Pleasure Your Mistress


Sometimes it may seem that it is impossible to pleasure any woman. Never mind the thought of pleasuring your strict and cruel Mistress! The task of truly pleasing your Mistress can seem demanding, scary, unknown, and daunting. You immediately want to know what you will have to do to please your Mistress.

Below is a list of ways that you can be sure to please your Mistress. When dealing even with a woman in your vanilla life, these “Mistress Rules of Thumb” will get the attention of most females quickly. You don’t always need to tell a woman you have made her your Mistress in your mind, simply treating her as such is always the goal.

Remember, your Mistress is unconcerned with your undeserving cock needing to cum – your only concern in a submissive relationship with a Goddess is the ultimate satisfaction of your Mistress. The key to doing that is to listen, respond, and follow through without question or whining.

1. Always be polite and respectful when making contact. Contact with your Mistress is a time in your life when you are focused on your Goddess, everything else should fall to the wayside because it is unimportant in comparison to your submissive relationship with your Mistress.

2. Do accept NO as an answer. If your Mistress says “no”, then that is your answer. Don’t talk back, do not question, do not explain. Accept the answer and obey.

3. If you had plans with your Mistress and your schedule has changed, please communicate with your Mistress immediately. Knowing that you are not disrepectful of a Mistress’s time is most important.

4. Always consider a small gift for your Mistress. It really is the thought that counts. A woman who receives a small gift of appreciation feels as if she has chosen the right servant in Her life. The gift will remind Her of you and that is your goal, to stand out.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk with your Mistress. Your Mistress, as your Goddess, will be someone you can confide in. Talk to Her about how you feel, what you want to try, your limits, where your submissive desires come from, or just ask Her how her day was (as in the vanilla Mistress you chose in your mind). A strong relationship with your Mistress will lead to better satisfaction as you will know exactly how to please Her.

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9 thoughts on “Pleasure Your Mistress

  1. i really want to know if you are near by. i have a big d piece thats about to burst if i cant serve you. ive emailed you a couple times through another site but i need to hear from you badly. grace me with your acknowledgement.

  2. Dearest mistress,
    It is my fervent wish to serve you as a toilet slave. I am untried and untested so offer you a virgin seat for training to your wishes and desires

  3. Thank You Mistress Lynne, it is always good to have reminders or teachings as to how to best please.

  4. I would love to give my body to you for your personal enjoyment. I am already shaved from the neck down

  5. Hi. I like what i read and your pictures. I am glad i found this before i will have the chance to ask, and if it meen something for you, i never been slave, but i search right person to do it. And for you, i don’t care is not your mind wich made all posts, but if, we talk, and you feel you would like me to have me, for free like an object, i will glad come were ever you are, and i will stay in a bassment, cage, days, only to let me out to do something, For you i hope i can do it like i have the disaire to live only for you. I want to try it. I think if i have a good mistress and understanding, i can fight with lonliness, only with the ideea she will be happy to come to see me even to spit and pee, and smoke siting on my face farting. Even like this, if i understand she like to do me this, i want to do it.

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