1. Wow, great article Darla Rae! I meant to tell you this but I have been getting a ton of emails regarding your posts and how much people enjoy them and get something from reading them. Thank you for all your contributions!!

    • Mistress Lynne, you are a beautiful and gorgeous baby chikadee. i want to be your toilet slave . to smell and eat your bowelmovements stink. my cell# 301-708-1975. i am a 63 yr. old male, mix race. thankyou Mistress Lynne

      • I want you to use my face and mouth at your disposal.. I want to eat your every Fart that comes out your beautiful bootyhole .. And of course that tasty brown stuff that you have been holding all day for your toilet slave ..

  2. I am in awe. One of my fantasies in life is to be a toilet. Mistress Darla, you have answered many questions, and I am eager to proceed. Too many women are not ready to proceed with the conditioning. I am willing and ready to peruse being a toilet.

    • While i do appreciate the nice comments, i am sorry to say that i am not a Mistress or even a woman for that matter. i am just an old slave who has lived this life of service and servitude for over 3 decades and who is only trying to pass along some true stories about the areas of my life and training as a slave.

      This small article was written in earnest because i was so very fortunate enough to have a Domina own me, that really cared enough about me to be careful do toilet training that was safe, clean as it could be and as disease free as possible.

      • I have a question I cant find the planters box if you were to build one of out wood a toilet box what would be the dimensions and measurements I would need to build it ?
        is there anything else I should know I will be the one in it thanks for any info you can give me

        • Just to comment on you building a toilet box.
          This is what my past Female Master did.
          First of all you donot need a toilet box in the beginning.Your Female Mastershould just sit right onto your wide open toilet sewer mouth and force feed you for at least 3 months before even thinking about a toilet box.
          By sitting on your mouth with Her full weight,She will fill your slave toilet gut with Her
          divine SHIT before you know it.
          My Female Master use to make me gargle with rubbing alcohol before sitting on Her toilet mouth slave to kill any germs.Any Female Master looking for a new live in slave to use and abuse for your own benefit and pleasure,I,am available for 24/7 365 a day service,will serve as full toilet slave and human whipping and or pain slut.(
          Please leave phone#

          • so I am not new I am at the point where I am needing to build a box can you help me out also I am very safe with medical stuff so please don’t suggest anything stupid or dangerous

          • Craig, Yes i know this and i fully covered this very same thing that you have brought up, in another one of my posts. Please go check out and read:


            • answer the above,I know this is not a fantansy for for.For most toilet slaves it is not a fantansy.I,am looking for a new Female Master now to use me night and day as Her full toilet slave.I,am looking mainly for a Black Female Master this time.This is not a fantansy.She must be extremely Dominant and loves to whip Her slave severely and treat me like the maggot in Her SHIT I,am.
              I like for my new owner to find a doctor who would take out my tonsils,so Her Shit can slide down my throat a lot easier.
              A real Dominant Woman will only sit on your wide open mouth and take a heavy shit down your slave throat night and day,then make you lick Her spotless.
              Then after you done a perfect job,still whip you severely for Her own pleasure,then make you lick Her to many orgasms.
              I,am looking for a new Female Master who will treat me just like that .
              Get out of toilet chairs and stuff,It is better for your Female Master to squat and sit right onto your open slave sewer mouth with all Her weight and force it down your throat.
              Your slave lipps will be sealed around Her asshole to stop any smell.Once you learn how to move your tongue aside,Her full shit will slide down your throat into Her toilets gut before you know.
              When She is done shitting,use your slave tongue to lick Her clean.
              My last owner use to finger Herself to orgasm while sitting on my face taking a shit.I would still be with Her,but She died of breast cancer.
              This time I would like to serve a Black Female Master with a Big Butt.I would like this new fantansy to come true soon,I think I would be a very good live in slave for Her and Her lady friends.Sitting on Her slaves face is also a lot more intimid.Thanks P.S.New Female Master,please EMail or reply to me.It donot matter if you are very sadistic and a man hater or not,I want to serve you as your total real slave,I will even lick mud off the soles of your boots to be worthy of you.I already know,I,am barely worthy to be your toilet.All maggot for brains males are barely worthy to be a Womans toilet.

    • hello i live in tampa florida im slave mike i need be a mistress toilet slave 813 5342912

    • I have a question I cant find the planters box if you were to build one of out wood a toilet box what would be the dimensions and measurements I would need to build it ?
      is there anything else I should know I will be the one in it thanks for any info you can give me

  3. Uppermost in my mind when I am being used as a toilet, is the pleasure, the enjoyment of the woman using me in this way. It is however also a great joy for me to be able to offer my wide open eager waiting mouth, to receive her kind and gracious offering.

    I always retain some of her golden liquid in my mouth, in order to lubricate the head of her first solid object which descends, so as to make it easier to swallow, there are normally two, but sometimes a smaller third one follows.

    After all have defended down to my stomach, I then become toilet paper, and have the privilege of licking her delicious arse hole and surrounding area spotlessly clean. This last service she enjoys so much, that she will often insist that I do not stop until she tells me to.

    After she gets up, she will turn round, look down at me, smile, and then reward me for a job well done by spitting in my mouth which she knows is what I want her to do.

    To have enter my mouth the very same food that had previously entered her mouth, although now in a different form and with nearly all of the nutriment extracted is indeed a joy beyond description.


    • You have a very good Female owner or Master serving you Her SHIT night and day.Question,what is the best way for me to find a Female Master like you ? If there are any Female Masters out here looking to train a new toilet slave for life,chained to the floor in your bathroom for your use and your lady friends use,I,am available.Contact me today,I will quit my job and disappear to be your toilet slave for life.

  4. Correction

    In my above post,

    “After all have defended down to my stomach,”

    Should have read,

    After all have descended down to my stomach,

    Sorry for the error.


  5. Further to my above posts, here are some more comments which might be of interest.


    Why do many men – desire to be used as human-toilets; to let other people urinate and defecate on them? Why indeed! Anyone not familiar with such practices will regard them with abhorrence – and so they should. It really is abhorrent to even contemplate one person pissing and shitting on another person.

    It is an extremity of human behaviour, and it is perhaps by virtue of its extremeness that makes it attractive to some.

    So it is that any form of abnormal behaviour is the last bastion against a total deficiency of imagination. The ultimate in abnormal behaviour is that of being a human-toilet. Although the reality-testing side of the mind rejects such activities as abhorrent and repulsive, the imagination side finds them attractive in that they appear to be a stand against the mundane.

    This fits-in with the perfectly normal search for individuality that we all experience in our teen years. We go to great pains to appear different from our peers – in order to stamp our individuality on the World.

    Most times it is an ineffective gesture, but we feel better for having made it.

    In allowing someone else to urinate and defecate on one, to piss and shit in one’s mouth, we are giving ourselves totally to that person. It is the ultimate act of submission – a handing-over of one’s very being to that person for them to use as they so desire. It is empowering them to treat you in as demeaning and degrading way as they possibly can, and in such a manner to bring-about their total contempt for you as a human-being.

    And that is what the totally submissive person wants – to be the object of contempt.


    What prompts a person to treat another person as a human-toilet – to piss and shit in their mouth? Is it sadism? Not really, or at least, not as such. Sometimes it will be done by one partner in order to accommodate the wishes of their partner – but that is merely game-playing.

    No, it is having a naturally dominant personality that occasions the need to totally subjugate another person so far beneath one so as to de-humanise them.

    To a dominant person, using another person as a human-toilet is the ultimate in control. When they have started using other person as a toilet, they are well on the way to totally owning and controlling that person. And that is what the dominant person wants – total control and ownership of another human-being.

    This can also be accomplished by cuckoldry or by beatings, but nowhere nearly as completely as by urinating and defecating on the other person all day and every day.

    It is the aim of the dominant person to enslave the other person; to totally break their will. The best way of accomplishing this is to reduce them to the status of being nothing more than a toilet. It is quite enjoyable for a dominant person – every time they need to urinate or defecate – to have trained their partner to jump-up and position themselves to receive their owner’s waste either on them or in their mouth.

    The feeling of total control over their partner when using them as a human-toilet, greatly overrides their personal revulsion at the sight of the person consuming their waste. And that is what it is all about – total control and ownership of another human being. Ultimate control comes about when the dominant person is able to stand over their human-toilet telling them to eat their shit – and having them eat it without demur or protestation.


    A human-toilet wants to be nothing more than a toilet; a human-toilet user wants to own and totally control another human being. Perhaps a perfect accommodation between two people, each possessed of extreme needs by way of behaviour.


    • Question,I only see mostly males wanting to be toilet slaves to Women or Dominant Women,I,am one of those males,why is that ?And why is it so hard to find a Female Dominant to be trained to be Her full toilet and whip you or beat you half to death until you are Her full toilet ?Any Female with a Big Butt needing a slave to train as Her toilet,please contact me ASAP

      • where can i go what bdsm site is the best to become a toilet for ladies i enjoy looking at the asian sites them ladies seem like they enjoy using slaves for toilets a slave from tampa 813 534 2912

  6. Mistress incredible story.. I too have a lifelong fantasy just like that. How may I find a mistress willing to train me.

    • Ah, you hit the nail on the head, somewhat. First this is definitely NOT A FANTASY. Secondly, finding the Right Domina who is into this, while also being health conscience is not an easy thing to do.

      • I served a very Dominant Mistress in the past,this what She said to me one day.Most males if not all of them should serve Women as full toilet slaves,and this is why.The male is really lower then a maggot on shit,look at him,he is a killer,cannot stop having wars.They abuse Women and children sexually.They are greedy
        and cheap at the same time,they love voilent games like football.
        They call themselves dogs today.She then said,if they are dogs,and they are,Women should put them all on a dog leash and train them all as toilet slaves to make them totally docile and Dominate them totally.
        Then wars will stop,killing in the cities will stop,abuse of Goddess Women and children will stop.
        She also said,Women have the power right now to rule the world again like She did long,long ago.
        This is why the Earth is called Mother Earth and Mother Nature,we are the real rulers of the earth,not male toilets.
        Males were really put on earth to serve the Goddess,starting as Her toilet,a few of the best males were used as sex toys in order to bring in more Females and a few male toilet slaves to work to death.
        The Goddesses of the earth must turn it back around before these male toilets blow up the planet and kill everyone including their dumb maggot brain selves.
        Then my Mistress said,Women every where must spread the word to all Females,Dominate your husbands,your boyfriends.Turn all of them into your toilet slaves,every last one of them before it is to late.
        Make this male toilet slave call you his MASTER,degrade him totally into your and your lady friends toilet.Make him live off of nothing but your piss and your shit,that is what a maggot like him deserves,nothing more,nothing less.
        Open up your eyes my Sisters and see this male dog for what he really is,a night and day toilet bowl for your piss and shit.I,am a lonely slave today looking for a new Female Master.Please write me if you agree or disagree with my past Female Master,Thank U
        I agree with thee above 100%,the world is a mess
        today because of male pigs.Women need to put us all back in our place where we belong,licking mud off Her boots and sucking shit out of Her ass like the maggots we really are..

        • Great message,I must ad,whip or beat them bloody if you have too.But turn all males into your personal toilet for # 1 and 2.Fastest way to turn a male into your shit toilet.Cuff his pig worm hands behind his back,tie his ankles or legs together,wrap him in plastic from head to toe,then lay him on the concrete floor.Now beat him severely and tell him what he is about to become,use a cane,a short bull whip until he is bloody under the plastic and crying like a punk.
          Donot feel sorry for this pig,they never felt sorry raping and disrespecting Women for hundreds of years.Treat him for whom he really is to Women,your toilet,nothing else.
          After beating him bloody,make the pig open his pig mouth as wide as possible.
          Pull your panties down and sit on his wide open pig mouth with full weight,your weight will keep his pig mouth wide open,now just force your shit down his slave toilet throat.It will slide right down his throat into his pig gut before he knows it.Keep him on the floor like this for 24 hours and use him again and again for your piss and shit.This method works every time,training your male slave ,all males only into your pig worm toilet that he really is in one day. Sign Female Master Rene

          • I have a question I cant find the planters box if you were to build one of out wood a toilet box what would be the dimensions and measurements I would need to build it ?
            is there anything else I should know I will be the one in it thanks for any info you can give me

            • Just be creative and THINK outside of the vanilla box…. There are all sorts of furniture items that can be bought in almost any store, that can be modified and turned into a toilet. As far as sizes and dimensions, you just need to insure it is deep enough to cover the full head and face of the slave, but still small enough to restrict head movements. If you cannot find something to convert, just do the math and dimensions that you want. Whatever works, works. Portable camping toilets can also be considered. Camper Trailer toilets, end tables, Even just a toilet seat with attached legs will do…It is all up to YOU to decide on what you want and desire, just as long as it is fully functional.

              • trying to make a box one and it cant be to expensive I have no building knowledge is why I asked I know fetish though lol not vanilla

        • You very much mistaken Craig as woman are not superior and what you wrote above is become human toilets because they want to on there terms.
          The world would be a bigger mess if women ran it!
          Being dominated by a woman is a wonderful experience as it suits her and your needs but it’s the role we want to take.
          I will not serve under a genuine man hater as I know many mistresses are not of that ilk.

  7. truckersteve48@yahoo. Mistress Lynne i very interest and im availabe to become your. Yes i wish this and your body is attactive.

  8. Some of you people are straight out sick if you can consume one’s excrement, it’s one thing to get off on watching somebody do it and another to do it yourself.

  9. Well anonymous, I can clearly see that you are still hiding in the closet but yet constantly peeking out to see and watch, but afraid to admit to yourself what appears to be the truth. Besides the fact that you are a novice and have never been a real slave. But that is okay. I write these life experiences to give insight into this lifestyle from the submissive, slavery side. Thanks for your comments.

  10. I wanted to be a toilet mistress full time live in or a full time cushion but can’t find a mistress who wants 2 use me as either as a cushion I want 2 treated as such no concern’s about air or pain for as long as the mistress wants as a toilet I want 2 be avabile 2 serve ma mistress 24/7 please reply

      • chris,

        Seems like you are very confused and misinformed.

        I am a MALE SUBMISSIVE and not a Mistress or a Dominant.

        I am not able to help you in any way. Since you seem to be so intent and obsessed with this area my only suggestion for you is to go on line and go through craigslist, or backpage or collarspace and find yourself a Domina who is into doing these types of training or usage.

    • Dear Mistress Lynne,I,am looking to be a toilet slave to a very,very sadistic and Dominant Black Woman.If you can tell me how to find one or know of anyone looking to train a male toilet slave for life,that would be Great.It could be a Black and White Female couple,but the Black Female must be the head Female Master of the house.Willing to serve Her and all Females She orders me to serve as a full toilet slave.I will live off Her shit and all Females royal shit for life.Thankyou
      P.S.I will quit my job and disappear from the public to live behind Her doors and be Her toilet slave for life.

  11. I finally go my girlfriend to sit on my mouth when i lick and she cum and then piss. I have swallow it all. she got shocked when i asked her first time to pee in a glass at a hotel room. but when i asked please she did an i drank it all up. now she pee in glasses without i need to ask, and she do straight in my mouth to. she do not hold back but empty herself. I drink it all and i love it. When she do in glass, she smile and call it my honeys lovedrink, and she do like that i drink it, beause she say it proves i really love her.

    I do not think its abnormal for me to love pee and the taste of it.

    I will have to work on number two though, she said no so far. but one day when i lick her hole i hope it come some and i will swallow it and continue to lick. I have tasted my own before and swallow many times, but i can not seem to like if its to loose. I need to be trained, but can not do myself to myself.

    Yes i like it and no i am not abnormal or sick.

  12. I’m so excited today. In a couple of hours tine I am meeting with a young blonde Russian girl who (for money) has agreed to pee and shit for me. She didn’t do a shit yesterday, so she will be bursting to deliver a large amount this morning. She also ate a curry last night so I am expecting it to be very messy, not to mention smelly!

    I have had female shit in my mouth before, but have always spat it out. However, today I will have to swallow everything that she produces. She has decided to tie my hands and feet to the 4 corners of her bed, so that I am laying face down. She will then shit and piss in a bowl and place this beneath my face. She will then whip me severeley, over and over without stopping. I will not have a safeword. If i want my whipping to stop, I have to swallow all of her pee and shit from the bowl. She knows that eventually I will reach my pain limit and have no choice but to swallow everything.

    It’s a scary prospect, but I can’t wait!

  13. Darla, what a perfect slave you must have been!!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more informative than this message, so thank you.

    I have had a ‘Toilet Slave Request’ but unsure of the following terms… would you know what the following means;

    toilet training GS and BS??

    Thank you for your assistance and for being so honest… I personally think no one should judge as its ‘each to their own’ on the needs and fetish requirements people’s have, so it’s simple if it’s not for you… don’t do it!!!

    Look forward to hearing back from you.



      It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to assist YOU and i am always available to be of service to YOU, should YOU need my services.


  14. hi,darla rae,How did managed the health risk? I would like to be a long term full toilet slave too, but i am worry about the health risk of scat

    • jim, Guess it was very easy for me to manage any health risks. My owner at that time was extremely health conscience and maintained a strict very healthy diet, with plenty of water consumption. Ate a lot of grains and fiber types of foods, vegetables, etc.. She never put any drugs, medicines in her body, and if she had to take any meds, then there was no FULL TOILET during that time.

      • The Hard part is FINDING the Right Dominant Woman. There is ALWAYS a chance of escape, no matter what.

    • I was truly blessed at a very very early age to have found Mistresses who wanted to Own and Keep me. It was not just about the toilet training and usage, but rather the entire scope of being an owned, kept TPE slave.

      • You need to FIND the RIGHT MISTRESS for YOU that is into this. Not everyone’s cup of TEA, so to speak

  15. Mistress Lynne, i want desperatly to be your toilet slave baby chikadee. i’m a mix race male age63 wanting to be a toilet slave to smell and taste and eat all of your bowel stink ms. Lynne. please call me .thankyou. my cell# 301-708-1975

  16. Mistress Lynne, I would love to be your permanent full time toilet slave. I will be 100% obedient servant and will swallow every thing that comes out of your body. ( 1-812-564-3405 )

  17. Mistress I was a toilet slave for 2yrs. I would like to live out my life serving a mistress and being her human toilets and being enslaved. I’m very obedient and respectful.

  18. Mistress Lynne I would love to become a permanent full time slave and toilet slave. Contact me @ ( 1-812-564-3405 ) I will turn over my body, mind, soul and limits. I will be 100% obedient and take any kind of punishment from mild to harsh beatings.

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  22. This article is bull. Guys that don’t swallow the first time are not cut out for it. I swallowed immediately. Plus this feminism approach is for weak men and women. I have engaged this with a few women in a relationship or casual. This dom or feministic approach is bull. Don’t listen to it. Just go on CL and there are women out there that will do it willingly or for a little cash. I hate controllers that are especially poser doms.

  23. U think u are that important I have 6 female footslaves and 20 others all female their are more females Are so disgusting like u

  24. Hi Guys I’m a shit eating submissive from the UK. I just want to say Mmmmmm 🙂 Love to eat my shit, wear it all over me, let it dry. Longest Iv gone without washing was 48hrs. I really stank and loved it.
    Recently contacted a Pro Domme about Toilet Slavery. Iv never eaten anyone else’s shit before but the idea of it is heaven. I prefer to lick from the floor given the chance but anything She wants to do with me is more than ok.
    I want to beg her to degrade me completely. Iv done scat in public before – licking my shitty dildo clean in public toilets, wearing lingerie on a golf course at night – full scat that time followed by a naked walk dirty OMG 😛
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    What’s been said above about the need to become totally subservient and a object of complete contempt is true. I want to be broken in hard and reduced to a grovelling shit eater of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. I want all her friends to know, and see the disgust in their eyes. I want to be put on view at BDSM parties wearing full dry shit, fucked publicly in front of the crowd, and then used as a toilet right there and then.
    Basically, I want to be a toilet for others now & submit completely.
    Cheers to all Toilets and Users.

  25. I’ve been a toilet slave for yrs. An don’t know what’s up with your slave’s I was a slave for a Japanese mistress who I learned to let it go strait down the throat with out my any problem. Strait down the tube all you can give..

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  27. Hello respected mistress Lynne, this is my fantasy to become a toilet slave & i am damn sure that in any case i will do it if i will get chance. I just request you to give me at least 1 chance.
    Thank you mistress

  28. This was interesting to read, but I can not show this to my girlfriend that I want to be slave to. Now she do pee straigth in my mouth. But took a bit for her to do it. I started to take my hand under her when she peed and lick it. Then one day she say yes and did in a class. After I drank it all, she say wow and not belive I drink all. Them one night after i licked her and she cum in my mouth. She go of my mouth, but then she say “honey I need to pee” ans sat back on my mouth and did. She emty her bledader completaly. I have tried so much to have her do poo to, but shw refuce. I have tasted poo for many years, but only one time fro another person. The smell do not bother me, and taste not much either. How can i convince her that i will be better then the toilet bowl?

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